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Surely it ever happened to us that we have contracted an Internet service pack and the provider sent us by mail a modem with different cables, connectors and indications in different languages ​​to install it. we don’t even know how to read them.

When we open the box to start the configuration we do not understand where to start, much less how to do it. Also, we know that people like to crack the WiFi passwords of others, which is why our concerns are increasing.

Next, we will explain everything you need to know about the configuration of WiFi networkWe will also teach you how you should work to obtain impenetrable access to our modem and thus avoid the decrease in Internet speed.

Where can I configure my wireless network to customize it to my liking?

Where can I configure my wireless network to customize it to my liking

A wireless network is the set of devices, called nodes, that connect to it through electromagnetic waves, which are sent and received through ports that decipher these waves to perform a certain action.

To be able to configure a wireless network we need a router, which will be connected via cable (either fiber optic or ADSL) to the Internet network, and a computer (in this case it will work as a receiving device) It has a network card connected to be able to capture the WiFi signal.

Once we have the router and the computer working and connected to each other, we can enter the modem through our PC and start with the configuration to increase security according to our needs.

The most recommended is always to set new SSIDs and passwords, beyond changing other parameters that will further increase the verification process for access to the gateway.

Steps to configure a WiFi network from scratch to be fast, secure and efficient

Steps to configure a WiFi network from scratch to be fast, secure and efficient

Once we have acquired a modem, either privately or because our Internet provider gives it to us with the service package we have contracted, it is necessary to configure it in order to have a connection that is fast, efficient and also safe.

We have to remember that these routers come with factory default configurations in which the access password is publicly known by the manufacturer.

This point is a weak factor for our security since there are apps that have different PINES among their databases that can quickly access the modem.

This is why we recommend configuring our WiFi network every time we buy and install a new router.

The steps that we will have to carry out to be able to configure a WiFi network in our house are the following:

Connect the router

The first thing we will have to do is connect each of the cables in their respective inputs or ports that are on the back of the router. We will not have problems with this, because they come in different colors and shapes and the instructions that are engraved on the router are very easy to understand.

Once we have done this we turn it on and check that it works correctly by turning on different pilot lights.

Enter the control panel

Once we have verified that the router is correctly installed we must go to our computer and from there follow the following steps:

  • We enter the browser and write the following IP in the address bar “”
  • Once we have entered the router configuration, what we will have to do is write the username and password that our Internet provider provides us. Generally, depending on the device, the default user is “Admin” and the default password is “1234” or “Admin”.
  • When we access we will have a control panel on the left side of our screen

If we have questions about the default username or password, we will have to contact the service provider, or search the official website of the router brand for this information.

Change SSID and password

When we are in the control panel the first thing we are going to do is change the SSID and password. Depending on the brand of router, it will depend on where this option is located in the task menu.

SSID is the name that the WiFi network will have and that will be publicly known. The password will be the one that we will put as the access key to be able to enter our wireless network.

We will follow these instructions:

  • We look for the option “Wireless”
  • We choose “Security”
  • We will write in the SSID field the name of our wireless network
  • We will choose the password
  • We tighten “To accept”

It may happen at this time that our computer is disconnected from the network since we have produced changes. If this happens we will have to enter again with the modified data.

Change channel

When our network does not have good signal stability, probably many nearby networks are transmitting on the same channel.

For this, we can solve the stability with the following indications:

  • We enter the menu to “Network”
  • We choose the network we want to modify WLAN
  • We look for the option “BASIC”
  • We select “Channel”
  • We choose a channel
  • We click on “To accept”

Change DNS

Change DNS

The routers have built-in DHCP servers, which serve to identify an IP address and generate some additional parameters such as the network mask, the gateway or gateway, and also allows the configuration of the DNS servers of the devices that connect wirelessly with the router equipment.

It should be clarified that not all routers allow changing the DNS, for those that can be changed we will follow these steps:

  • We enter the control panel
  • We seek “Network”
  • We select “DHCP server”
  • We choose a primary and secondary DNS
  • We click on “To accept”

Enable MAC filter

The direction MAC is a 12 digit number It is assigned to the interface of the network card that the devices that connect to the wireless network have.

If we activate this option, what we are doing is telling the router that certain devices can only be connected, if any other equipment that is not on that list wants to enter, you will not be able to access thanks to the MAC filter.

To change the MAC address we will have to follow these steps:

  • We start the control panel
  • We select “Wireless”
  • We look for the option “MAC filters”
  • We select “Deny”
  • We wrote the MAC address of each device that can be connected
  • We tighten “To accept” for each of the teams

Is it possible to detect if my Internet connection is being stolen from my WiFi network?

It is possible to detect if my Internet connection is being stolen from my WiFi network

When our Internet connection works slow and we have already verified that our devices that connect to the WiFi network do so correctly.

In addition, we have verified that the wired connections to the router and its configuration are correct, the only thing left to see is if intruders are stealing our WiFi signal.

For this we can check it with these methods:

From the router

We can check if they decrypted our access key to the WiFi network through the router by following this procedure:

  • We disconnect all the devices that are in our house and that have access to the WiFi network.
  • Once we have disabled the WiFi connection between the computers authorized to connect, we will go to the router and check if there are lights that are intermittently, especially the Internet connection.
  • If this happens, it is because there are devices on our network. If the result is negative in the first place, we can check it at different times, especially when we realize that the Internet speed decreases.

Another way to check if your Internet connection is being stolen is by checking the IP addresses that connected to the router.

In order to verify, we will perform these step by step:

  • We enter the browser and write “”
  • In this way we enter the router and write the username and password
  • We choose in the control panel located on the left, the option of connected devices
  • We study the list and control it with the IP addresses of our devices and we will find out if there is any stranger that may belong to an intruder

A third method to verify is also controlling all the configurations that we have assigned in the router.

That is, if we have an open network connection, an access password assigned by the manufacturer by default or we have disabled MAC filters.

To achieve this, we will enter the router from our computer, and if we find some of these poorly configured weak points, it is very likely that they are using our Internet connection without our authorization.

With an external program

There are different apps that allow us to verify if strangers connect to our WiFi network. We can do it from our computer or also from our mobile device. All we need is to be connected to the network that we will analyze.

Next, we will take the “Fing” application for Android as an example and we will show you the steps to follow:

  • We open the application
  • We choose the name of the WiFi network at the top
  • We select “Devices”, located in the lower left margin
  • A list will not appear with all the devices currently connected
  • We choose some that seem strange to us and we will obtain different data such as the IP address, the MAC address, the provider of this address and the operating system in case of being a mobile device

To delete some of them we simply select it and block it, in this way it will no longer be able to connect with the data with which it entered improperly.

Online pages

While this is not a method to determine if our Internet signal is being stolen, but It will help us to verify the speed we have and thus be able to establish if it is a problem with the router or directly with the device with which we connect to the wireless network.

There are different websites where we can control our Internet speed and compare it with that offered by the service provider. We we recommend our speed test.

If we find that the speed is lower we have two options, one is to call the Internet provider and find out the reasons for the low speed.

The second way is to enter through the two steps that we mentioned above, through the router with external programs.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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