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Keyboard, is the text input device, but also fulfills other functions; through it we can enter data to work in some programs or applications, use key combinations to perform certain functions of the operating system and also, if for some reason the mouse stops working we can momentarily cover the problem using the keyboard, since, It has keys that if we learn to use They act as the pointer on the screen to search or open different things.

Although you may have a good writing peripheral and there are still faults when using itThis is usually due to configuration problems and is very common on Mac computers because they are a bit more complicated to configure. That is why many people tend to hire experts on the subject to solve it, but we already tell you that this is not necessary since anyone can do it with their own hands.

In this tutorial we will explain how to quickly and easily identify and solve the most common faults in Mac computer keyboards and everything you need to know to configure it correctly. In addition, you will learn how to solve the main problems of deconfiguration of it, so that you do not run away to spend money on a new one.

Steps to configure the keyboard on Mac OS computers

The operation of an operating system of the Apple brand is completely different from that of Windows, so if you are used to the latter, Mac can give you headaches. Many choose these computers for the amount of storage space and other features that seem to be better than Windows, however for those who buy their first computer from this brand it is difficult to get used to the use.

Among it, is keyboard peripheral settings, This will depend on whether you have problems using it or not. It is best to perform the configuration at the time of purchase and installation, but if you haven’t, you can do it anytime by following the steps below.

  • Go to “System preferences“from the home screen is easy to access by clicking the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.

Steps to correctly configure the keyboard on Mac, access system preferences

  • Access within the system preferences menu to “Keyboard“.

Steps to properly configure the keyboard on Mac, Keyboard Settings

  • In this window, choose the section you want to modify, on the main screen you will get some basic options that you can configure according to your preferences.
    • Turn off the backlight after X seconds of inactivity.
    • Show viewers and emojis in the menu bar.
    • Use function keys (F1, F2 etc) as standard function keys.

Steps to correctly configure the keyboard on Mac, Configuration

In addition to these basic configurations you will find different sections such as Keyboard, Bluetooth and Quick Functions.

Each one must be configured in a different and independent way so that it meets your requirements:

  • Keyboard: Here it is basic configurationThat is why you will find options to regulate the speed of the characters and the wait for the repetition, the beginning of the registration of a new character. When carrying out the modification, you must decide whether the function keys will be active or not, which means that they perform a certain action when combined with the key. Fn. Right there you can assign these actions according to your preference with the shift keys, CTRL, Command , the brand logo key and the option key.
  • Bluetooth: Stand apart as its name does denote it is about modify the keyboard or mouse connected via Bluetooth. Inside you will find information on the battery level and connection and other aspects that can be edited as you want.
  • Quick functions: In other words, Mac keyboard shortcuts. These are the key combinations that allow you to start applications or perform actions without having to open window by window. Here you will find from the default shortcuts that the Mac has to those that you have been adding over time, in addition to allowing you to add new ones and eliminate those that you no longer require using the + and – signs, finally if you have too many and we consider that at the beginning it was better you can use the restore option.

Steps to correctly configure the keyboard on Mac, Quick Functions Configuration

  • Text: Here you can configure the preferences at the time of writing, such as adding punctuation marks with keys, placing capital letters, using quotation marks, activating the automatic correction and others.

Steps to correctly configure the keyboard on Mac, Text Configuration

  • Input sources: This is the language you use or want to use, you can add a new one or delete the current one, next to it is an image of how the peripheral operation changes with each language.

Steps to correctly configure the keyboard on Mac, Input Sources Configuration

  • Dictation: Here you configure the option so that the computer can hear you through a microphone and thus can write or write according to the words you are saying.

Steps to correctly configure the keyboard on Mac, Dictation Settings

How to change keyboard language to Spanish on Mac?

The most common problem for those who speak Spanish when using a Mac computer is usually that they cannot write the letter “ñ” or put accents, this is due to missing or wrong language settings. These computers are manufactured to work in English, so it is important to modify the default settings and thus be able to write what we want without problems.

To help those who have this problem, below we will explain in detail the language selection process on Mac:

  • Enter keyboard settings, following the steps we already gave you, go to system preferences, then “Keyboard“to enter the configuration window and be able to add a new language.
  • Choose the section “Input Sources “, is number four in the menu, and inside look for the symbol ‘+‘at the bottom left of the screen, when you get it, click it.
  • Search SpanishIn the search bar that you will have on the screen you are looking for Spanish, you should get 2 options, choose “Spanish ISO “ and click add.

Steps to set Mac keyboard to Spanish, Adding language

  • Delete the previous one: It will take you back to the fonts screen, choose the language that was in use and then click the symbol ““located right next to”+“And you’re done, the new one is configured automatically and you can start testing it.

Misconfiguration problems and solutions in the keyboard of Apple computers

Those made by Apple, either they come with the equipment or they are purchased and installed they are very comfortable and easy to handle, although with a short route. That’s why many decide buy a third-party keyboard and install it on the Mac, which usually happens when the original fails.

External writing peripherals can be quite inexpensive and a good option outside of the official Apple, but when it comes to using it problems such as all keys not working properly may begin to appear, because it is not detected in the correct order.

This can happen with any new keyboard that is installed, since the configuration must change. Although many do not believe it, these types of failures are easy to solve and can be solved at home, without having to go to a technician and pay money. That is why we will explain the most common problems and how to get rid of them.

How to fix keyboard misconfiguration on Mac?

If you connect a new one and the operation is uncontrolled, these are the steps you must follow to restore that configuration:

  • Open the mac terminal and inside paste the following command: sudo rm /Library/Preferences/ type.plist and then press “Enter “.

Fix mac keyboard deconfiguration, Open terminal

  • The system will ask you for your password to be able to save changes, place it and then restart your Mac.

Fix Mac Keyboard Misconfiguration, Restart Mac

  • Give it a try, by turning on keyboard preferences must be as at the time of factory so you can use it or re-customize it without problems.

How to use and configure a Windows keyboard on the Mac?

The structure and layout of this Mac hardware is very different from that of Windows, so connecting a keyboard from the latter system to an Apple computer can be a difficult task. When doing so, some unexpected changes usually occur, for example the fact of the basic keys task will change as follows.

  • The key “Windows” will play the role of the key “Command”
  • The key “Alt” will work as the key “Option” on macOS

In MacOS the command key is located on the left side of the space bar just like Windows places Alt. All this can be quite confusing for many due to lack of custom. However, it is possible to change it at any time by following the steps below.

  • Access the keyboard configuration as we teach you in previous sections.
  • Choose “Modification Keys“Within its options, there you can configure the key”Caps LOCK“,”Control“and other basic operating keys. When you are satisfied choose “To accept”.

Configure windows keyboard on mac, modifier keys

Because I can’t type special characters like @, ~, # and others on my keyboard.

Another common problem, is not being able to use the special characters like we do in Windows. This can be a daily headache, for example when trying to get into the mail. Most likely when this happens is that you have accidentally activated a command that deactivates these characters, to deactivate it do the following.

  • Go to System Preferences, search for “Keyboard“, go to the tab”Quick functions“and finally click on”Mission Control “, located in the left column.
  • See the options, you will get a list of options, go to the end and check that the last two are deactivated. In case they are activated, deactivated, save and go.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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