Computing in the Cloud  What is it and what are its advantages? ▷ 2020

The computing cloud is a server or several servers that allows us to connect through the Internet to offer different services or offer us services. This is widely used today, by many companies and people, each time more are adopting it.

There are many pages or websites that use the cloud computing, but it may be due to lack of knowledge of this subject we do not know or recognize them, but for this and other things, we put together this post.

Today, we will show you a clear and simple concept about the computing cloud, where we will explain what it is, its characteristics and other things that will allow you to understand this world clearly. Here you will find why it would be useful or not to use it, and that criticism will be given by you after reading what we leave below.

What is cloud computing and what are its characteristics?

Transfer files from the cloud

Computing cloud is one of the IT service supplies, which offers us the opportunity to organize and distribute resources in the most flexible way and with economic scales.

Part of the services it offers us are: good storage, database, networks, software, and intelligent analysis, all through an Internet network that connects to a server known as the cloud.

You need several servers with an Internet connection, which is responsible for meeting all the needs that the client or user may have, one of the most common is access to and manipulation of information.

Although now used mostly for mobile devices, is a service that we can access from any device, mobile or landline, located anywhere. Although the amount of services offered or not depends on the provider or of the type of user that we have paid or obtained.

But what is cloud computing and how does it work?

In itself the computing cloud, allows us to store documents and files, and works by a useful system that allows the sharing and transfer of packages.

It is divided into two parts: Front end and Back end, whose objective is to make the system work correctly by connecting to the Internet:

  • The front end, is the one we have on our computer or in some cases on the end user’s computer network, which gives us access to the cloud. This is very common in the case of emails, that works as if it were an Internet browser, something like Google Chrome, although this is not always the case, since it needs an App that serves as a complement for its function, which is to give access.
  • The back end, is directly dedicated to servers and data storage systems, although generally the App has its own server, which is responsible for controlling the sending and receiving of packages so that everything works correctly.

This server is guided by a series or list of protocols and software known as middleware, allowing computers to communicate with each other.

Being fundamental characteristic in some cases backup copies, so that when the files are lost we can always access their recovery.

Cloud types, how are they classified?

Cloud computing services can be classified into three, each with different functions and characteristics, We will explain it to you below:

  • Private: This is the cloud, which offers us computer services through the Internet, but from a private network, widely used by users who limit the public to see its contents. This is known for a cloud with corporate services, or also internal cloud.
  • Public: This is a service offered through a public network, therefore the server is mostly provided by external providers through the Internet, and we can find it available worldwide.
  • Hybrid: Well, as the name says, it is composed with public and private characteristics, which allows a dynamic between the clouds, all depending on our needs and the costs that arise. In case this is one of the cloud services most used in the world, and all due to its high flexibility in acquiring an external space.

What types of services can be offered in the cloud?

The cloud computing can offer us different types of servicesFor this reason, they are so important to many people. We will show you below:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

It is a hosting service on providers’ servers, where we as clients we can access them through any browser, some provider offers support and availability services. This group includes the best known such as Google Apps and others.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

It is a type of service that a provider offers us, through remote access. One of the most used is the iCloud, where we (users) we can create an account and manage our resources our way, all that infrastructure is provided to us by the provider.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This is a service provider that provides a number of Internet App and software. Whose cycle is subscribe, access through the web or the APIs of the same provider.

*Note: A common user naturally uses only SAAS.

What uses can be made of cloud computing?

cloud uses

If we are using the cloud computing service, to protect our documents, You need to know that even if you don’t program it or do it manually this does it automatically after purchasing it.

But this is not the only use that can be given, there are others like the ones we will show you below:

Create native cloud applications

This is the main use that advanced people in the matter they give these services, whose focus is to offer technological, mobile and API App. These function as containers for a large number of computer packages where at one point they allow access and download of them.

Test and build applications

Creating an App takes a lot of time and in some cases even a great cost, but by developing these through a cloud service, time and cost can be greatly reduced.

Store data, create backup copies of it and recover it

When we talk about data protection, we mean the same thing we mentioned at the beginning of this section, and that when we use a cloud service our data is exposed to a lower risk of loss, so we will always know where we can recover it in the event that a loss occurs.

Analyze data

This is one of the great uses that we can give it to cloud services, and it is because we can unify our data between different teams, and use the benefits of the cloud such as learning or artificial intelligence, and thus be able to compare the information and make more informed decisions.

Stream audio and video

Streaming is the connection between two points in a direct way, which allows us to connect with our audience at any time and from any device and place. By using cloud services, users can view the contents whenever they want, as long as we grant them permission.

Incorporate intelligence

Intelligence models we can use them to attract more customers and offer more detailed support or information that allows us to strengthen our relationship with them.

Deliver software on demand

This is a use that is mostly given through the use of the SaaS service, which allows us to offer our public the latest versions or software, when they want and need it.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing?

Why save my documents in the cloud?  Advantages and risks

Cloud computing offers a series of services that gives us a variety of advantages, and since nothing is perfect we can also find some disadvantages. These are the following:


Next we will show you one list of the most common advantages that we can find when using the computing cloud:

  • Simple and fast access: We can move our data from any computer no matter where we are, the only thing that is necessary is to maintain an Internet connection, during the process or use.
  • Easy use: Cloud services are usually complete and very easy to use, since their structure is focused on all types of users, even those who are not advanced.
  • Total security: This is such a secure system that many of us prefer to save our documents or make backup of them with a service of this, so much so that many companies use it.
  • Great privacy: By creating a user and uploading our files or documents with that profile, we will know that only we will see and manage the information contained and provided by ourselves, there are more closed systems that have greater security in order to avoid cyber risks.
  • Very economical: The services offered by cloud computing providers are quite inexpensive, not to mention the rent or profile we have on the platform, but rather we avoid fixed costs such as electricity consumption and others.


As we already said, not everything is rosy, so we can find different advantages, although the most common are the following:

  • Poor security on some servers: We know that we mention security well in the advantages, but we cannot ignore the great possibility that there is a cyber robbery, which is very common today.
  • Slow connections: If there is a considerable number of people connected to the server, it may affect the speed of data transmission, a situation that many of us will hate when it happens to us.
  • Services with limits: All providers offer us different plans or profiles that vary in characteristics and limitations, so to access a better service we will have to pay more, so if our plan is medium we will not be able to access the full version.
  • Continuous Internet connection: It is extremely necessary that we maintain a constant connection to the Internet because in this way the two points can be linked allowing the sending and receiving of documents and files.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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