Configure Notifications in Windows 10  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

With more than one billion users, Windows can be considered one of the most widely used operating systems worldwide. For this reason, it has continued to reinvent itself over time and, today, through its W10 version, has focused on offering various utilities for the convenience of all its consumers.

In this sense, Microsoft has been in charge of introducing certain elements that can optimize the user experience. Therefore, it also mimics the behavior of mobile devices in a certain instance and thus, now issues notifications that manifest any information from different programs and / or applications.

But, given that for many people it is usually annoying to hear certain sounds while they carry out any task on their PC and this can even reduce their productivity; it is essential to know how to silence these notifications in Windows 10. Consequently, through this post, we will teach you the steps to follow to adjust and bypass notification sounds in Microsoft OS easily.

What are they and why is it better to silence my Windows 10 notifications?

Before detailing the necessary procedure to be able to silence notifications on computers with W10, it should be noted What are these alerts about?. Thus, a notification can be defined as an element that is issued by certain programs or services and has as its main objective, communicate or warn a user something which generally contains information regarding the occurrence of events of interest to you in the system.

Now, although notifications can be very useful to stay informed, their sounds are not really. Since, for those users who keep managing tasks from their PC for hours, it can be very annoying to have to listen to these alerts constantly and, for example, if they are listening to music, this could interrupt their playback several times.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning the main advantages with respect to omitting the sounds of the notifications that are obtained in any computer with Windows 10, and then we point out one by one:

  • Higher productivity: Due to the fact that the noise of the notifications emitted by the system tends to distract the PC user, these can significantly decrease their productivity. Consequently, if you choose to mute such notifications, you will surely get higher productivity.
  • Much more concentration: If, for example, you are studying a topic or you find yourself reading a digital book from your computer, the sounds of the notifications will not let you concentrate at all. Thus, it is best to omit the echo the same oy with it, find a more secretive environment.
  • Listen to music without interruptions: Once you decide to take the necessary steps to silence notifications in Windows 10, you will make sure you listen to music quietly and without any obstacles. Well, although they can be seen on the screen, they will not stop the playback of songs or videos.

Steps to set and mute all notifications from my Windows 10 PC

In case you decide to adjust all the notifications on your PC with W10 and choose to silence them, in order to obtain greater comfort while you carry out any activity from your computer; It is important that you know the simplest way to execute for it. Well so, you will not have to perform a tedious procedure or take a long time to do it.

For this reason, below, we detail all the steps to follow to skip the annoying sounds of alerts your Windows 10 machine receives:

  • The first thing you have to do is enter the System Settings menu. Which, you will find in the lower left area of ​​Home, specifically in the famous gear wheel icon.

Steps to set and mute all notifications from my Windows 10 PC

  • Then, among all the options shown on the screen, click on the section that says “System”.

Steps to set and mute all notifications from my Windows 10 PC

  • Now, thirdly, find the submenu that indicates “Notifications and actions” and it is located in the menu on the left side (in the form of a list).

Steps to set and mute all notifications from my Windows 10 PC

  • Then in first place, you will see the section identified as “Notifications” and from there, you can disable them in Windows 10 through various available options.

Steps to set and mute all notifications from my Windows 10 PC

  • At this point, you will simply have to move the button that is in each selection to be able to deactivate each one. Thus, you can silence notifications from applications and other senders, disable those on the lock screen and ignore those based on notifications and VoIP calls. In addition, there is also the possibility of suppressing notifications that issue alerts about advantages or tricks of the system in general (these are the most used).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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