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So you don’t waste time and you can compare 2 texts in a simple, fast and efficient way We will show you in the following paragraphs some secrets for this type of task.

With Microsoft’s word processor, you will have the possibility of using a comparator so that you obtain the results in any of the 2 documents. Or if you prefer, you can automatically create a third file.

But these are not all the topics that we will cover in this post. We will also show the steps you must do to use this tool and we will present you online pages with which you can have quick comparisons.

What are the benefits of comparing texts and why should you?

What are the benefits of comparing texts and why should you?

It is recommended that when you make a text comparison in Word you take one of the 2 documents as a reference. Then, you will have to change the data in one single one and thus you will be able to make the comparison more efficiently.

According to the above, when you use this type of function you will be able to find differences in the wording and in any illustration that the documents have. This will help you to know precisely if you have made a mistake or have forgotten an important concept.

Too it will help you to compare two different versions of Microsoft Word and it will allow you to see how the same text would look in each of these. Comparing documents is a tool that is used frequently when you want to collate two different styles. In this way, you will be able to know which of the two versions will be better adapted to the criteria you need.

In case you haven’t used the edit restriction tool, you will be able to use the document comparison function. This will allow you to quickly and easily find the changes that other users could make when you shared the text.

By last, when working with long texts This tool will allow you to increase or remove paragraphs so that the wording adapts to your needs. You can then compare the result with an original copy to see which of the two versions is better.

Steps to compare texts in Microsoft Word like a professional easy and fast

Next, we will show you the secrets so that you can work like a professional in Microsoft Word and be able to compare two texts in a fast way.

Let’s see what this is about:

Different texts

Different texts

The steps you will need to perform when you have two different texts are the following:

  • On the ribbon go to the tab “Check”.
  • Search the group “Compare” and click on the function “Compare”.
  • Select the first option that will appear in the pop-up window, which is called “Compare…”.
  • Choose the location of the original document. To do this you can click on the arrow to display a menu with the most recent documents. You can also choose the location of the document by clicking on the folder to open the file explorer.
  • Next, the revised document. To find the same you must perform the same actions as the previous step.
  • When you want to compare a certain element, you can take “. You will see a list with all the options enabled for comparison. In case you need to see, for example, the changes in the tables of the document, you will have to disable all the boxes and only activate the option “Table”.
  • You can also show changes made at the word or character level. Last you will have to choose if You want to show the changes found in the original document, in the revised one or in a new document.

Two revisions of the same text

Two revisions of the same text

In case you want to compare the same text you will have to do this guide:

  • In the group “Tracing” click on the option “Change control” and choose the function with the same name.
  • You must bear in mind that this function will remain active until you press again on “Change control”. You will see that next to the paragraphs you will find a red line informing the sectors in which an edit has occurred.
  • Then, you will have to send the document to the original editor. When the document is received, this person will have to go to “Change control” and with the mouse indicate the changes that were made. You will have to right click and then choose whether to accept or reject the changes.

List of the best online tools to compare Word documents

When you want to compare two Word documents using a third party tool, you can choose any of these options that we show you below:

This is a free tool in which you will be able to compare not only Word files, but also PDF and Power Point formats. The working method is very simple, you will have to choose the source file and the most recent version, then you will have to place each one in a specific place.

When you have finished, you must press the option “Compare”. You can quickly find all the differences that exist between the two documents. You must bear in mind that maximum upload is 300 pages or 10MB.

With this page you can compare your documents in a simple way. Like the previous tool, you will have to choose the files from their location on the computer. Then you will have to press a button to perform the analysis.

The advantage of this website is that you can use it for free, but if you prefer you can download an application where you will have a free 30-day trial and then work offline. You can compare images, folders and PDF.

Unlike the other tools that we have discussed so far, on this site it is not necessary to search for the source of the document, you simply have to copy and paste the text to find differences. That is to say, works with a word processor and not with the file.

Its use is quite easy and allows you to exchange and edit the texts to be able to analyze them better. Its use is free and unlimited.

As with the previous tool, with this website you will not need to find the document either, you only have to copy the content of the writing in both areas enabled for this purpose and then click on the option “Compare”.

You will be able to compare almost all types of formats. Further, you will have the option to add URL addresses so you can more quickly access files that you have uploaded to Google drive, Dropbox or in any outdoor unit.

If you want a tool that can compare multiple types of documents, this website is ideal for you. As In addition to working with Word, you will be able to have functions that will allow you to find errors when comparing PDF and Excel files.

It is a payment tool. With the license you can download the software on your computer and not work online.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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