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In this post we will mention the most useful hardware that you have at your fingertips when working in Microsoft Word. We speak mouse or also known as mouse, of English.

This peripheral will help you to interact between the computer and the program quickly and easily. In this way, you will save a lot of time and will be able to carry out any type of writing, including graphics and other illustrations.

If you want to know more about what a computer mouse is, we invite you to continue reading this article. We will tell you about its history, evolution and the different types that you will find today.

What is a computer mouse and what is this piece of hardware for?

The mouse is a peripheral device that connects to the box of the CPU through a USB port. This connection can be through a cable or wirelessly. It is made up, in the most basic models, of two buttons (one left and one right) and a central or side wheel. In addition, they have a led diode sensor or a laser.

Its main function is to interact with the Windows graphical interface and other programs for faster access to the different functions that the software presents. In this way, the use of the keyboard is avoided, since the different combinations between the keys “Alt”, directional arrows Y “Ctrl” require a greater use of time.

There are several types of mouse. There are the most basic ones, which are used for office work and the most complex ones, used for gaming tasks. They differ from each other in the number of buttons, quality in precision and response time. But we will see this later.

History and Evolution How have computer mice mutated over the years?

History and Evolution How have computer mice mutated over the years?

Computer mice were created by the Stanford University in the United States in the 1960s, with its first formal appearance in late 1968. Its main task to date has not varied much, since it had two metal wheels that served to move around a surface and thus find a coordinate point in an XY plane on the screen.

The first models were made of wood and could fit in one hand, had a red button on the top and allowed anyone without knowledge to perform actions with a PC.

But it wasn’t until 1981 that the Xerox company launched its Star 8010 computer model., which included a peripheral mouse. In this way it caused a revolution in the market, since it had a great acceptance in the public. Because of this, other computers like Apple’s Commodore, Atari and Lisa included this prototype.

The problem it had at the time was its high cost. Its price was around a little less than 200 dollars, reason why it had a small setback in this beginning. This was solved directly in the year 1984 with the appearance of the first Macintosh that was released by Steve Jobs’ company.

From that moment on, Microsoft, Apple and all the other manufacturers did not stop launching their products without this type of peripheral. So its cost dropped dramatically until it did not exceed $ 30 at that time.

Mouse Types How are these hardware classified and how is each different?

Types of computer mouse

There are different types of mouse that you can find on the market. These are divided by their mechanism and by the type of connection they have with the computer.

In relation to the mechanism, you will find the model that has a rubber sphere at the bottom, somewhat heavy. This is used to move the internal mechanisms so that pulses are sent to the computer and thus, through a program, what the user needs can be interpreted.

Another prototype related to this group is the optical mouse. Which eliminates the sphere of the previous model and instead detects variations suffered by the photographs taken of the surface each time it changes its position on it. That is why those surfaces that are too smooth and with shiny materials are not the best for these models. Its precision in dots per inch can go up to 800.

Laser mice they are an important evolution of the previous models, since they are much more precise and sensitive. They are ideal for gaming and people who are dedicated to image editing. It has a laser that replaces the optical mechanism of the previous model and achieves an accuracy of up to 2000 dots per inch.

Trackball It is another type of mouse that you can find in the category that is divided by its mechanism. This model works by having a flat surface on the peripheral device, which does not move. In order to interact with the program interface, you must move your index finger, that is, it is a mechanism contrary to all the previous ones.

By last, you can find apple multi-touch mice. These are designed with a one-piece plastic casing, so there are no buttons or anything else. The device should only be moved across the surface.

So far we have developed mouse types through a classification of mechanisms. Now, we will talk about a division through the connection to the computer.

The first model that we have to mention is the wiring one, which is the most used and economical of all the versions. It connects through a USB port, being ideal for those who like online video games, since the level of response is one of the most efficient.

On the other hand, you will find wireless mice, which have a built-in battery in the same device. Sends a signal to a receiver that must be plugged into a USB port. You do not have to confuse the previous model with the radio frequency ones, which work through a 2.4 GHz signal. These allow a connection of up to 10 meters without interruptions or interruptions in the tasks that the user performs.

Infrared it is another model that you can find in a classification by mouse connection. They work with the transmission of data by means of commands that use infrared technology. They have a scope that does not exceed 3 months, as long as there are no elements that interrupt the connection.

By last, you can find mice that use Bluetooth technology. Its great advantage is that they can reach a distance of up to 10 meters and do not need a connection of a receiver in any port of the computer.

What are the main mouse errors or failures and their possible solutions?

What are the main mouse errors or failures and their possible solutions?

When you use a mouse other than an optical or laser technology, you may have the problem that the pointer gets stuck in the graphical interface of the screen. This is because the rubber ball is dirty and to fix it you will have to remove and clean it. It is also recommended that you use pads on the surface to prevent dust and greasy elements from sticking.

Another problem you will find in a mouse is when the buttons are not responsive to the actions you want. You will realize this when you have to press more than once to activate a function. This happens due to the normal use that the mouse has, because its useful life has a programmed wear of up to 5 years. To solve it, it is advisable to replace the mouse with another.

In case you are a frequent user of a computer and you feel muscle fatigue that originates from the use of the mouse, you will have to consider the implementation of ergonomic pads, as well as purchasing a mouse with a better design to fit your hand.

List of the best computer mouse manufacturers on the market

If you want to buy a good mouse for your computer, pay attention to the following list. You can find the best mouse manufacturers on the market.


It is an international company dedicated since 1985 to the manufacture of mice, keyboards and headphones, among other types of peripherals. Its central factory is located in Taiwan and I know characterized by low prices and excellent quality.

You can find optical, wired, wireless, rechargeable models and a combo includes the keyboard.


Design, quality and technical assistance have set the course for this company for more than 35 years around the world. Its headquarters are in California and it is considered one of the largest suppliers of quality mice.

It is characterized by having a wide variety of wireless and wired mice. It is ideal to buy when you are just starting your gamer activities.


You will be able to find mice of more than € 110 with up to 16 buttons, in which you can add different functions. They have a high definition in dots per inch, thus becoming one of the preferred products of video game players.

This company was born in Switzerland in 1981 and currently employs more than 7 thousand people. It has offices in Japan, China, Taiwan and the United States.


This Taiwanese company that provides the market with an important variety of components for gaming and office. It was founded in 1999, standing out in the manufacture of computer cooling equipment. Their mice are some of the most complete that exist today.


It was created in the late 80’s and has its main offices in Asia. Its value for money is one of the best you can find when it comes to mice. Besides these peripherals, it also manufactures boards which are highly sought after by professional users.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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