Configure CHROME REMOTE DESKTOP  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The google chrome desktop is a technology that is used as an alternative to access the desktop of another computer with internet access.

Remote desktops today are used to optimize processes, in the same way, they serve to solve problems, perform office jobs, among other activities.

In this tutorial, we will focus on giving you a fairly explicit guide to how to carry out, step by step, the configuration of your Google Chrome Remote Desktop with internet access to other computers, so take note.

What is a remote desktop and what is it used for?

A remote writing It is a technology that was launched on the market with the aim of causing innovation. Its creation purposes are quite focused, since it is used to access remotely to various applications, files, content They are on the desktop of a computer with internet access. In addition, it is important to note that access can be managed through a computer or any mobile device.

In this section, it is also important to emphasize that this type of connection is capable of running under various platforms of the multiple operating systems that exist, including: Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Steps to configure Google’s “Chrome Remote Desktop” to access another computer remotely

Configure Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Thanks to advances in technology, nowadays it is possible to access other equipment that is at a certain distance through your own computer or mobile device, and thus access various files, applications and programs. In addition to controlling the desktop through the help of the “Chrome Remote Desktop”, With the respective internet access.

The “Chrome Remote Desktop”Is totally available on the web if you want to use it in your computer. To install it on mobile devices, you can download the app. In these ways you can remotely access other computers.

For this to be able to run, it is important that our computer has one of the following operating systems: Windows (XP, Server 2003 or any other version after the ones mentioned above), MacOS X 10.6 or versions higher than these, or Linux. In the case of mobile devices, it is necessary that they have a version no less than Android 4.0.

Basically the conditions that exist to configure our Chrome Remote Desktop, is that we have at access and team management to which said application will be installed.

From the computer

To configure or enable remote access from your computer to another computer, it is important and necessary that they first carry out a series of pertinent steps.

I know start by downloading and installing the application from the remote desktop in our trusted Chrome browser, so we recommend downloading the program from the following link.

In a pop-up window You will be shown a box with some options to allow the installation of Chrome Remote Desktop, you must click on the button “Add extension”.

*Note: This extension is no longer available in the Google Chrome store, RIP 🙁

After this you will notice how the download will start and finish of the file on the computer. You must click and press where the option of install and accept. Once the app is downloaded and installed on our respective computer, it is necessary to open it in order to start processing the configuration process.

To start the process of enabling remote access to our respective computer, you must click on the button that indicates “Enable remote connections” from the section “My computers”. Following this, you will notice that a pop-up screen will appear, where you will be asked to enter a PIN at least 6 digits, in order to protect the remote access of the equipment.

After entering the PIN, you will surely have to give some accesses and permissions on your computer so that the respective changes can be generated on your computer, regarding the installation of the app. If the account and PIN are confirmed in the correct way, the Chrome Remote Host Service on your computer. Instantly you will be shown an error and will not allow the configuration of said application.

Following this, it will ask us re-enter PIN previously designated, this is all to protect the account from remote access to the computer. After Enter PINYou will notice how I know will enable all connections properly on your computer.

From mobile device

Theoretically for access from an Android mobile device to a computer, The procedures that must be carried out are very simple:

  • The first thing to do is download, install, enable and configure this application on the computer, following the steps mentioned in the previous section.
  • Now, the application of your phone can be download directly from Play Store, so you must click on the search bar and type “Chrome Remote Desktop”.

After having completed the process of enabling Chrome remote access on our computer to be controlled by our Android mobile device, it will only be time to open Chrome Remote Desktop on the cell phone to start the configuration that will allow access:

  • To the open the app, you will notice how you teams will list that are configured in the Google account.
  • You shall select a device, enter the PIN defined in previous steps and you will see how the view of the computer screen is shown on the cell phone screen.

In simpler words, with Chrome’s remote desktop you will not only be able to access, but you will also be able to interact from your mobile phone to the computer.

With this step, you will fully ensure access from the phone to the computer, yes, this will happen, as long as both have active internet connection.

What other options is the Chrome Remote desktop?

Once the remote assistance of the Chrome desktop is installed, you will be able to enjoy the services it offers, among these is the remote assistance through the same website, so you allow you to receive or provide assistance to third parties.

In this way, now you can help a friend, family member or colleague to quickly solve a problem or problem that is being presented on their computer remotely. All you need to do is enter the prescribed PIN to access Chrome Remote Desktop.

Can you delete a remote desktop account?

If you wish remove from your login desktop some remote control account, you just have to go to the desktop tab, and among the options that will be shown you is: “delete team account “. In addition, it also allows you edit information, change name or PIN number.

How to remove a remote computer from the list?

remove remote chrome

To disable a remote account from your list, you need to carry out the following steps:

  • Access your computer.
  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Write in the address bars “Chrome: // apps” and followed by pressing the Enter button.
  • Click on the section “Chrome remote desktop”.
  • Finally disable the computer you want to remove.

List of the best alternative remote desktops to Google Chrome

If for some reason you can not or no longer want to use the remote desktop of Chrome, do not get scratched by that, today we will list the best alternatives available on the web so that you can easily access any computer that you have added to your list, so check the options we offer you:

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is an alternative quite successful to replace the Google tool. Nowadays it has become very fashionable to control computers through assisted applications, and Team viewer that allows giving quick, easy and optimal solutions in the work area, it is only necessary to maintain a good and secure connection.

Can be used in computers and smartphones With Android system, it can also be used by anyone, since it is very easy to run.

Ultra VNC

The Ultra VNC is known as a type of free software that was launched on the market in order to control the desktop remotely.

Among the benefits that Ultra VNC offers, it is highlighted that when the software is active, the user will be able to immediately display the screen of the other computer (as long as there is an internet connection), in addition, it allows the mouse and keyboard are used to control simultaneously the other computer in real time.

Basically the main idea of ​​Ultra VNC is to provide the perspective that you are working directly on the computer, when the truth is not like that, since the user can easily be found elsewhere.

Remote Mouse

Another alternative is Remote Mouse, this is an application that used on mobile devices for remotely control the computer making use of the mouse and keyboard.

Remote Mouse, works through a Internet connection, so at least one connection via WiFi is required. In some cases, this APP asks for certain security data, such as the QR code, or even a PIN.

If you are in the wave of wanting to control a computer remotely, make use of Remote Mouse, you will see that this tool can be installed not only in computers, but also in smartphones and tablets.

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a software that was developed to provide confidence, reliability and affordability to the user during the execution of their processes.

Ammyy Admin functions and services are focused on the remote assistance and administration of shared computers and writings, which is ideal in work areas, or even, long distance instructional process.

One of the advantages of Ammyy Admin is that does not need that it be given specific settings, is totally gratuitous, Y it does not require No kind of installation.


To finish our list of alternatives, we want to mention Anydesk. Anydesk, is a program which was made for cremotely control another desktop simple and straightforward.

The access that Anydesk allows is of type two-way remote It runs between personal computers, in addition, it works under different operating systems, Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS, iOs, FreeBSD.

As you may have seen, the use of remote desktop has great utility, since they can be used in different areas, either personally, in work or study areas.

Chrome’s remote desktop has been a technological tool that has met the needs of many, however, there are several options for those who want to try new functions and processes.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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