Connect Xbox One to the Internet  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The Xbox has been one of the most respected consoles over the years due to its strong evolution, and although it is true that we can enjoy excellent video games without the need to be connected to the web, well it is worth knowing how to link to the Internet.

In Internet This console presents a very complete service with many functions that you should not miss, to improve your experience in your entertainment.

That is why we will teach you step by step how to make the Xbox One connection in this article.

What are the benefits of connecting your Xbox One to the Internet?

Xbox One It is one of the latest installments of Microsoft in terms of game consoles, in which a large number of immersive plots can be developed with the best games of the eighth generation of consoles.

But, leaving aside the individual gameplay, the main reason and benefit why it is necessary to connect your Xbox One to the web, is because With this function you can enjoy the wonders of playing online with it.

In addition, there are a large number of video game packages that generally tend to weigh a lot, and that that is why they are hosted on their web servers, therefore, to access this content it is necessary to have an Internet connection on the device.

Finally, we can highlight that with a link to the network in your Microsoft console, you will have access to the Xbox live network, whose service will give you great features that we will mention later.

What should I consider before connecting my Xbox to the Internet?

We will now highlight some of the most important aspects to consider, when opting for an Internet service for the video game device.

Type of connection to use

The first consideration to take is the type of connection that we are going to require, in which case it boils down to a wireless or wired connection. This point gives rise to the next two that we will be mentioning.

Console and Internet Server Location

The location of the console and the server or Internet provider device, It may vary depending on whether we are connecting through an Ethernet cable or a WiFi router.

As it wouldn’t make much sense to place the router too far from the console in the house where we are installing this equipment. In the same way, we must take into account the length of the cable that we would be using, in the case of a wired web connection.

Frequency of use for online games

The nature of the connection we choose to use may define a lot the frequency with which we can enjoy a good game online with the Xbox one.

Wired connection is the most recommended for more frequent uses, this because it has lower latencies and interference, and also for speed reasons. Unlike the connection with WiFi, Although it is also fast, it can be affected by external factors. Even so, it is very comfortable and versatile when installing.

If you want to know the average speed with which we can enjoy excellent gameplay on the web with the Microsoft device, we will get to know it later.

Steps to connect your Xbox to the Internet via cable or WiFi fast and easy

Next we will see how to carry out the process of connecting the Internet to our Xbox One, according to the type of connection we have.

By cable

The procedure to carry out to connect to the network through a cable is very simple, since it does not require any extra configuration. It is enough to have a long cable that connects to the Lan ports of the Internet provider router, and to the video game console.

Immediately when we start the session we should already have access to the web and we can link to Xbox Live.

By Wi-Fi

In order to connect the Xbox with Wi-Fi, the first thing we must do is enter the “Network Configuration”. But, To get there we must first do the following:

  • Push the button “Xbox”. According to the manual, it is number 5 located in the upper central part of the control.

Xbox button

  • In the menu that appears choose “Setting” and subsequently “All configuration”.
  • Then enter “Net” and finally in “Network Configuration”.
  • After following the previous steps you just have to choose the option “Configure wireless network”, or in English “Set up wireless network”.

set up wireless connection

  • In the next tab you must select the home network and put the password to start enjoying Xbox One online services.

In the event that something unforeseen arises with the connection, you must click on “Advanced options” to do the process manually:

  • In the section of “Specify network not indicated” and in the blank box write the name of the network.
  • After choose the type of security according to the original network of the house.
  • In the tab “Basic configuration” choose the “Wireless mode”.

With this we can integrate the wireless network to our device, in case the problem persists we must use the function “Detect networks”, which is also located in the advanced options. It will only be necessary to fill in the same parameters mentioned.

What is Xbox Live and what can you do with this Microsoft platform?

Xbox Live is the platform that presents all of Microsoft’s online services for its video game devices, with some free services and a few paid ones. It was released in 2002 and since then it has been responsible for supporting all multiplayer games on the Microsoft console.

Among the functions and benefits of Xbox Live we can highlight:

  • The ability to connect to online games in huge game rooms.
  • Being able to save the progress in the cloud of all the games and other things. In addition to being able to access this information anywhere with Internet access.
  • Keep track of most sports games on their respective channels ESPN, NBA MLB.TV, among other entertainment providers, such as Netflix or HBO.
  • Lets you take advantage of online bundle deals and download various video games from the cloud for free.
  • Streaming service for music with Xbox Music.
  • Browse the Internet on the big screen of your TV.

Among many other great functions, which will undoubtedly improve your experience in using it.

What is the ideal internet speed to play online with my Xbox?

The minimum recommended speed to enjoy quality service on Xbox Live with all its streaming functions, game rooms with online games, sports, series and music, it is 50 Mbps; at least to play online for a while and maybe with a little latency.

But despite this, you can have a good experience with this speed. If you really want excellence, you must have at least 200 Mbps service.

Regarding latency, which is measured in milliseconds, it needs to be a quantity less than 70 ms and up to 100 ms within the tolerable, and still with a bit of drop in transmission.

If you really want to measure how much is the upload and download speed of your navigation along with the latency pings, we recommend this excellent speed test.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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