Configure Outlook Mail on Android and iOS  Step by Step ▷ 2020

Generally, when a new Smartphone is acquired, the custom is to activate it using a Gmail email, whether it is an Android or an iPhone. However, this is not an absolute law. You can add an account from another provider like Outlook without any problem, changing a little that rule that many people follow to the letter.

The reason why use Gmail It is for convenience, since by doing this you can automatically enjoy Google tools. However, there is nothing preventing you from accessing your Outlook mailbox from an Android or iPhone mobile. This, like another, offers great advantages, Microsoft has always tried to make life simpler and particularly Outlook offers better organization, Because you can group all your emails, calendar events and files so that you have everything at your fingertips.

By simply downloading the corresponding application, you will be able to continue using this platform and all the others linked to it. In this article we will teach you step by step how to correctly configure your Outlook email account on any smart phone with Android or iOS operating system, so you don’t have to create a new account with another provider to access your message box. It’s time to be more productive and organized!

Steps to configure my professional internet email account on my mobile phone or tablet

Access email accounts from mobile devices or Tablets increasingly common, since it is a more comfortable and practical way to receive and issue emails. So a good setup is well worth having.

Next we will explain how to do it from your Android and iOS device:

Configure Outlook Android email

The Android operating system works with different email clients, the main one being Gmail. But there are other servers like Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, IMAP and POP3 that can be used in this and that are also an optimal configuration. That is why this part you will know how to do it correctly.

  • The first thing you should do is go to “Google Play” to download the app from “Microsoft Outlook”.

download outlook on android

  • The moment the process ends, you will see Microsoft Outlook application, when you enter you have an option that says “Start”.

start using outlook

  • Then he asks you write your address of email.
  • At the end just press “Continue”You just have to wait a few seconds while the application connects with the server.

add email account

  • You will see the email you entered and it will ask you to write the password you are configuring, display name (Ex. Anabel) and description (Eg Studies).
  • Before you can advance to any step, you must enter “Show advanced settings”, in this way you will be able to see the server configuration both inbound and outbound.

show advanced settings connect to IMAP

  • In the tab that was opened you will see that the address will be created “IMAP”, depending on the domain where the mail comes from. Check your domain name well “IMAP host” (You have to keep in mind that if the name that appears is not the same as the one you have, you must report it).
  • Below it will ask you to write the IMAP username and IMAP passwordIn this, what you have to enter is your email and your password without changing anything.

create IMAP address

  • Now you will see the SMTP outgoing mail server, the process will be similar to the previous step, it will search and recognize the address, there you will see that it will ask you for the name and password. What you must do is re-enter your email account and password and click on “To accept” (check icon) located in the upper right.

 SMTP outgoing mail server

  • Wait for me to connect and validate the information that you just entered. Confirming this will open your email.

trying to login

  • Now you just have to go to your inbox to see the news that shows you, you slide it to the left and in the last one you must click on the popcorn icon so that it can show you your emails.
  • If you want to configure it with your device so that you can synchronize the contacts, just go to the “Main configuration”.

main outlook settings

  • In the window that will open, look at the “Setting” which is in the form of a gear.

outlook configuration

  • Access in the section where the “Bill” and select what you want to configure (in case you have several).

select outlook account

  • You just have to activate sync and ready.

sync contacts outlook android

Add Outlook Mail on iPhone / iOS

There are two ways to configure your email account in the iOS Mail app, one is manual and the other automatic. In this case we will do it with the first one.

  • Either on your iPhone or iPad, you must go to the “Settings” or “Setting”.
  • In it you must look where I tell you “Mail, contacts, calendar”.

mail contacts calendar ios

  • Now enter where it says “Add Account”.

add iOS account

  • In the window that opened you will see several types of account and at the bottom the last of them should tell you “Other”, that is the one you are going to select.
  • Depending on the model you have, a window may appear in which you have to press where it tells you “Add Account”. In others it will send you directly to “Enter the account”.
  • Introduce your name (Anabel), mail address (, password (xxxx) and a short description (Work, study, company).
  • Once this is done, mail will try to validate the information. Press “To accept” to finish. The adjustments and configurations will be made automatically.
  • In case it does not find the settings you will have to do the procedure manually.
  • Once the data is entered, press “Next”. After that, you will see two options “IMAP” and “POP” this will depend on where you want to make the copy on the server.
  • You have to take into account that the IMAP is an incoming mail server and POP it is an outgoing server. Whichever you select you have to configure it as follows: Host name This is the name of the domain with which the email is related, sometimes it can be given automatically but in others you have to enter it. Username You must enter the email you are configuring. Password the one of the mail that you are placing.

configure IMAP and POP protocol

  • It is advisable to activate both so that later you do not have to repeat any of these steps or present problems.
  • It only remains that you give to “Save”.
  • You may get a message that says “The server cannot be verified”, in this case you just have to accept and continue. This may appear due to a security certificate that you do not have installed. *If the problem persists and you cannot configure the account or save the mail settings, you should contact your mail provider.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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