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Printers have become a necessity both at home and at work. In the past, its installation was a true obstacle course, but today, it is almost child’s play. But nevertheless, the installation of these in a shared network is a bit more complexBut once that’s done, you can print whatever you want, anywhere in the world.

The printing devices allow to list the documents created by the users such as: letters, invoices or manuals, for this reason it is one of the most used equipment in the office, becoming essential for the streamlining of various procedures at work and other scenarios. But nevertheless, many people do not know how they can make a correct configuration of these devices.

In this tutorial, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to configure and install a printer from any device; just think about the possibility of printing a document from your Android phone or iPhone. Until recently it was unlikely, but today it is entirely possible and when you finish reading this article you will learn how to do it without complications and in the fastest way possible.

Steps to install and configure a printer on your computer

Here, first of all, you must have at hand, the manual for your printing peripheral. The other thing you should look for are the device drivers or drivers. If you don’t have it, what you should do is download it from the internet, go to Google and write “Model X printer drivers“. These are the minimum elements necessary to make the connection with the pc.

The complexity comes from the fact that each brand, or even each model, has its own configuration. In this case, it is better to consult the installation manual supplied by the manufacturer.

Connect directly wirelessly to a Windows computer

In most cases, there are only two ways to convert a normal printer to a network printer; using a wired connection or a wireless connection. For the first, connect the equipment to the router using an Ethernet cable, so after following the instructions of a wizard you can have it operational.

Now the installing a network printer it’s a bit more complex. If your network is properly configured, the peripheral should be recognized automatically. Here are the steps:

  • Go to control panel and select “Devices and printers“.


  • Once there select “Add printer“.

Add printer

  • Click on “Add Wireless Network Printer“. Windows will then try to identify the device on the network. In Windows 8, the operating system looks for local and network hardware. So you don’t have to worry about a thing: It’s automatic.

add printer on wireless network

  • Windows may ask you to install the hardware drivers. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and then click on “Install driver”.

After the driver is installed, you can print anything you want. If you do not have Internet connection, use the installation CD: the wizard will guide you.

Install Apple printer to network

It is one that does not belong to a single computer, but can work from several computers at the same time. That is why the installation is a bit complex, especially due to the permissions since some older printers cannot connect to the network.

I recommend you carefully read the instructions for Installing Apple hardware directly to the network. It is a bit more complicated. Many have their own connection and configuration modes. But the process is relatively straightforward if done carefully.

On the manufacturer’s website you will always find a link that will allow you to download the specific instructions for your device. Then, the steps to install it on a network are as follows:

  • Click on the Apple menu and once there select “System preferences“.

Apple network preferences

  • To select “Printers and scanners


  • Then click on the “+” button to find new ones.


  • Then click on the “Default“in the upper left. Select your network printer.


  • Click on “Add (Add)“This is now managed by the operating system: it should be able to print any document from your computer.

Configure to be shared by multiple computers in Windows

Sometimes the terms between network and shared printers. The latter is a connected to one of the computers on the network and can be used by all members of the network, which means that the computer in question must be turned on in order to print. To create a connection of this type, follow the steps that we explain below:

  • Open the Start menu. Scribe “Residential group” in the countryside “Search for”. Press the enter key to confirm.

residential group

  • Create a new residential group if necessary. To do this, click the button “Create residential group“. If the residential group already exists, just join it. The versions of Windows 7 Starter (for mini laptops) and Home Basic they do not allow the creation of a residential group, but they do allow you to join an existing network.


  • Make sure the peripheral for printing is shared. When creating your residential group, you must enable sharing in the menu. Therefore, in Windows 7, make sure the checkbox for printers is checked.
  • Enter the password I use for the residential group.

residential group password

  • Open the Home or Residential Groups Control Panel from the computer to be printed. Click on the residential groups menu, exactly the same way you did before, that is, by launching the Start menu.


  • Join the residential group created. Next, you must enter the password that allows you to access the network.
    • Click on “Install printer“. This action allows you to install the one that is shared on your computer. If they are not present, you will be prompted to install the drivers. Click”Next“, the rest is automatic.


Once installed, it will be as if the printer was connected directly to your computer. The only limitation is that the computer must be turned on and connected to the network. You can print now.

Share a printer configured in Windows on a Mac computer

This process is very similar to sharing on Windows. Here you must be clear about the concept of a shared printer. You must connect it to one of the computers on the network and as always, we refer you to the first part of this article on installation.

  • Click on the Apple menu. Select “System preferences“.

Apple network preferences

  • Select the option “Share“You can then modify the sharing settings that already exist on your computer.

share printer on MAC

  • Check the box “share printer“This option allows other members of the network to use those that are connected to your computer.

check-box share printer

  • Check the box “printer check“to be shared. The hardware can be used from other computers on the network.

printer verification

  • Open system preferences. Do this on the computer you want to print from. The preferences are in the Apple menu. In order to use it from this computer, you must include it in the list of printers on this computer.
  • Choose “Printers and scannersYou will then see those that are currently connected to the network.


  • Click the + button. You can then add as many as you like.


  • Select it using the Default Printers tab. If you’re on a computer running Windows, click the Windows tab.


  • Click Add. Your network peripheral will be installed on the second computer, you can print from any program. The main computer must be turned on and connected to the network.

How to add and connect your printer on your Android mobile device?

Well, the time has come, from your Android device, can print from any printing device, which is excellent news. Many users are dreaming about this possibility. Imagine printing photos, documents, messages. Now it is a reality. Let’s get into the matter, below, the steps:

  • Connect your printer to your computer.
  • Launch Google Chrome and access your Google account (With your Android smartphone, you must have a Google account).
  • Enter to “Setting“by clicking on the 3 vertical points that are found at the top right.

Google Chrome Settings

  • Then you go “Advanced Options“and you look for the option”To print“.

Chrome printers

  • Select the mobile device name.


  • Slide to the position of “Switched on“and hit OK.

Finally open an application from which you want to print and then tap Options. Ready, you can now print from any application that has the printing function on your Android smartphone.

How to add and connect your printer on your iPhone mobile device?

Now you will learn to connect your printer with your iPhone so that you can print whatever comes to your mind. The steps are very simple, but for that, before doing anything, you should check if your peripheral is compatible with AirPrint. With that said, we begin with the steps to add your iOS mobile device to the hardware.

Follow these quick steps:

  • Open the application in which you want to print.
  • Look for the app’s share icon.
  • Then click the Print icon
  • Click select printer with AirPrint.
  • Choose the number of sheets and copies to print.
  • At the top click on Printer, and you’re done.

Did you see that it was simple, right? Enjoy and print what you need at all times!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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