Configure Google Account SECURITY  Step by Step ▷ 2020

In some cases it is necessary to modify or consolidate the security of the Google account of our Android device and computer, because we can suffer unwanted attempts by people unknown to it. Also for prevent others from entering and accessing information, in case we have loaned you the equipment for some work.

By reinforcing the protection of the equipment we can support the access to our account and everything we have in it, as well as personal data, documents, photos and others. If you have suffered at any time of abuse, where an individual has tried to access your email or you have received a warning indicating that they have accessed it from an unknown computer, it is a good time to safeguard your security parameters.

That is why in this tutorial We are going to explain to you step by step how you can change the standards of your Google account so that you can feel safe. In this way, you will be able to keep the content protected against any external threat that may try to enter for malicious purposes.

Steps to configure and manage the security options of your Google account

It has different tools and methods that you can use to configure your Gmail account and thus be able to increase security. It also has other forms that will allow you to manage it in case you have more than one easily without complications.

Change password on Google

The first step to strengthen your security is to change the password, In this simple way, you make it difficult for third parties to access your accounts. Keep in mind that the password you are going to enter must be difficult to guess, but you can remember it. It is recommended that you use combinations, that is, letters, numbers, signs, uppercase and lowercase.

Avoid entering keys with simple numerical sequences, as well as personal data: name of a dog, father, mother, best friend, places of study, birthday dates, among others that you may have in the domain of any public or that are easily disclosed.

To change the password, the first thing you should do is:

  • Enter your browser and go to Google com This in case you access in a browser other than Google Chrome.

google home page

  • Then you will click Google APPS and you will choose the option of “Bill”, this option is just at the top right.

google apps account

  • In that section you will choose first “Security”> “Access to Google” and you will select “Password”.

google password change

  • You wait a moment and then it will ask you to validate your identity before changing the password, just enter your current password.

gmail account data verification

  • By last, enter the new password and you click “Change Password”.

change gmail password

Improve security through access to Google

This option apart from allowing you to change the password, allows you to transform or create other methods of access to it, either “Use the phone to access” or “Two-step verification”.

Use the phone to access

Authorizes the user to use their mobile to log in to your Google account by entering the pattern or password you use to access the device. If your computer is not nearby, you can enter with your Gmail password without any problem.

To activate these features you just have to:

  • Activate the option “Use phone to access” by clicking on it.

google password change use phone to access

  • After clicking you will see a new window, in this you will click on “Set up”.

google configure password change use phone to access

  • Valid that you are the owner of the account entering the password, press “Next” in the tab that will appear after confirming it.

google use phone to access

  • Google will do a test to enter from your device, You just have to unlock the device as you always do and then press “Yes”, when I ask you if you are trying to login from another computer. If you liked the functionality, you just have to click on “Activate” and you’re done.

google activate use phone to access

Use two-step verification

This is the most optimal functionality for protect your account, since even when someone manages to get your password You will not be able to do this due to the access code that will be sent to your device each time access is attempted. By not having this, any other person who tries will not be able to enter.

To activate it you need:

  • Activate the option “Two-step verification”.

google password change use two-step verification to access

  • You are going to press “Start” in the new window that has appeared.

 google password change configure use two-step verification to access

  • As in previous cases, you must confirm your password before continuing.
  • Now you will proceed to choose the method to verify: You have different methods:
    • Google Message
    • Text message
    • Call or security key
  • You can choose the one you like the most, in this case we will use “Message” and we will press the option “Try now”.

google password change use two-step verification Google message

  • Now you just have to, confirm and validate the mobile number where you want the security code to be sent to you.

google password change use two step verification get code

  • You will be sent the respective code that you must place in the space indicated, then press “Next”.

google password change use two-step verification to access confirm code

  • Finally, you will click “Activate” in order to use this method in your Google account.

google password change use two-step verification to access activate function

Update the methods to verify your identity

Update the methods used to verify your identity When you do not remember the password, or do not have your telephone device to complete this task, it is very necessary.

Since outsiders can use your security responses, email or even if you do not have these tools associated, create them and in this way take over your account, eliminating any possibility that you can recover it.

In order to verify your identity you must:

  • Have a phone check.
  • An email from Recovery.
  • A question from security.

methods to verify identity

How do you modify your security verification methods?

It is important that you constantly check the account and security options to detect and eliminate possible unknown or suspicious actions.

  • First if you want change or add a recovery phone, you need to click on that option.
  • You proceed to validate your login placing your password.
  • You are going to add, update or delete the number you have associated with Google by pressing the option “Add”, it is shaped like a pencil. If you want to delete you will click on the trash can.

add, update or delete the number you have associated with Google

  • Recovery mail, to enter this option you will click on “Recovery email”.
  • Reconfirm your password.
  • Change or add an email, this in case you cannot log in to your Google account or if you want to recover it.

Finally, there is the option to security questions though not so safe. That is why we recommend that you use some of the alternatives indicated above.

Manage your devices connected to Google

A good way to control the entry of devices to your account is by letting you know who or what is entering it. In order to remove or allow said devices to enter your email, as well as all the application data and more that you have associated with it.

To be able to manage your devices you only have to:

  • Login to “Security” and look for the section of “Your devices”. In it you will click “Manage devices”.

manage Google devices

  • A window will appear where you can see all the devices associated with your account, if any appear unfamiliar equipment change the password immediately.
  • For this you must click on “Protect your account” and immediately, Google will show you a window to change the password. You will choose the option of “Change Password”.

protect your Google account change password

  • After changing the account will unlink from all devices to which it is associated, less on the computer where you have changed the password.

In summary, keeping your Google account safe is very important and easy to do if you know all the methods and tools that are available to you. It does not matter if you want to use all or those that you consider necessary to protect yourself, in fact it would be a good option. Keep in mind that the change of passwords and patterns that you use to prevent access to devices or accounts is recommended to be reset continuously.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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