Computer Security Problems  What are they? + List ▷ 2020

The problems of security digital that exist today they are much bigger than most people think. This is due to the techniques used by attackers to enter computers.

When an intruder accesses a device, the user is not likely to notice due to the ability of these malicious programs to hide.

To avoid being a victim of attacks on the Internet, we will show you a complete list with the main problems and methods that hackers use to invade your privacy. Don’t miss out on anything and read to the end.

What is a security problem on a digital device?

The security problems of an electronic device are weaknesses that appear in the structure of the operating system and other software used to prevent cyberattacks. It consists of holes that are generated by lack of procedures, limitation or misuse of them. In this way, attackers take advantage of vulnerabilities to enter the computer, without the user noticing, and take control of the device.

List of the main security problems that we can find on the Internet

Among the main security problems that can be created through the Internet, we can mention the following:



Viruses are computer programs that are installed on a device without user authorization. Its objective is to modify the operation of the computer and its peripherals in order to obtain the results expected by the programmer, which, in general, is to consume resources. There are various methods of accessing a device. The most common are those that are spread through emails that contain links that automatically redirect to their installation.

Some people believe that viruses have the ability to break through hardware. However, this is not the case because they cannot act on this type of component, but they do have the power to alter your programming. For example, they can make a printer run at a fast pace for a long time, causing it to break down faster from wear and tear in a short period of time.

While it is true that there are various kinds of virus, all are characterized by their spread through inadvertent installation by users and their difficulty in noticing their presence. Thus, One of the great problems in the security of a computer and of a person’s data when they surf the Internet is this type of malicious program.

IP leaks

The internet service providers assign all their customers a public IP address, which can be fixed or variable depending on the type of contract. East protocol from Internet is used to identify the person each time they browse the web, allowing the server hosting the page knows all the data of the connected device.

To avoid this information filtering, a security system called VPN is used. or virtual private network. Which is an extension of the home network that allows creating a tunnel that reaches end-to-end encryption of data between the device and the hosting.

To achieve this system it is necessary for the user to connect to a VPN server, which is located in different parts of the world, and from there transfer the data to the web page server. In this way, no one can know the Public IP real of the navigator. An IP leak is generated when an intruder manages to enter that VPN tunnel and detects the true public IP. So everyone can know the identity of the device making it more vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Scams or blagging are techniques used by cybercriminals to create a quite credible scenario for the victim to can trust a web page or in a virtual financial transaction. They show a nice graphical interface and similar to those of other original websites. This is intended for the user to deliver their bank account or credit card credentials to the hacker.

The problem is that the transaction does not exist or does not have the result that is promised to the victim. These methods are common on pages of online stores or financial investments, in which great discounts or extraordinary benefits are offered so that the victim can earn more money.


Virtual harassment or also called cyberbullying, is a technique used to the detriment of a person to threaten him with information, true or false, that can harm his social or moral image. It is characterized by the rapid spread on social networks or on Internet sites and in some cases, in addition to the anonymous stalker, there are witnesses who prove this situation.


Is Attack technique can be translated as entry through the back door of the computer from a malicious program without user authorization, which cannot be detected quickly and easily.

It is a type of virus that takes advantage of the security vulnerabilities of the architecture, works by taking control of the file system. This causes an imminent danger to the data saved on the computer, since some do not need direct installation by the user because they are integrated with other programs. Your job is to collect all kinds of information.



This is a specific type of Backdoors and is characterized by recording all kinds of keystrokes made by the keyboard, as well as screenshots and any information that is relevant to the attacker. Its means of propagation is carried out by means of emails, USB sticks and by users who have administrator authorizations.


It is a set of malicious techniques that are responsible for deceiving the victim by posing as a secure Internet site. In general, their graphical interfaces are very similar to those of the original websites. They want the user to include their login details and then steal them and apply them in the real online store, credit card or bank pages.

For Avoiding this vulnerability in Internet security will require browsing with secure HTTPS protocols and any doubts that arise, when interacting with these pages, it is convenient to close the session and change all the passwords.


In this case, the security threat is based on deceiving the victim by creating an interface and other digital elements that are credible. It is a special variant of the scam, because in this case what is directly sought is to deceive the victim financially.


A user’s safety is put at risk when information is hijacked by the attacker. In this way the hacker takes over cookies login, a web page domain and even a IP adress to obtain well-determined benefits in advance.


This technique is responsible for saturating the resources of a system so that it collapses, thus causing great damage to the device which has many possibilities of breaking. Along with this method of attack is Jamming, which is responsible for interfering the data that travels in the computer to deactivate the computer system.



Phishing is typically used through emails. It is a method that consists of replacing the issuer’s data so that the attacker impersonates a real organization or company. Emails are sent to the victims so that they grant permissions that allow access to their accounts that they have registered in those organizations. In this way the intruder enters the entities and obtains different benefits.


When using this attack technique intruders can eavesdrop, within a certain network, the existing conversations of data that travels between computers and servers of a web. With this, it is possible to collect the necessary data to obtain access codes to financial accounts.



Sexting is a method that two people use to exchange photos or videos with sexual content, but they do it in a private environment. The security problem that occurs in this case occurs when that information is made public, harming one or both parties involved. This can occur due to the hacking of a mobile device or when one of the parties decides to make it public.


It is a means of attack that is carried out intentionally to modify some program installed on a device and thus obtain the control of it to alter the saved information or also to delete files. To make this technique effective it is necessary that the hacker enter the computer by some method that we have already mentioned.


It is a method that refers to falling into the trap or taking the hook. To carry out this technique, malware is used that is installed on a removable USB memory, in which it is forgotten in a public place. The person finds this device, out of curiosity, connects it with his team and it is at that moment where the installation of viruses, worms or spyware, among others, occurs.

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