Connect to WiFi in Windows 8  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Although Windows 10 It is the most widely used operating system today, when it comes to a PC, the truth is that many users continue to use Windows 8 as their OS. Since, the latter provides a more efficient operation of the system regardless of hardware performance, it also has compatibility with external devices and includes its own antimalware program.

In addition to it, W8 everything is completely customizable, it also offers a faster startup and shutdown compared to previous operating systems and inclusive, provides a fast internet connection. Which is essential for all those people who are less familiar with the online environment.

As a consequence, it is important to explain each of the steps that must be followed so that you can connect to a WiFi network from your Windows 8 PC, without any error. Thus, in this post, we will explain the process to execute for it and, additionally, we will specify the biggest risks of using public WiFi networks to avoid being a victim of a cybercriminal.

Learn step by step how to connect to a WiFi network in Windows 8

Like all computers, a Pc that operates low Windows 8, it also has the possibility of connecting to the network through a connection Ethernet (cable or modem) and through recognized networks Wifi. However, at present, WiFi network connections are more used.

Therefore, we will focus on explaining the steps to follow to connect your W8 equipment to a network of this type:

  • Located on your computer, to get started, access the “Access Bar” either via active corners, unfolding it or using the keyboard shortcut “Win + C”. For there, select the option “Configuration”.
  • Then, at the bottom of the bar in question, you can see several icons and between them, press on the one shaped like a ladder. Which corresponds to the Internet connection.

Learn step by step how to connect to a WiFi network in Windows 8

  • Subsequently, a list will be displayed containing all the connections Wifi available at that time. Thus, you will have to click on the one you want to link to your Windows 8 PC.
  • Now, the system will ask you to confirm the connection and, as a consequence, you must press the button that indicates “Connect”. In addition, from this point, you can also establish the corresponding configuration so that your computer connects to the same network whenever it is available, just by clicking on “Connect automatically”.

Learn step by step how to connect to a WiFi network in Windows 8

  • Then a small window will appear in which you will have to enter the security password of the network you have chosen. Thus, write the password in the space provided and click on “Next”. After a few seconds, your PC will already be connected to the Internet by Wifi.

Learn step by step how to connect to a WiFi network in Windows 8

Beware of free networks! The risks of using public WiFi networks

Beware of free networks! The risks of using public WiFi networks

For no one is a secret that, the arrival of the famous WiFi to public places, managed to mark a before and after in the daily lives of Internet users worldwide. Since, this fact has allowed them to enjoy the Internet service in a free and easy way, anywhere. However, such users usually do not focus on evaluating the safety of doing so.

Thus, for ease, economy or for any reason, most people choose to connect to public WiFi networks, when available, without taking into account the large number of risks in it. Therefore, it is extremely important to avoid this type of Internet connection or, failing that, be very careful when linking to them.

So, so that you are more aware of it, we think it appropriate to mention the main dangers of using public WiFi networks from your PC, below:

Theft of personal data and confidential information

In general terms, the networks Free WiFi they are not safe enough, in any sense. So, if you choose to use them, all the data you have saved on your computer will be exposed to theft, immediately. Whether it’s personal basics, confidential files or credentials with passwords.

This because of, Cybercriminals take advantage of the scarcity of security mechanisms typical of a public WiFi network to intercept traffic through an attack that is known as “Man in the Middle”. Which simplifies the theft of confidential information and / or the hijacking of user sessions.

Usurpation of bank information

Since, through free WiFi connections, the hacker manages to position himself between the user and the connection point, said criminal will obtain access to all the information that you send through the Internet. As a result, if you log into your bank accounts, make online transfers or make online purchases, the cybercriminal will take data corresponding to your bank accounts or credit cards.

Thus, it is likely that be a victim of a cyber scam, for the simple fact of having used a public internet connection. Thus affecting the integrity of your bank accounts and with which, the hacker will be able to access said services at will. without any limitation, just as if he owned it.

Malware distribution

While it is true, malware or malicious software corresponds to a broad term that refers to any dangerous code that causes harm to systems and their users. Which, in general, tries to invade and disable computers, computer systems and networks to take control of the operations carried out there.

As a consequence, the networks Wifi public They are also dangerous because they accept that cybercriminals infiltrate them as malware. This, with the aim of influencing the team and spying on all the movements that are made there to have the power to steal information and threaten the user, depending on the malware accessed from the network.

Router compromised

Another danger existing around connections to a free WiFi network from your Pc, lies in a vulnerability that is caused to other linked devices, such as routers. Which, by modifying the default key, they become the gateway for a cyber criminal to access any computer connected to him, in order to monitor the user’s movements and steal their personal, confidential and / or banking data.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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