Computer Vulnerabilities  How to Protect Yourself? ▷ 2020

As there is a great consumption of technology in all the areas in which we operate, the risk of computer vulnerability grows constantly. This is nothing other than the probability that a hacker has to attack information systems and at the same time our personal data.

It is because of that, it is necessary to be aware of all the risks to which we are exposed and that many times we are completely unaware. In this article we will talk about what computer vulnerability is and we will analyze the different types that exist. We will also mention the consequences of these virtual attacks.

Do not miss any details, since you will be able to know how a hacker works and what is the best option to solve it.

What is a computer vulnerability?

What is a computer vulnerability?

It is called computer vulnerability the result of programming errors that exist in an information system. In this way, the availability of access, the confidentiality of the data and the programs that the user has installed on a given device are put at risk.

Due to this situation, a cyber attacker can take advantage of this “Computer gap”, produced by a technological limitation, to remotely enter the user’s equipment and cause intentional damage. These can range from the copy of the buffer to the loss of connection of different resources, both hardware as cheap.

What are the types of vulnerabilities that exist in computing and what causes them?

Due to constant software development, computer weaknesses come in different types, which we will explain below:

Low gravity

It is the vulnerability that least affects the information system of our computer or mobile. The way to solve it is very simple and we will not have problems reducing the risk, is the situation that a hacker can take advantage of the least. Usually these risks are caused by adware or spy files that collect the information for advertisements or simple things.

Medium risk

It is also generated by files that are stored in the cache and that produce a risk a little more important than the previous one. Since these manage to reduce some of the configurations presented by the user’s equipment. The solution will be given with an audit, since with it the danger can be eliminated without major complications.

Major vulnerability

At this point we are talking about a risk aimed especially at the integrity of the user’s information and data, since it causes the loss of confidentiality. To eliminate the risk, work should be much more precise and sometimes all computer systems will have to be reinstalled.

Critical vulnerability rating

If we have this classification is because our equipment and personal data are being handled by intruders without us being able to have control over them. Usually it spreads like a worm and attacks the entire computer environment as it is carried out automatically.

It can have very negative consequences for the entire network. In these cases, it is necessary to format the computers, reinstall the operating systems and perform a deep audit again to verify that the risks of attacks have been eliminated.

Risks of vulnerabilities How dangerous are they for users?

Risks of vulnerabilities How dangerous are they for users?

As we have seen so far, computer vulnerability is produced by the holes that exist in the development of software. This is used by attackers who manage to enter the systems to perform different actions, which will vary with respect to the danger they generate on the user’s computer.

In this way we can say that there are different types of attacks, which will be classified according to prominence of the hacker and how is the quality with which the information arrives (or not) to the receiver.

A risk of interruption It occurs when the data delivered by the sender to the receiver is interrupted by the intruder, but does not modify them and ensures that they do not reach their destination. An example of this could be when applications are deleted from our computer or mobile without the proper authorization.

A little more complex is when the interception of the information issued. That is to say, on the path of the data packets to the receiver is the intruder who becomes aware of all the information sent. It does not modify it, so nobody notices such a situation. It is one of the most difficult risks to detect.

When the hacker decides modify the information sent to the receiver, the software may be altered or data deleted so that it works in a different way. Although it is true that the detection in this case is much simpler than others, it is also necessary to mention that it presents greater complexity to be able to detect the place from where the data flow is intercepted and modified.

Finally, there is the most dangerous of risks. Occurs when the attacker impersonates or manufactures elements in an information system, such as an IP, email address or anything else that resembles official sites. In these cases, the user confidently receives completely false information.

Tips to prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities in your computer system and protect your data

As you may have already realized, it is inevitable that these computer vulnerabilities exist, because they are beyond the control of the user. This happens because these are generated in the development with errors of the software that are used in the devices.

So what we can do is reduce that “Front door” of hackers with actions that are within our reach. Because of this, we will show you how you will be able to prevent intruders from attacking your computer system. Let’s get started!

Antivirus update

Many people think that just by downloading one of these programs they already have their computers controlled and away from any risk of cyber attack. Unfortunately, this is not the case, since viruses or malware are programs that are stored, especially in the temporary files folder, and new developments appear every month. For this reason, companies, owners of these antivirus, are optimizing new protocols for the detection of the most modern malicious files.

For all this, it is necessary to always have the latest update of an antivirus and “Make it run” at least once a week or when we have accessed pages or websites that may seem dangerous.

Updated operating system

As with antivirus, the operating system both Windows like the others, it has a configuration for defense against viruses and threats. In this way, it is necessary to activate the option “Real-time protection” and also the “Cloud-based protection”.

To do this we must go to the Windows menu and choose the second option called “Protection against viruses and threats”. It is important to keep this point in mind, since the operating system is one of the programs that presents the most computer vulnerabilities, so it is necessary to always obtain the “Hotfixs” or patches designed by the engineers on our teams.

Email settings

This is another great gateway to hackers. Since one of the means by which intruders access our equipment is through deception or sending false emails, where they persuade us to click on certain links to access unrealistic promises or prizes. In this matter we must be very careful and not open notices from people we do not know or who directly offer us an unclear message.

If we want to have an updated email, it is convenient to have the “Best known platforms”, since these offer the possibility of dividing the emails into spam and malicious emails, of which they really are important. They can do this work thanks to the large database they have and the notices made by users.

Internet browsing

Internet browsing

We must be cautious with those web pages in which we navigate. This is because cyber attackers are constantly seeking to enter our teams through unpopular websites or “Similar to other originals” (for example, a bank or a recognized store) that hide certain information or where it is not clear.

To detect malicious sites many times we must read the security protocol they have in the URL. It is preferable to access all those that have a security certificate and have https. While this is not an absolute guarantee, it will help improve our protection.

Download unknown files

When you download applications or programs for your computer or mobile device, try to do so from sites recognized by many users and avoid accessing app stores other than those of Google or Apple.

While it is true that files with formatted torrent, it is necessary to be very careful when driving in uTorrent or similar sites.

Since at “Go down blind” and accept the download of a file only by name, we do not know the content until we have it on our computer. To carry out this task it will be necessary for those users who have an advanced level to do it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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