Configure VPN on Smart TV  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Connect a VPN to our SmartTV it is practically having the key to any audiovisual content platform that we want to see, no matter where in the world the server is located.

That is to say, when we configure a virtual private network on our smart TV, our public IP is encrypted so our device loses its geolocation, becoming invisible. In this way we can access audiovisual content as if our SmartTV were in that geographical area.

In this article we will demonstrate what a VPN for SmartTV is about, we will show you the advantages of creating a virtual private network for this type of device. We will also choose the best applications so that you can download and thus enjoy our television to the fullest.

What are the benefits of using a VPN with my SmartTV?

What are the benefits of using a VPN with my SmartTV

VPN for SmartTV is a technological tool that we use for our televisions with which we can connect directly to the server of the website we want to see, avoiding the public IP that is generally assigned by our Internet operator.

In this way, when using virtual private network for SmartTV we begin to obtain benefits. They are:

  • By connecting directly to the server, we can avoid the geolocation of our deviceTherefore, we are able to directly view audiovisual content from other countries as if our SmartTV were in that geographical area.
  • That is, if we needed see for example Netflix from the United StatesWe could access this platform without any problem and see all the special programs that exist in that country. The same would not happen if we did not have a virtual private network activated, since when entering the platform through our Smart we entered Netflix from Spain by default.
  • When we watch secure channels we can maximize our internet quality since the coding of the data (as well as the decoding), the security verification of the same and the virtual private network could be coordinated.
  • If we need to watch unsecured channels we can do it without any problemSince the VPN network will keep us hidden and not show our IP. We can do this without changing the configuration because there are virtual private network tools with hybrid method DNS tools.
  • When we are abroad we can calmly see channels of Spain as if we were in our national territory.
  • When installing a VPN router on our SmartTV we can have a gain for all devices that can be connected to it thus avoiding a virtual router.
  • Setting up a VPN, it depends on which path we take, it is relatively simple and you have to do it only once, every time we exit or turn off the virtual network, it will not be necessary to reconfigure the network.
  • This network, by keeping us hidden with our IP, will allow us to have our security protected, as well as our audiovisual device possible hacker attacks.

Steps to set up a VPN on my smart TV fast and easy

There is a way to configure a virtual network privately through advanced technical knowledge, but since we do not want to become experts in these matters, we will not focus on this path.

To configure a private virtual network on our smart TV we can use a third-party application called “Shellfire Box VPN Router”, we can buy one for a small price directly from your website

Shellfire Box for VPN

To install this this application we will perform these steps:

  • We connect the device called “Shellfire Box” with power cord.
  • Next, we connect this equipment with our router through a network wire.
  • Right now a VPN network will be created.
  • Then we connect our television smart to this new shellfire net wirelessly.

In this way our television will always be with a VPN connection. When we need to get out of this secure virtual network, we go back to the old home network.

List of the best virtual private networks to use on a SmartTV

List of the best virtual private networks to use on a SmartTV

According to everything we have talked about, especially the benefits of creating a private virtual network on our SmartTV, we are in a position to recommend the best virtual networks for our device.

These are:

This virtual private network has encryption protocols and offers speeds that are extremely impressive, in addition to a worldwide network that has more than 1500 servers that are distributed in more than 95 countries. Use the protocol 256-bit Open VPN. The only records kept by these servers are the dates on which we connect. Thanks to this tool, we can navigate hidden and see platforms as if we were in other countries.

It has a traffic encryption that works through the 2,048-bit DH and 256-bit AES keys. It offers us a DNS protection, which is done automatically. It has more than 1190 servers that are in more than 61 countries. Works perfectly with Netflix, BBC and iPlayer.

We can also see HBO, which we will talk about in the following paragraphs to see what is the minimum speed required for these platforms to work. It allows us to be in incognito mode for those pages that are not secure and permanently controlling the encryption of data packages.

Have a security and privacy log very interesting, in addition to not keeping the data of its users on the servers. They use a protocol with a 256-bit encryption and has SHA512 authentication and the DHE-RSA key exchange is 2048 bits.

It offers us a switch that allows the VPN network to be turned off in the event that it is disconnected unexpectedly. It has more than 840 servers that are spread over more than 50 countries. Thanks to the number of servers, our device can connect without any problems in different countries.

Many say they offer the best encryption protocols in the world. It offers us a free 3-day trial, has more than 700 servers that are distributed all over the world. The only thing that stores the user’s data is the source IP and the IP network used by the VPN.

They use the protocol Open VPN with AES encryption, which is 256 bits and the keys are RSA d2058 bits and the authentication comes from SHA256. We can surf safely and it offers us a VPN network for our other devices that can connect to the wireless network.

This is a virtual private network that has just hit the market and surprised many people. It has guides that explain how to use this tool to make the most of its potential. Thanks to the good comments from users, we can trust our security and privacy in this tool. It has a simple configuration, which allows to have a dual alternative for those sites that present danger or we do not know their origin.

Can my internet speed lower if I use a VPN on TV?

Can my internet speed lower if I use a VPN on TV?

As we mentioned earlier internet speed can be maximized if we can sync the codification of the data with the encryption and in turn with the virtual private network. This happens only for them to secure platforms or websites.

When we try to browse sites that don’t have the trust of the VPN router Internet speed decreases between 20% and 25% because the encryption and verification process has an additional load on available resources.

If we were to talk about one ideal speed To be able to watch streaming content on Netflix platforms, for example, we will need between 3 Mbps and 4 Mbps.

If our audiovisual content is live, such as the box shows that HBO broadcasts on a Sunday morning, our minimum Internet speed will have to be 3 Mbps for an SD transmission or from 5 Mbps if we want watch in HD quality.

To see a sport show or of any kind live and in ultra HD quality, we will need 25 Mbps, according to the estimates of Internet service providers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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