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Today, Internet connection is practically essential to perform different tasks that simplify the development of the daily life of human beings. Taking into account that, the most important thing in any case, is that said Internet connection be as fluid as possible in order to have a really effective and quality browsing experience.

That is why users are constantly interested in looking for certain solutions and alternatives through which they can acquire a faster Internet for use through your computer. Which is stated by Windows 7 users that choose to perform a WiFi network setup in order to optimize your network connection and prevent it from being slow.

Now for sure, you’re wondering how you can make this configuration based on a WiFi network to get a faster Internet on your Windows 7 PC. This is why, below, we show you what you have to do to make this setting and, in addition, we will provide you some recommendations to improve the speed of your WiFi signal in W7.

Learn step by step how to configure the WiFi options in Windows 7 so that the Internet is faster

Luckily, Windows 7 users have the ability to increase the speed of your Internet by WiFi network to navigate faster and perform your tasks in the online world more efficiently. Which must be done by setting the percentage of connection bandwidth that the system can reserve to 0, basically.

Next, we show you the steps to follow to accelerate the speed of your Internet:

Learn step by step how to configure the WiFi options in Windows 7 so that the Internet is faster

  • First of all, open Run on your PC and proceed to enter the following term “gpedit.msc” in order to press the key Enter.
  • Once the indicated window opens, it is time to click on “Computer Configuration”.
  • After that, in the options that are displayed, you have to click on “Administrative Templates”.
  • Now, go to the folder “Net” and click on it, for later select the option called “QoS Packet Scheduler”.
  • Once this is done, a new window will open and in this window, you must double click on “Limit reservable bandwidth”.
  • Followed by it, check the “Enabled” box and directly in the drop-down menu that indicates “Bandwidth limit (%)”, it’s time to place your value at 0 (zero).
  • Finally, just subtract click on the “Apply” button and then save the changes by clicking on “To accept”.

Additionally, it is also recommended change DNS with a specific IP in order to gain a few megabytes of speed and thus have a more dizzying Internet in W7.

In this case, the procedure consists of modifying the DNS to by doing the following:

Learn step by step how to configure the WiFi options in Windows 7 so that the Internet is faster

  • Accede to Start pressing the corresponding button and enter the Windows 7 Control Panel.
  • Later, click on “Network and Sharing Center” for there, select the option that says “Wireless network connection”.
  • Then a window will open and in it, you have to click on “Properties”.
  • Now, in the next box several options will appear, but in this case you have to choose “Internet Protocol (TCP / IPv4)” and there, click on “Properties”.
  • Finally, it is time to set the value “” both in the box that says “Preferred DNS server” as also in “Alternate DNS server”. To proceed to press the button “To accept” and save the changes.

As if that were not enough, you can also optimize fast browsers directly from your W7, beginning with Internet explorer.

This, you can do it from the Control Panel as follows:

Learn step by step how to configure the WiFi options in Windows 7 so that the Internet is faster

  • When you enter the Control Panel, select “Networks and Internet” to there press on “Internet Options”.
  • Once the window opens with the different options available, you have to click on the “Content” tab.
  • Later, at the bottom, proceed to uncheck the “Fonts and Web Slices” box through your settings, to click “To accept” and being able to gain speed in your web browser.

Tips to improve the speed of your WiFi signal in Windows 7 and have a better Internet

Tips to improve the speed of your WiFi signal in Windows 7 and have a better Internet

In addition to the configurations indicated above to optimize your Internet in order to reach a higher speed in W7, it is also essential that you take into account certain tips that will help you improve the speed of your WiFi signal to acquire an excellent connection to the network.

Therefore, below, you will find 5 essential recommendations to achieve it:

Use a trained router

For sure, the router is the most relevant element of a WiFi connection and, therefore, the speed of the Internet and its signal will depend on it to a great extent. Therefore, it is recommended purchase a router model with optimal capabilities by means of which it guarantees its correct operation and prevents it from slowing down said connection.

In this case, it is not advisable to settle for the different types of routers that Internet companies usually provide, since they are the most common and on many occasions, they usually limit the acceleration of your Internet. Rather, look for other solutions that, although they are not so expensive, have good performance and deliver the right power.

Find the right channel to improve WiFi

In addition to focusing on router performance, it is also effective get the right channel for this to optimize the operation of the WiFi network. Since, by default, the WiFi channel is one of the factors that can affect the signal the most and as a consequence, it causes interference easily.

Therefore, we advise you to switch between the different channels that your WiFi contains until you find one with less interference. Assessing that, with some programs, it is easier to check the decibels of the signal in order to specify which channel is the most appropriate while you make the changes.

Select an optimal internet browser

To have a browsing experience that exhibits good speed, it is also advisable to use an Internet browser that have the ability to load the pages and the different elements with total efficiency. Taking into account that, this is the main interface to access the network and test your Internet by WiFi.

Now, as a recommendation, it is worth trying the following web browsers so that you can verify which one meets your requirements and, ultimately, you like more:

  • Google Chrome: It is one of the most used worldwide and is distinguished as the browser that manages to open web pages more quickly.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Provides great management in reference to the consumption of RAM and CPU, so it reveals relevant operation on PC with W7.
  • Microsoft Edge: It has been classified as a program that manages to open quickly to start the browsing experience. Hence, it is one of the most optimized for WiFi connections.
  • Opera: It fulfills its function very well and therefore is capable of open pages quickly.

Avoid elements that block the WiFi signal

Commonly, routers do not perform well because they are far from the PC and in such a distance, there are more chances that certain obstacles will interfere and block the signal.

Therefore, to avoid this, we recommend that you follow the following indications in order to acquire a more appropriate coverage:

  • Don’t place the router behind metal surfaces or panels. Since, automatically, these elements will restrict much of the signal.
  • Choose place the router in an elevated area and with an appropriate distance from the ground, in order to avoid further obstacles.
  • Try move this device away from microwaves, cordless phones, and areas with many wires or halogen bulbs so there is no interference with each other.
  • Don’t install the router inside a covered shelf or drawer, because that way the signal can be blocked.

Update the firmware of the WiFi router

To conclude with these recommendations, we highlight that firmware updates They are very useful to improve the characteristics that the router has by nature. Since, the new firmwares have optimizations at the security level, bug fixes and at all levels.

Although new routers usually have automatic updates without user intervention, the truth is that there are other models that they don’t update that way. Therefore, in these cases, it is advisable to access the manufacturer’s website to search and locate the latest firmware version for your router model and thus, be able to manage this process. Which will help you improve the speed of your Internet in W7, as well as other parameters.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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