Configure Facebook Live Producer  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

We already know that Facebook can get into some complexities when it comes to offering new tools, but it is not the case of Live Producer. This is a space in which the users of this social network can make live broadcasts in a natural way and simple or they can do it like a professional, with the support of additional apps.

This technology is available to make videos on accounts Profiles, Fan Pages and Facebook groups, that is why it places the interface separately from its conventional environment.

Learn how to adjust all the Live Producer controls so that you can make attractive and interactive videos and lives, with the different tools that it offers.

What is Facebook Live Producer and what is this FB tool for?

Live Producer is constantly changing, is dynamic, intuitive and powerful as it allows the transmission of video at 1080 px resolution and 60 frames per second, which makes it attractive for gamers. With it you can schedule videos, record your lives and interact with users through surveys and comments. What’s more, your followers have within reach the possibility of giving like and share, just like any other post.

Live Producer is a collaborative environment, which means that you can download third-party applications that allow better image mixing and sound and integrate with Facebook to broadcast with more than one microphone or camera. The only limit is your creativity. Make interviews, tutorials and webinars with which you can generate more income for yourself. That’s what the tool is about, cover all the needs of Facebook users which are already close to 3 billion active in the world.

Learn step by step how to configure your Facebook Live broadcasts in FB Producer

Are million live streams that Facebook records each year, so this is actually a robust service that supports all kinds of uses.

You can trust that, with a few settings, you will have the kind of live video you’ve been looking for:

Streaming options

Before thinking about streaming, you should first be familiar with the various settings you have on hand:

  • Stream Now: Just with the use of your webcam, you can start broadcasting live and talking about what you are passionate about.
  • Broadcast with other people: If you like shared events, this option is for you. You can do a live with several people at the same time.
  • Schedule Live Event: available only for solo broadcasts. Choose the day and date that suits you best and that you know there will be more followers to see your video.

Schedule Live Video Event

  • When the stream stops: If you have a bad connection or failures in additional techniques, the transmission can be stopped and you can tell Facebook to stop the live in these cases.
  • Latency: it is the time that passes between the image capture and the live broadcast. The more latency, you can maneuver with follower traffic and actions like commenting with the audience.

Latency in Facebook Live streams

  • Control when to post: You can unpublish it in your account at the end of the video, so there will be no trace of it to the public, but as an administrator you can have access to it.

Play options

There are some settings that will allow users to have a better experience:

  • Let users fall back: Although this implies more work for Facebook, if you activate this option, people will be able to go back a few seconds to see some fragments of the video again.

Allow people to backtrack on Facebook Live

  • Subtitle: Facebook can do translations automatically, these are shown during the live broadcast. Ideal for people with hearing difficulties.
  • Block direct messages: If you prefer all interaction to be in public, you can prevent people from contacting you through Messenger, which is Facebook’s instant messaging service, the second most used in the world.

Block messages in Messenger from Facebook Live

Program Player

This tool allows you to generate expectation in the followers, so it is useful because Facebook sends three types of alerts to people:

  • In the start of “Live Producer”, select the option “Schedule Live Video Event”.
  • Fill in the fields “Name of the event” Y “Description”.

Fill fields to schedule lives on Facebook

  • Also, you must select date and time transmission.
  • If you’re Group administrator or Fan Page, you can change the type of “Privacy”.
  • Once you fill in the fields, press “Next”.
  • Now upload a “Cover photo” Or you can select an illustration from those that are preset.

Cover photo schedule live video

  • Lastly, check “Create event”.

When using transmission key

It is an advanced configuration of your live videos in which you can couple a third-party application to make lives with more than one video camera:

  • In the central part of “Live Producer” you find the section “First steps”.
  • You will see the option “Use stream key”.

Use transmission key on Facebook Live

  • If you already have an application to mix videos, you just have to add the data “Server URL” Y “Stream key”.

Facebook Live page URL

  • You can find both data in the same section in “Live Producer”.
  • If the pairing is successful, you will see a preview of the screens.

Once you finish, Almost all the transmission can be adjusted from the application you have selected to assist you in the video you want to make.

When using camera or webcam

It is the simplest way to make a broadcast.

It allows users to see that there is naturalness in the videos, that it is a real person who is on the other side of the screen and it is she who interacts with them:

  • Make sure to select “Stream now”.
  • In the central part select “Use camera”.

Use camera on Facebook Live

  • If you have more than one connected webcam, you can only use one.
  • In section “Options” choose the one you want to use.
  • You can also choose to “Share screen”, but it’s not something you can toggle during live streaming.

Share screen on Facebook Live

When using paired encoder

What is this option about? There are cases in which it is required to do a TV broadcast, perhaps of a game, a massive event or any other type of event:

  • Make sure your computer have a video capture card.
  • Make sure it is receive a clear signal from the TV.
  • Make sure that the audio is heard well on your computer.
  • In the central part of Facebook Choose “Use paired encoder”.

Share screen on Facebook Live

  • Warning! Facebook announced that until July 2021 this option will be available.
  • To achieve a similar effect, we invite you to see stream options such as “Wirecast” Y “Wowza”.
  • Once you transmit, you can make a backup with the option “Stream options”.

Stream options on Facebook Live

Discover how to configure the Facebook Producer functions to make your videos much more entertaining

In addition to your charm and the environment you select to make your broadcasts, there are some additional options that you can appeal to to achieve user attraction and greater interactivity with them.

Remember that, although with Facebook you have the necessary tools, to guarantee more loyal followers you must encourage their constant participation in your live videos:


The polls help you measure people’s opinion of your work and about the product you offer, if you are an entrepreneur.

You must do one survey at a time:

  • In the “Panel” transmission, select the option “Interactivity”.

Interaction section on Facebook Live

  • Several options will be displayed, including “Surveys”.
  • Press and the section will open in the central part “Create a poll”.
  • Writes the question.

Questions and Answers on Facebook Live

  • Writes between two and six answer options.
  • Choose “Keep”.
  • When doing the transmission, you will be able to search for that saved survey and publish it.


This is a somewhat limiting option for Facebook, because it does not support the use of the webcam, but it is activated if you use a paired encoder or a video mixer application:

  • In the “Panel” transmission, locate the option “Graphics”.

Graphics option on Facebook Live

  • Press and you will see a warning: “With the use of the camera, graphics are not supported”.
  • If you use an app, you can share a window on your computer where you have the graphics, with Powerpoint or other similar application.

Message on Facebook Live

  • Yes you use a video grabber, you can choose an image from your PC to display on the screen.


This is an option similar to surveys, but people react to comments. It is as if you choose to ask a question live, with your voice, but this option will records a data of all possible reactions that people realize within it.

Let’s see the steps:

  • In the “Panel” transmission, select the option “Questions”.
  • You will see in the central part a box where you mark “Add question”.

New question on Facebook Live

  • Redact whatever you wish.
  • Choose “Keep”.

Save new questions to Facebook Live

  • All questions are saved in a list and you will be able to see the measurements of the reactions live.
  • This option allows you to sort the questions and review them one by one to make a better analysis of the results.

Video Comments

Comments appear by default in broadcasts and videos, unless you deactivate this module before starting your live settings. For the rest, you can comment on your own, reply to people, remove derogatory comments and block users whom you consider offensive. You see these options in each of the comments you register. Actions can be done both on mobile devices and on your computer.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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