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Instagram it is one of the social networks with the most users and growth in recent years. Millions of photos, comments and hearts pass through her at all times.

With so much traffic, it is common for problems to arise. Like platforms of equal size, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have a troubleshooting section.

But What happens when we can’t find the solution? Well, the best thing would be to get in touch in a more direct way. In this post, we will show you the easiest way to achieve it and thus obtain a more immediate response.

When and why is it necessary to contact Instagram directly?

As we mentioned at the beginning, this type of platform has a troubleshooting center, but far from being people attentive to your needs, is nothing more than information of the type “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ). In it you can find hundreds of titles ordered by categories where an attempt is made to solve common problems.

If your problem is not solved within that section, it is best that you contact the support team directly. Another common situation is when you have the blocked account. The site’s regulations are very clear. In addition to this, they are stricter than ever. If you have violated any of these indications and you cannot access your account, it is almost certain that they have blocked you. In this case, it is impossible to report a problem, at least From the phone.

What are the main means of contact for Instagram?

What are the main means of contact for Instagram?

In addition to the help center, Instagram offers different means of contact for those users who failed to solve their problems through the first step. However, you should not claim victory. Yes why response usually takes one or several weeks to arrive, depending on the medium.

But some are more effective than others, the main ones are:

  • By email.
  • By telephone.
  • And through other social networks.

Learn step by step how to contact Instagram and get them to respond

Learn step by step how to contact Instagram and get them to respond

Taking into account the above, We will show you how to communicate with the Instagram helpdesk efficiently.

No matter which one you choose, you should know that the best way is to do it in English and describe the situation as well as possible:


  • Enter your box of mail. It is recommended that it be the one you have associated with your profile.
  • Press the corresponding button to write a new email.
  • In the frame “For” or “To” put the address
  • In affair, summarizes to the maximum or title your problem.
  • At Body The post explains the situation without omitting any details. You can add screenshots.
  • Tap on “Send” or “Send”.


If your English skills are very good, you can choose one phone call. In addition to this, you must assume the expense of an international communication. The number is +1 650 543 4800. This option is perhaps the less recommended, since you may never be able to communicate.

How to influence

If you have more than ten thousand followers or do you handle the business account important, even if you are famous, we regret to tell you that you will receive the same treatment as users with zero followers. This can be somewhat annoying, as they are often in the look at cyber attacks.

This is because hackers they usually sell the accounts or monetize in your name. However, you can find in related groups, people who are dedicated to solving this type of situation outside of Instagram. So that we can’t recommend doing it.

By social networks

The good news we have for you is in turn the better way to communicate with technical support. It’s about the official social networks. We refer to the own Instagram, Facebook Y Twitter. The latter in particular it usually provides a shorter response time.

So it should be your main option:

  • Accede to “”
  • Follow them.
  • Press the button on.
  • Write your situation and press “Send”.

Why does Instagram usually ignore the messages and calls of its users?

Why does Instagram usually ignore the messages and calls of its users?

The main reason for this is the large number of users that contains the social network. In addition to the fact that many of the claims they make are false or even Spam. And we are not talking about any number, since on average more than 18 thousand claims a day, whose answer cannot be automatic, The second reason is that people with problems don’t usually look at the troubleshooting center first to send a message or call. So your requests are often overlooked.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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