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As we well know, mobile phones have become powerful multimedia centers fully capable of playing various content in image and sound formats, surfing the web and accessing thousands of online entertainment services. And the fact is that a large part, if not all the multimedia content that we view daily, we do so through these personal devices. However, Modern televisions have also made significant progress in providing digital content Y adopt new technologies.

That is why it is preferable to enjoy this content on large screens. Given that the reduced screens of smartphones, can make this experience difficult, since will not be carried out with the highest audiovisual quality. With what arises the need and interest for connect them to other screens of more inches, and luckily, there is the possibility of share content from an Android mobile phone to a TV. Taking into account different ways of doing it, in which some may be more interesting and accessible to you than others.

Indeed, you can watch movies on a TV downloaded from Google Play Store very easily. Like playing on bigger screens, enjoy videos with better resolution Y also from photos. So next we will teach you how to pair both devices and the different possibilities that you have at your hand, regardless of whether it is a conventional TV or a Smart TV; thanks to the simplification that technology has provided us for some years.

Steps to connect an Android cell phone or smartphone to the TV

It is worth noting that Smart TV makes the task of connecting the Smartphone much easier to your TV. And as it happens almost always, the first connections between telephones and televisions could be carried out thanks to the use of cables that transmit the video signal, in which HDMI stands out.

Although there is also the possibility of doing it without this type of cable or, by Wi-Fi medium which has notably transformed the new technological implementations, being less complicated to share the signal or multimedia files of the mobile using the own local or individual network of each terminal. Highlighting in sum that this connection can also be concluded via USB.



It is one of the simplest alternatives to manage to connect the mobile with the television. Here are the detailed steps to do it by USB:

  • First of all, what you should do is Google the complete characteristics of your device and in the connectivity section, see if said device supports MHL. It is important to note that currently, almost all mobile phones have it, so the result must be positive. In addition to this, it is worth noting that this function It is the one that supports the connection of mobile devices to high definition TV with HDMI interface.
  • Then you have to check if you TV has an HDMI port that supports MHLas only some models have this function. So it might be that your TV doesn’t support it, otherwise, nothing happens.
  • In case it supports MHL, you must have or buy a converter cable between micro USB and HDMI. Now if your television does not support MHL then you have to buy a bridge cable or adapter between micro USB MHL and normal HDMI.
  • Finally, you only have connect the micro USB bar to the smartphone and the HDMI side to the TV. Thus, automatically, you will see your cell phone screen on the television. So it is an extremely easy process.

By Wi-Fi

By Wi-Fi

To be able to perform this action through the wireless signal, it is required that your TV has access to Wi-Fi. In general, Smart TVs usually have this integrated system. Further, your phone must allow this option via Miracast or a similar technology.

Now, to know if your device has this function, slide the top notification bar and enter the quick accessories menu. There, look for the option that says “Wireless display“,”Multiple screen”Or a similar name. If you find it, if you can make this type of connection.

By Wi-Fi

Then do the following step by step:

  • With the source of your television, which is the button “Source“Or arrow and square symbol, also choose the option of wireless display.
  • After, launch multiple screen option on your cell phone. When you are inside, your device will start looking for others that are connected to the Wi-Fi network through this function. So, select the TV you have connected to the network.
  • After both devices are recognized, you can see on your TV screen what is observed on your smartphone.

Using an HDMI cable

Using an HDMI cable

It is presumed to be one of the easiest and most direct options to link the phone to the TV and it is done via a cable connected to one of the HDMI ports of the latter. Perhaps you are wondering how you can do it if your Smartphone does not have an HDMI socket, but this is not a problem, since a mobile with this type of serial outputs is not usual.

However, the alternative of get some kind of external adapter. Although the most common is that the smartphones that have hit the market in recent years, have a port compatible with the MHL standard. This is a type of connection that can Stream uncompressed 1080p quality videos. In addition, it allows to recharge the connected terminal providing 5 volts and 500 mA at the same time as video and audio transmission. Like using the TV remote control to control device functions.

Thus, you should only plug the cord into the phone and into the TV, into an MHL-compatible port. Too you must activate the external display option in the terminal, also choosing the corresponding video input on the TV, in case it is not activated automatically. It is essential that you make sure that the mobile is compatible and in the same way, make use of a quality cable to avoid future interference problems and cuts in sound or image.

The only disadvantage of this option is that when using this cable, you are limited by its length and most likely you have to be getting up to do anything.

No HDMI cable

However, if you want to connect the mobile with the TV but without an HDMI cable, the option we give you is through some applications that allow to carry out this procedure. Since they provide total ease to connect the phone screen with the TV screen automatically. Usually these applications They are related to video and image, like YouTube or the image gallery.

Well, one of the most recommended applications is iMediaShare that you allows you to play videos and photos instantly on the TV screen.

No HDMI cable

Regarding its operation, within this type of applications you will find a button at the top right hand, where they appear two screens connecting a screen and a Wi-Fi signal. When you click on it, right away will recognize the Smart TV nearby Y will connect at once.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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