Configure Firewall for Remote Desktop in W7  Guide ▷ 2020

The term of Firewall refers to “Firewall” in Spanish. In a technical way, it is a part of a computer system or network that is designed with the objective of block unauthorized access. In this way, only authorized communications are allowed.

In this sense, It is used to prevent other computers from having access to the network data that you have. For example, it can be of great help when you are going to use a Remote Desktop, because it makes the computer less vulnerable to possible external attacks.

In this post, we will teach you everything related to how to open Windows 7 Firewall ports to use Remote Desktop in a safe way. In addition, you will know some aspects to take into account when carrying out this procedure, as well as some remote desktop programs that may be useful for Windows.

Why do I have to open a port to use a remote desktop in Windows 7?

Why do I have to open a port to use a remote desktop in Windows 7?

When referring to “Open a port”, it means that it is about allowing incoming connections to a host computer. In this sense, when you ask yourself the question of Why do I have to open a port to use a remote desktop in Windows 7?, the answer is to ensure that other computers can connect to the same network but safely. The ports are computer resources in charge of receiving all the orders to link their use remotely through a configuration.

When the original encryption is changed to one, it will be shielded in case of attacks or possible theft of information. This means, that provides maximum security. It is recommended especially for those work carried out in a network and that involve the use of several servers connected to a main computer.

Further, can be used on a personal basis because it allows you to carry out any type of activity from another computer within your home or from another place, without the need to mobilize any equipment. You should only configure remotely from a previous setting.

What should I watch out for when opening a Windows firewall port?

What should I watch out for when opening a Windows firewall port?

The first aspect you should take into account the open a windows firewall port, is that to carry out the configuration you must make sure that have internet connection and of use a new code totally unique. Also, for extra security you have to allow access to Firewall for new security remote port code. It should be mentioned that the person who can do it is the team administrator you are going to modify.

It is also recommended that perform a registry backup and that you have at least a basic knowledge of the subject, so that you can execute the coding changes successfully. If you do not have knowledge in the area, do not do it because you can cause vulnerabilities in the computer. Finally, after opening the port, you have to grant user access to the report server through the Role assignments at Home and at the site level.

Note that it is possible to open a port successfully, but not have bad report server connections if the users do not have sufficient permissions. Therefore, we recommend that you investigate further about how to grant a user access to a report server.

Learn step by step how to configure Windows 7 Firewall to use Remote Desktop

Learn step by step how to configure Windows 7 Firewall to use Remote Desktop

Before starting the procedure to enable and configure Windows 7 Firewall to use Remote Desktop, You need to fulfill certain requirements.

Some are:

  • Have an internet connection.
  • Have basic computer skills.
  • Have dominion or administration of the main equipment that you want to link for your control.

If you meet all these requirements, you can encourage yourself to do the setting yourself.

It is not complicated at all, you just have to perform the steps indicated below:

  • Check that the remote connection function is enabled on the computer. If you have trouble connecting to the Internet, do so using the IP.
  • Right click on the mouse specifically in the Internet connection section, located at the bottom right of the screen of the Taskbar.
  • Then select on Open the network center.
  • In the left column, tap Windows firewall.
  • Once there, go to Advanced settings. Later, in Entry rules I New rule.
  • The wizard for new inbound rule will be displayed and there you have to select the option of Port. Then tap on Next.
  • Then click on TCP and write the code “3389”. Tap on Allow connection.
  • In addition to that, keep the options Domain, Private and Public.
  • Write the name what you wish.
  • Put a description and ready.

List of the best programs for Windows Remote Desktop

If the use of remote control program natively available for Windows does not convince you at all, they exist other programs that will help you control a team without needing to have it physically.

Here are the three most popular:


TeamViewer remote desktop program

It is the remote computer management program most famous there is, due to many aspects. For those who have it for personal use it is free and very effective, due to the fact that the software limitations are almost nil. Apart from that, it has a feature highly valued by users and that is that has support and compatibility on both Windows and macOS computers. Also, it can be installed without problems on Android and iOS mobile devices, which means that it also works for tablets.

No doubt thanks to TeamViewer you will have a secure connection thanks to your user account and password, which is generated in a unique way every time you connect. It is a very efficient way to control your computer remotely.

Download TeamViewer Windows

Download TeamViewer MacOS


Supreme remote desktop program

In recent times this software has become more popular, since requires no installation on your PC, Added to that is 100% free. Among its main characteristics and advantages is that it is not necessary to configure anything in your router or firewall.

The reason is that automatically uses NAT traversal technology for incoming communications. It allows to connect multiple users on the same computer and, apart, uses a AES-256 encryption for added security. Finally it is multiplatform, which means that it is compatible with Windows and has an app for Android and iOS.

Download Supreme Windows

Download Supreme MacOS


Anydesk remote desktop program

The team of developers of this program are made up of some of those who participated in the creation of TeamViewer. Thanks to this, many users feel in a familiar environment when they use it, and they feel more secure. You could say that Anydesk is the brother of TeamViewer.

When you go to work with complex programs Like those in which dynamic graphics or images are handled, the use of Anydesk is recommended due to its power and maximum speed. For personal use it is completely freeHowever, when it comes to professional use, you must pay.

Download AnyDesk Windows

Download AnyDesk MacOS

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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