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Discord can offer great benefits to companies to maintain internal and external communication in a synchronized way. But the problem that arises is that the information should not always be visible to all employees, especially strategic data.

To solve this problem Discord offers its users to use the leaders feature for free. This alternative allows you to choose and assign different roles to each of the members in a Discord channel.

If you want to know how this tool works and how you can configure it so that you optimize it according to your needs, it will be important that you continue reading.

What is a leader channel and what are the benefits of creating one on Discord?

When you open an account on Discord you have the possibility to invite several members or colleagues to be part of your group of contacts. In companies, as there are different hierarchical levels, It is common to find topics that can only be dealt with by driving referents. This means that those confidential topics must be blocked from the rest of the workers.

In addition, when there are a large number of channels, it is necessary to delegate functions to properly manage the organizational communication system. This considerably improves the positive synergy of the company. For this, it is necessary to assign roles to the different members so that assign permissions, delete or modify Discord settings, taking into account different strategic aspects of the company.

To achieve this objective, the leader channels are created within Discord, this brings as an advantage, not only the benefits mentioned so far, but also the following:

  • It is possible to divide the information in important, strategic and confidential with the rest of the topics.
  • Maintaining channels of leaders is viable to touch on issues that will only be dealt with by the correct members of the company, thus avoiding leaks that could harm the organization’s trajectory.
  • Once a channel with specific roles is created, communication management is much easier and more fluid. This is due to the various members who can occupy these tasks, so the delegation becomes an allied tool for this issue.
  • By being able to divide the topics, it is much easier to find them each time you need to resort to past actions.
  • The permissions that are assigned to different members They allow you to keep the information safe, because they cannot be deleted or modified according to each particular need.
  • All channel members know who to turn to to request an extraordinary permit.
  • The information is kept under control, avoiding the dispersion of topics that are not related to each
  • Each member knows where to find the information, so the level of communication and updating of important issues improves considerably.

Learn step by step how to create a Discord leader channel from scratch

So that you can create a channel of leaders in Discord is zero, do not make mistakes in the attempt, you must follow this step by step that we show you below:

Invite friends

The first thing you will have to do is form the community so that each member has different roles. Therefore, you are going to have to open Discord in the channel in which you want to create a role and click on the button Invite people. This will make a code appear on the screen to which you must copy and send to the person you want to be part of your channel. Once accepted in the invitation, it will be automatically included in your panel.

Access the server settings

Access the server settings

What you will have to do now is choose the level of action that the member you just invited will have within the channel. Therefore, you must enter the channel and go to the left panel of tools. Go to the upper left part of the screen and press next to the name of the server to display a menu and you can choose the option Server settings.

Create a new role

Create a new role

In this step, what you should do at this stage is choose the option Roles. Then find a top of the screen function ROLES and click on the sign “+” to create a new role.

Assign the role you just generated

Assign the role you just generated

Now, you are going to have to go to the left menu and look for the section USER MANAGEMENT. Within the tools that you will find you must click on Members. This will allow you to display the menu of all the people that make up a channel. At the end of each one’s name you will find the sign “+”, which you must choose to choose what type of role you will give to each member.

Generate a text channel for leaders

Generate a text channel for leaders

What remains to be done is to refine the communication system within your group. For this you will have to go to the Discord home screen and look in the left menu, under the name of the server, the tool TEXT CHANNELS. Press next to the sign “+”. If it is the first time that you create a channel, a tutorial will appear, otherwise you will have to click on the button Skip the entire tutorial.

This will allow a new window to be displayed in which you must activate the box Channel text and Channel private. Don’t forget to add a name to the new channel. When you finish this cover, click on Next to choose the specific members who can access the new leadership roles, who will be the only users to enter this channel.

Set up a new voice channel

Set up a new voice channel

Like a text channel, you can also create a voice channel. The steps that you will have to carry out are similar, so you will have to press on the tool “+” of the function VOICE CHANNELS. Check the box Channel voice, generate a new name, and then toggle to enable a Channel private. Do not forget to also activate the function of Leaders.

Check the permissions granted

So that you do not make mistakes and are sure of the information that only authorized members can access, go to Edit channel giving the cogwheel located at the end of the channel name. Then click Permissions. This will allow you to know the management, messaging and reading roles that your groupmates have.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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