Connect to the Internet in Windows 7  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

For connect to an Internet network from your W7 computer You will need to know the step by step that we will show you in this article so that you do not make mistakes and do not die trying.

You can do this without any inconvenience when you read to the end of this article. We will show you how to connect via Ethernet, WiFi and through Bluetooth technology.

Pay attention to every detail, since you will also be able to know what the Top Internet Security Risks and How to Avoid Them. Don’t miss out on anything and become a true expert.

Learn step by step how to connect to an Internet network from your Windows 7 PC

A computer network is a set of devices that interact with each other to exchange information and share resources. That is, when you you connect via WiFi to the internet what you are doing is linking your computer with the router, thus forming a home network (your PC and the router). This means that, if you connect to the Internet you will be forming a much larger network with your device.

Since the web is a set of servers in which the portals are housed and which you will access through the router, which is part of your private network. But not only can you connect via WiFi to the router, you also have the option of doing it via Ethernet cable or through Bluetooth technology. So we will show you below the step by step you must do to join an Internet network in each method.

Let’s get started:

By Ethernet

By Ethernet

Ethernet is a standardized technology used to create a local network through a twisted pair cable that plugs into a port bearing the same name.

See the steps that are necessary to connect to the Internet:

  • The first thing you should do is buy a cable that is long enough to link to your computer Windows 7 with the router. For this you must plan where you can pass the cable without being disturbed by the future. Don’t forget to tell your salesperson to connect the two RJ-45 jacks to each end.
  • Then, you must connect the cable to your computer and to the router. On both devices you will find the Ethernet port on the back.
  • Go to the lower right sector of your screen, on the Taskbar. Find the function Network and Internet and click on it, this will make you see a window in which you must choose the name of the network to which you have just connected.
  • Write the password to access the router and in this way you will already be enabled to surf the Internet.

By WiFi

The steps to connect to the Internet via WiFi They are much simpler than what you should do when using cables, this is because you will not need any previous installation. For this reason you will have to go to the Taskbar and find the function Network and Internet, represented by the WiFi icon. Then, you will have to click on the name of the network to which you want to connect and then write the access code to browse the web.

By Bluetooth

By Bluetooth

The first thing you should do is activate Bluetooth on the router and then on your computer.

To do this, you must follow these steps:

  • Look for the Bluetooth activation button on the router or on the device that you want to act as an access point, for example, a mobile with an operating system Android.
  • On your computer go to Start and then click on Control Panel.
  • Select option Set up or change your Internet connection.
  • Go to the tab Connections and then click on the button Set up.
  • Then choose Set up dial-up connection.
  • Wait a few seconds and click Standard modem via Bluetooth.
  • In the countryside Phone number writes * 99 #, while in the username enter Web.
  • Choose a name for your connection, click on Next and complete the wizard steps.
  • To finish with the task, go to Start, select the option Connect ay choose the Bluetooth connection.

What are the main Internet security risks and how to avoid them

When you connect to the web you should take into account some tips to avoid exposing your private data and confidential information that you save on your computer. We will show you below the best tips to avoid the main risks security on the Internet.

Check out:

Malware installation

Malware installation

Malware is a set of harmful programs that are created for the benefit of the developer. I know find viruses, computer worms, spy files and adware, among many others. The main characteristic that these programs have is that they need to be installed on the victim’s computer without her realizing it.

For it they use different media such as emails, misleading advertisements and fraudulent activities such as phone calls. To avoid installing any of these harmful programs the installation of an antivirus is recommended. This will help you to immediately detect any threat you may have when you are browsing the Internet. There are many antivirus that you can download, we recommend Avast, AVG Y Panda Security.

Being a victim of phishing

Phishing is a criminal activity that consists of disguising a fraudulent web page with a graphical interface similar to that of an original site. For example, developers create the same visual content as a page of a bank in which the victim has their private data.

Without the user noticing, he enters the fake website and enter all your credentials that are stolen to later be used on the bank’s legal page. This activity is frequent and so that you do not fall into this trap it is necessary that you always see the address Url from the browser, which must start with the HTTPS protocol and then with him name of the bank and not with a similar name. If you have any questions, stop immediately and do not enter any account number or password.

WiFi network intervened

If you connect to the Internet through your home WiFi network, you must bear in mind that only the devices authorized by you are on it. This, Beyond that it will increase the browsing speed, it will also prevent any intruder from accessing the network of computers and find private data that could be beneficial to them.

For this reason it is convenient that you strengthen your WiFi signal by changing some settings. For example, you will have to constantly modify the access password, you will also have to vary the security level bringing it to WPA2, include filters for addresses MAC and, if possible, make the signal invisible to third parties.

Invasive advertising

One of the most important problems when you surf the Internet is the appearance of banners or commercial advertising boxes, which not only disturb reading, but you can also click in the wrong place and download programs that can be dangerous for your safety.

Avoiding abusive advertising is easy, as you must download an adblocker program they block all ads automatically. You can install these software through extensions of your browser, for example if you use Chrome you must enter the webstore and then look for the addon that fulfills this function.



Cyberbullying is a very delicate technique that can affect any user, especially minors. The threats that are received, generally, are developed in areas of social networks. For this reason, it is convenient not paying attention to trolls or replying to inappropriate messages so as not to fall into the deception of being psychologically subject to the power of a person.

If you are being the victim of a similar situation, it is necessary that you urgently notify the police authorities to investigate the origin of cyberbullying. In addition, if you believe it appropriate, you must also file your complaint with the courts so that the courts in charge can carry out the necessary legal operations. Sexting, grooming, cyber addiction and identity theft They are also activities that you should take into account as an imminent risk that you run when you browse the Internet.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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