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Nowadays, Twitter is one of the most famous two-way communication platforms. In it, users can basically share their thoughts through 140 characters available, like publishing multimedia content, polls and more items. Thus, it is characterized by being a fun, spontaneous and interactive social network.

Added to this, it is estimated as a very efficient platform, through which users can make themselves known and even boost your business. Taking into account that, it is ideal to gain an excellent reputation, meet potential partners, find employment, etc. However, by default, usually show user content publicly, because it is a scenario in which few things are kept private.

Therefore, it is recommended optimally configure privacy options to all the people who use Twitter Since, in such a way, they will achieve control your security and privacy on the network, in order to avoid different vulnerabilities. For this reason, in this post, we will focus on explaining what you have to do to set your privacy correctly on the microblogging platform.

Why should you strengthen the privacy of your Twitter account?

It is no secret to anyone that there is a remarkable flow of people who operate on the network and, therefore, there are numerous users who access the Twitter platform day after day. But, while some of them choose to enter the social network to share ideas, talk with other people, connect with different communities and find out what is happening in the world; the truth is, others enter Twitter in order to carry out their malicious actions.

For that reason, it is essential that each user of the social network strengthens the privacy of their account, from the different options offered Twitter to guarantee the best experience and the highest level of personalization, to all its clients That way, you decrease your vulnerability in said environment and you will prevent any unknown or malicious person from being aware of your movements on the social network or even can obtain your confidential information to use it against you.

This means that if you ignore ensuring good privacy settings in your account Twitter and keep everything you do there public, you run the risk of provide your data to criminals who wish to usurp your identity. Also, it is possible that your computer can be infected with different kinds of malicious programs present on platforms such as Twitter.

Learn step by step how to configure the privacy of your Twitter account

As you will see, it is extremely vital adjust the privacy of your Twitter account for the purpose of optimize your security on the social network and with this, prevent any prying eyes from haunting your peace of mind on the platform.

Therefore, below, we will show you how you can configure this parameter, correctly:

Protect your tweets

Protect your tweets

With the aim that, solely and exclusively, your followers are the users of Twitter that can visualize tweets that you post on the social network; it is important to protect them through the “Settings and privacy” menu. In this way, even the permanent links to your tweets will only be visible to those who follow you.

Next, we show you how to protect them:

  • First of all, using the required credentials, you must access your Twitter account as you do regularly.
  • After, once you are in the part of Start, go to the left sidebar and select the section that says “More options”.
  • Done the above, click the option “Settings and privacy”.
  • Then look for the option that indicates “Privacy & Security” to select it. With that, they will show you new options.
  • Now, you have to focus on the section of “Tweets “ and specifically, enable the box that says “Protect your tweets”.
  • By last, it just remains to confirm the action, pressing again on “Protect”.

Define if you want to share your location in tweets

Define if you want to share your location in tweets

In this case, Twitter allows you to choose if you want your location, in the form of metadata, through every tweet you post. Which, sometimes, is useful to receive comments and / or recommendations from your followers about what you can do on that site.

However, there are also risks around this feature and therefore it is recommended to delete the GPS data from all your posts as follows:

  • Log in to your account of the social network and click on “More options” from the Start part.
  • Then, you have to select the option “Settings and privacy ” to proceed to click on “Privacy and security”.
  • Once they show you the available options, go to the section that says “Tweets” and click on “Location information”.
  • To end, you have to uncheck the option that says “Add location information to your Tweets” in case it is enabled. Also, for more privacy, press also on “Delete all location information”.

Block any annoying user

Block any annoying user

In case someone is taking actions that go against your principles, I sent you unwanted content and you prefer to avoid any contact with him, the most advisable thing is that you block it from your social network. This being, a function that allows you to control how you interact with other accounts and is essential for restrict the ability of others to contact you and see what you do.

To block a Twitter user, the steps to follow are:

  • Login to your account from Twitter Y search for the user in question. Either through the Home search bar or by accessing your profile to do so through your list of followers or followed.
  • When you find the account of the person you want to block, you have to enter his profile.
  • Later to that, click on the three dots icon found on the other side of your profile picture. With this, they will show you several options and you have to select “Block to …”.
  • In conclusion, it simply remains to confirm the action with so just press the “Lock” button. That’s it.

Control the direct messages you receive

Control the direct messages you receive

Even though you have your private Twitter account, default, Anyone could send you direct messages without any limitation. However, from an option available on the platform, you can control this to prevent any user from communicating with you in this way.

In this case, the steps to follow consist of:

  • Once you enter to your social network account, click on “More options” from your feed.
  • Secondly, you have to select the option “Settings and privacy”, for later choose “Privacy and security”.
  • After that, go to the section “Direct messages” and proceed to disable the option that says “Receive messages from anyone” in order to prevent it from happening.

Choose who can tag you in photos

Choose who can tag you in photos

Fortunately, you can also choose who are the people who will have the power to mention or tag your Twitter account in their photos. Thus, you will make your experience on the platform more private, at the level you prefer.

Next, we show you step by step what you have to do to establish this choice correctly:

  • As we have explained throughout the post, select the option “Settings and privacy” in the section that says “More options”.
  • Later, in the part of Setting, proceed to click on “Privacy and security”.
  • Once they show you the available options, it’s time to head to the section of Tweets Y click on “Photo tagging”.
  • With the above, the system will show you a new panel and in it, you have to activate this function via the available switch.
  • After performing such activation, two options will appear with which you can define which users will have the possibility to tag you in their photos. For optimal privacy, it is recommended to select “Only the people you follow can tag you”.

Adjust the visibility your way

Adjust the visibility your way

Another interesting parameter that you can configure in Twitter for better privacy, it’s all about visibility. This being, a functionality that allows you to set whether you want other users to locate your account on the social network via your phone number or your email address.

So, to optimize this, it is recommended to carry out the following procedure:

  • When you log into your Twitter account, click on “More options” and choose “Settings and privacy”.
  • Then, In the new section of the platform, you have to click on the option “Privacy & Security”.
  • After that, head to the bottom and click on “Visibility and contacts” of the section that has the same name.
  • Then in section Visibility, proceed to uncheck the options that indicate “Allow people who have your email address to find you on Twitter” Y “Allow people who have your phone number to find you on Twitter”.

That way, you will prevent discover your Twitter account from other personal data, such as your email address and your personal phone number. Which minimizes your vulnerability to possible attacks, threats or risks.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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