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eMule is one of the most used applications for exchanging information. Despite the years, is one of the largest and most popular P2P programs on the marketAnd it remains an alternative file sharing. It is very intuitive and widely recognized. It is developed in open source, which means that it is available for everyone to see, edit, modify, improve and share it. This is why there are many plugins available, most of which can be downloaded for free from the web.

What the program does is connect to the computer network of other users and share the files. They are shared in Torrent format, which is used to download the applications (regardless of their content) until the file is completely downloaded. eMule can be questioned by many for not being the best program of its kind, but it still has many advantages.

In this step by step guide you will learn how to configure and install eMule and download everything much faster. In addition, you will know the most useful solutions to avoid slow download problems and make it work much better. When it comes to sharing or downloading small files, such as images or video clips, it is definitely the best.

EMule Servers Icon Steps to install and configure eMule to fly the downloads

Installing and configuring eMule is a very easy task to do, although for some people this can be a bit tricky. If you belong to this last group, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this process.

Emulate, is still an alternative for downloading programs and sharing filesHowever, to get the most out of it, it is necessary that you install it and configure it correctly: even if you don’t believe it, there are still many users who have problems running the program effectively. For that I bring you some simple steps to make your eMule fly:

EMule Installation

  • You must go to the official website: you will find a link “to download”. I advise you to take the version “Installer“.
  • Another alternative is to download it from here faster and safer, and fully updated in the latest version.
  • Run the installer program. The first window that appears is to select the language, obviously choose Spanish.


  • Then the wizard window will appear. Welcoming you. Click on “Next“.
  • Immediate, selling accept the license appears. Click on “I agree“.


  • The components window appears. You must select both options. Click on “Next“.


  • Then the following window appears configuring eMule. Here you will select “User specific”.


  • Then, Windows operating system it will ask you if you are going to block the program. Obviously you’re going to say no.
  • Choose where you are going to install the program. Then click on “Install“.
  • Installation complete appears. Click on “Next“.


  • Then click on “End up“.
  • Once started eMule. Click the button “Servers“in the top bar, the list of servers should appear. You must remove all servers have (either a new installation or a previous one).
  • Then select all the servers and remove them, right-click on the list of servers and then “Delete all servers“.


EMule Servers Update

This step is key, since it will allow you to keep the database of the servers that have more users up to date, and that will help you to have more connections available to download all the content that you are looking for more fast. Below you can access the guide how to update eMule servers, I also explain the steps in a summarized way here:

  • 1) Copy the address “” in the frame “Update URL .met server“In the right box, then click”To update”; do the same with the address ““- do not use a list from elsewhere; only these two addresses are trusted.


  • 2) Here, you are going to create a list of servers, with these names: (choose only 1)
    • eDonkeyServer
    • PeerRates
  • Right click on them and choose “Priority> High“.


  • 3) Then, you will click on the column “Useful.“to have a small downward arrow that indicates that it ranks the servers in descending order, based on the number of users. This will ensure that you put the servers that have the most people connected first..

Install Emule server-util

  • 4) Now, click on “preferences“, and select”Server“in the left column. Make sure you have the same boxes checked as shown below.


  • 5) Then select “Update automatic server list at startup“, then you go click”Edit“and record in the file the address that allows you to have your server list updated every time eMule is started.

EMule Configuration

For the file transfer to be fast, what you should do is adjust the connection speed, remember, you connect to a server, which is accessed by many users, so you must be careful when performing these steps this, as if you make a mistake you will not be able to get the most out of eMule.

Click preference, then select connection, here you should focus on the “Capacity”. Make sure to put your download rate, with the following value 1000. The same will do the upload limit, and you are going to place it in 10 KB / s. This limits the bit rate used by other users who will download from you.

Connection-preferences configuration

Open ports

Like any P2P (Peer to Peer) program, the transfer speed is essential, so that you can download and share files with other users, that is why opening the ports is important, if you do not do it well, you are likely to have problems downloading the different contents. Here are the instructions:

  • You must go to preferences, select connection, place the values ​​shown in the image, if you do not configure the TCP port correctly, will have a low ID, Which means you have trouble downloading.


  • Then you must select “Security“, IP filters. They help you minimize the connection to corrupt clients and thus improve your security.

To configure it, you must check the box “Filter servers“, and to have 127 In the box “Filter level“Then you must enter an IP filter list.


This operation should be done every 2 to 3 weeks to make sure it’s always up to date! Please note that the site it also has a file that is updated weekly.

  • To configure the UDP port, automatically connect to a eDonkey server. Click on the top of the column “Use“, you will have the servers ordered by the largest number of users. On the main servers you should find eDonkeyServer or UseNext. Double-click one of the two to connect.
  • After that, click on the tab “Kad“in the top bar.


  • Then, on the right, select “known customers” and click “start”. Information should then appear in the left panel.


EMule Servers Icon Problems and solutions to prevent eMule go slow

To avoid that you have problems and that eMule goes slow, I bring you, some simple solutions, so that you can exchange files with other clients effectively. Surely you wonder what should I do?

Relax, here I give you the answer:

  • You must check the speed of your internet provider. Remember the Ed2k network server, depending on the IP address it assigns a low, high or strong ID.
  • If your ID is low, it can cause unnecessary overloads, for which I recommend that you request to increase the connection speed to your internet provider.
  • Keep in mind that Ed2k servers limit the number of users with weak identification, or even simply ban them.
  • Two clients with weak identification cannot connect to each other. This results in fewer fonts available for download.
  • Low ID eMule works best when the following ports are “open“:
    • TCP port (4662 as standard) -> connection server ed2k
    • UDP port (4672 as standard) -> Kad network

The main reasons for a low ID:

  • If the TCP port is missing “Open“, the result is a low ID.
  • Another cause may be having another port configured and you probably don’t know it.

When you use the web interface function, with another TCP port (4711 as standard), they can be blocked for several reasons:

  • Firewall: Windows includes a built-in firewall, sometimes it enables it by default
  • Routers and networks with NAT connections “(Network translation address).
  • check how the router sharing software works
  • There is software from certain internet service providers, which generate blocking of certain ports, so check the applications installed on your pc.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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