Configure Parental Control on Google Play  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

If you are concerned that your children access content that is not suitable for his age and contrary to the teachings that you instill in them permanently, parental control is a good option that you should take into account so that the smallest of the house are always monitored.

To know what a parental control is, you will have to read the explanation in the following paragraphs, as well as you will also be able to know which are the most important tools that Google has so that the user is out of third-party threats.

Don’t miss anything from this post. This article will allow you to be more calm in front of the use of technology that your children do.

Why should I set up parental controls on the Google Play Store? Benefits

Why should I set up parental controls on the Google Play Store?  Benefits

When establishing parental reviews on the devices of children or adolescents you can have a control over the time of use of the mobile, either for the day or for night hours.

In addition to block access to certain applications, these types of tools allow you to always have knowledge about what your child is doing. So that you can be calm, since you will know how they spend their time and what content they consume when they are in front of the screen.

Another reason to use parental control on Google play, is that with this type of restrictions cyberbullying is prevented. You will already have more information about what this criminal activity is and the psychological damage it can cause in the little ones. This is why parental control is an ideal tool to prevent bullying and any other type of these nefarious activities.

On the other hand, digital rules are being created so that their children can learn about the good use they can give the Internet. And in this way they themselves begin to learn that their behavior can have important consequences.

Finally, having a time management can have very positive consequences. More time will be created with the rest of the family members. This will make it grow as good people and values ​​can be instilled so that tomorrow they can be happy.

How does parental control work within Google Play? Main aspects

How does parental control work within Google Play?  Main aspects

The parental controls that Google provides to its users have the possibility of discriminate the content according to the maturity of the people who are interacting with the applications.

We will show you below what is the operation for the main aspects:

Apps and games

With this tool you can classify the content of apps and video games from Google Play. In this way the games will not change, but they will be blocked for certain users.

So that you know where the content classification is located, which is the exclusive responsibility of the application developers, you should look at the top, when you are in Play Store, and click on the option “Read more” and then select “More information”.


The filters that you can impose for this type of content are related to the highest ranking. So every time you want to rent or buy a reproduction of a movie, the results will automatically appear according to your choice.

You must bear in mind that there are some contents that do not pass the filter, but they will appear in the list when you search. This does not mean that you will be able to access the movie without unlocking the parental controls.


As with movies, you can make a filter to control the highest rating, but you can see it in the searches you make. Parental control works so that content exceeding the established limit does not appear in Play Movies and TV.


Parental controls for books will allow you to block the ability to read and buy all those books that have sexual or explicit content.

You won’t be able to see it in Play Books either, but as with all other restrictions, when you search you will be able to find a content that passes the filter.


There are some music providers whose content indicates it as explicit, so when you incorporate parental control for this type of content You will not be able to find it in the Play Music app or in the Play Store.

Steps to activate and configure parental controls on Google Play

Activate parental control on Google Play, you must perform the following steps according to the type of tool you use. Let’s see how you should do in each case:

For families who manage their own account

By means of a PIN, a person can access control of a certain device, so content can be restricted for each phone. But If a mobile is managed by several people, a parental control can also be created for each of them.

According to this you will need to configure the controls with the following steps:

  • Take the device for which you want to configure a filter so that it does not access certain applications.
  • Opens Google Play Store.
  • Go to the upper left to find the “Menu”, which is symbolized by three horizontal lines.
  • Once you are in the menu, you must select “Setting”.
  • Then you will have to click on “Parental controls”, in the section “User controls”.
  • Choose the option “Parental controls” and create a 4-digit PIN. When you are sure and remember the PIN you must click on “To accept”.
  • Retype the PIN you selected and click again “To accept”.
  • Choose the content you want to filter. A list will appear with all the parameters that you can block. Click on any of them and choose the category you want to control.
  • To finish click on “Save”.

With Family Link

With Family Link

Family Link is a Google app with which you will be able to remotely control your child’s mobile through their personal account. In order to use this tool you must follow this guide:

  • The first thing you should do is install the app on your mobile and choose the option “Father”. You should bear in mind that your child’s device must be nearby when performing these tasks.
  • Read carefully what will be the powers you will have as a family administrator. When you finish click on “Continue”.
  • A 9 digit code, I have at hand what will help you for the next steps.
  • The application will ask you if your child has a Google account, if not, you will have to create one for him.
  • Take your child’s mobile.
  • Install the Family Link app on your mobile that will be controlled.
  • Choose the option “Son”.
  • Enter the code that appeared on your mobile. After a few minutes you will have your device paired with your child’s.
  • When you open the application, you will need to select your child’s account.
  • Click on “Manage settings”.
  • Tap on “Google Play controls”.
  • You will have a list with all the applications that you can block. Choose the ones you want to have control over.
  • Determine the method to constrain the income of your children.

You can also do it through Families. For this you will have to do the following step by step:

  • Go with your browser the Google Family. “”
  • Next, you must gather all the members of your family. For this you must click on “Create a family group”.
  • Write the email of your family members. When you finish, click “Send”.
  • Select your child’s name, after i have accepted your invitation.
  • Then follow the steps we mentioned before. That is, choose the content to block and determines the parameters to follow to perform parental control.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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