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The growing phenomenon of smartwatches, began in 2015 and currently this fashion is in full swing. Taking into account that the latest smartwatches to hit the market are evidence of a notable improvement over their unsightly first and second generation counterparts. Therefore, there are a number of attractive options from different technology companies and fashion brands alike, who bet on this increasingly booming trend. While it is true, there are varieties of models for both men and women, as well as for children.

For its part, a smartwatch integrates different uses and among the most common are: exerciseas it is very useful because most of these watches have a music player. Also around the business affairs for its ability to revolutionize the business industry and furthermore, for carry out any kind of follow-up you want, be it about your workouts, diets, tastes, etc. In short, it is an intelligent device with the ability to offer more simplicity to its users at all times. Therefore, they have included a variety of operating systems in order to get the way to work best with your mobile phone.

Thus, since one of these technological gadgets runs based on your operating system, it is necessary to know how to synchronize it with your terminal. Indeed, we want to present you the steps you must follow to manage to configure and connect your smartwatch to your Android phone or iPhone, which can be done through Wear OS. On the other hand, we will indicate how to fix problems with chinese smartwatches, in case you find yourself in such a hurry and finally, it is good to clarify the way to use BT Notification with your chinese smart watch.

Steps to configure and synchronize a smartwatch with your mobile phone

As we mentioned at the beginning, the easiest way to configure and synchronize a smart watch with your mobile phone, it’s through Wear OSregardless of whether it is an Android or an iPhone.

However, the procedure to follow according to each of these operating systems is different and therefore, We will indicate below the step by step that you have to carry out, if you are an Android user or on the contrary, if you drive an iPhone.

On Android with Wear OS

While it is true, Wear OS it’s still a new platform and you may not have heard of it before. However, It is the most exact solution to connect a smartwatch to your Android mobile but for this, it is essential that both your watch and your phone be compatible and thus be able to take full advantage of this synchronization.

Furthermore, it is essential that all your apps are up to date, even Google Play Services, since in this way, your Android will be able to recognize the new smartwatch through Android Wear (This is how it is identified in Android), without any type of breakdown.

Now, the procedure to follow for this is:

  • First of all, you must keep your smartwatch on and then proceed to download and install the app “Android Wear “ since Google Play Store.

On Android with Wear OS

  • Later, activate Bluetooth on your mobile and access the application Android Wear.
  • Now, choose the arrow to continue, right where it says “Start setup”And read the terms of use and privacy carefully, to finally”To accept”.

On Android with Wear OS

  • The name of your smart watch will appear in a window and of course, you must press it to proceed to connect both devices. Thus, you just have to accept the connection and wait for them to sync.

On Android with Wear OS

  • To allow the terminal to send notifications to the smartwatch, you must go to the “Notifications Settings”And make sure the option“Android Wear“In the window identified as”Notification Access”.
  • Since then, follow the steps on the screen and learn how to use your watch through all the alternatives that this application offers you. When both devices are paired, you will simply see the label “Connected”And in that way, they are already communicating successfully.

On an iPhone with Wear OS

On an iPhone with Wear OS

To connect your smart watch with your iPhone, the process that you must follow along with the assistance of Wear OS, is the following:

  • Logically, you must have Wear OS installed on your mobile device. Otherwise, go to iTunes and download the app.
  • Once you access the application, you will see a list of devices that are nearby. That’s where you must check the name of your smartwatch and it is also possible select language.
  • Located on your iPhone, press the name of the clock and if the mobile is already connected to another watch, no synchronization code will be evidenced. So if this situation arises, you must disable said connection and touch “Synchronize with a new device”.
  • Then, on your smartwatch, you will see a synchronization code and in effect, the phone will display the same code. Thus, press on “Connect”And you will immediately read a confirmation message when your watch is synchronized. This process takes a few minutes.
  • Later, follow the instructions displayed on the iPhone screen. These give you the ability to activate notifications, location and access to the calendar; if you wish. That’s it.

How to fix the problems with Chinese smartwatches?

The most common problem with Chinese smartwatches is that they mostly have a poor and fragile connection to mobile phones, since they do not manage to synchronize perfectly or even cause inconveniences around notifications. But luckily, this is very easy to solve, considering that there are two simple methods for this.

Thus, the first method is through an application known as “MediaTek SmartDevice“, Which allows you to satisfactorily correct and for free, the synchronization problems of your smart watch with the mobile. For this, what you must do is install it from Google Play Store (if you have an Android) or through iTunes (if you drive an iPhone).

Later, uninstall Bluetooth Notifier, which is the main tool used to manage notifications but ends up generating inconveniences of this degree. That way, connection problems will be corrected on any model with MediaTek SmartDeviceTaking into account that it offers the possibility of filtering notifications, according to the type of app and also deactivating them, if you prefer.

How to fix problems with Chinese smartwatches?

The other solution is to keep both devices close, that is, the watch and the phone. Since generally, Bluetooth accessories exhibit this type of limitation. With this, you will avoid in a way that they disconnect and although it seems very simple, it is an effective option.

How to use BT Notification with our Chinese smart watch?

It is known that the majority of Chinese smartwatches have a link in the BT Notification app on the application screen, which is about a scannable barcode. So to find it, what you have to do is scan this code on your mobile phone and in this way, get the most suitable application for your device.

However, some of these smart watches do not have an operator card and therefore, present some limitations at the time of use the watch via Bluetooth. In this case, it is recommended search for BT Notification in the app store of your mobile device and try the ones you want. The process is as follows:

How to use BT Notification with our Chinese smart watch?

  • Download and install the BT Notification app on your Android or iPhone device. The one that is recommended is the one with a logo with a kind of green and white chat bubble with an expansion sign. Here we show you:
  • After that, start the same Y turn on Bluetooth. For later, grant the permission indicated in the app and that this way it can access your mobile device.
  • Subsequently, it is essential that you activate Bluetooth on the Chinese smartwatch to make it visible and proceed to synchronize it with the phone.
  • Once both devices are connected, make sure that BT Notification app has started successfully and try to run any program on the mobile from which the installation message for said app was received. So can check if it works well and ready!

We hope that each of these steps detailed in the previous sections will be of great help to you and thus perfectly enjoy the synchronization of your mobile phone and your smartwatch at any time you want.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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