Configure 2 Cameras in Skype  Step by Step Guide 2021

The live broadcasts they have become part of the daily lives of users. The same happens with video calls, since the number of people who They prefer this type of communication to talk with their friends or family.

In the case of Skype, you can organize meetings and video calls with several members at the same time for different purposes. It is usually transmitted from a single device. Nevertheless, Have you ever thought of integrating two cameras at the same time?

There are two methods by which you can achieve this. To help you in the matter, we will talk to you about How to use two cameras in your Skype video calls from any device? with a step-by-step guide. In addition, we will indicate the main uses of this.

What is the use of using 2 cameras in a Skype video call? Main utilities

What is the use of using 2 cameras in a Skype video call?  Main utilities

In the first instance, it must be clarified that when any type of communication is held in audiovisual form, it is sometimes convenient have resources that make the experience a more entertaining moment. To achieve this, different strategies are used.

One of them is that of use two cameras simultaneously. Thanks to that, you give viewers another perspective, which keeps their attention longer. Some scenarios in which that can be used is for live events, work meetings, etc. In this way, are shown to two or more parties participating in the broadcast.

Learn step by step how to configure two cameras in a Skype video call from any device

Before explaining to you how to set up two cameras in a Skype video call, it must be clarified that this function is not entirely possible directly through the platform. Therefore, it is convenient in those cases use third-party tools or run streaming on two different devices in a group call.

If you want to try it, we will explain the step by step in each case:

With OBS

Set up two cameras in a Skype video call with OBS

Since it is not possible to connect two cameras at the same time in one group Skype video call, you have to resort to using other platforms. To do this, the ideal is to alternate with another device, in this case, it will be done with the OBS program assistance. This allows users integrate one or more video media at the same time, so that you can transmit with two cameras. On the one hand, there will be your transmission from your camera Skype and, on the other, the OBS with a camera you’ve connected.

As a consequence, the unlimited capacity or resolution of your portable device is not used. On the contrary, you exploit the potential of a video device designed for that. In addition to that, it should be noted that OBS offers a range of advanced settings with which you can customize the image of the video. Without a doubt, it is an excellent resource that is worth taking advantage of.

With that in mind, the step by step to connect two cameras in Skype using OBS is:

  • Download OBS.
  • Install the program on your PC.
  • Create a scene by right clicking on the box Scenes of the program.
  • Tap on Add.
  • Put a name for your scene.
  • Press on To accept.
  • Add two or more devices of video transmission or captors in the staging. This is done through the section of the OBS call Sources.
  • Inside Sources, you will come across a symbol of Plus. By clicking there, you can add the video elements. Thus, you have two screens.

With two devices on different accounts during group video call

Set up two cameras in a Skype video call with two devices on different accounts

As we have already indicated previously, setting two cameras at the same time from Skype is not possible. Therefore, it is best to use platforms such as OBS. However, using these tools is not for everyone. If that solution seems too complicated or you don’t like it, another alternative is connect from two different mobiles and run them at the same time in a group video call.

So it is feasible to use multiple accounts simultaneously. As an important fact, you should consider that the same account is not allowed to be opened on different computers. For that reason, the user has to resort to taking advantage of another account that is already created or enable a new one.

So you can connect on different computers and stream from different angles In each one. That means you shouldn’t limit yourself to using two devices. You can go a little further and take a chance with three or more. The important thing is that you make sure you can handle all the elements at the same time. Finally, if you are going to venture with this option, one suggestion is that do it through another smartphone or tablet, since they are small equipment and can be handled more easily.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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