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In general, it is considered Windows 10 one of Microsoft’s most stable operating systems. However, there is no bug-free software. If you have been a Windows user for a long time or have tried several of its versions, you will know that everyone has their faults.

Like the after sales service of a car, Microsoft has technical support and constant updates to cover possible defects in your products.

The errors that such software usually presents can have several reasons and they are not difficult to solve. However, not all of us have this knowledge and sometimes these failures can overcome us. That is why we will show you in this post how you should contact this service.

What kinds of problems can I fix with Microsoft technical support?

Some people say that there is nothing that a good restart or format can solve. However, any of these alternatives could mean losing valuable information and files. In this sense, requesting help from Microsoft’s technical team is a sensible alternative. This team can help you identify the problem and in most cases fix it. In addition, within this platform you will find answers and similar problems from other users.

Among these drawbacks, you can solve:

Software Problems

In the jargon they are also called “Bugs”. These may appear for a excessive consumption of resources physical by a program or several of them. They can also occur due to errors in your programming. The least mild are the famous blue screenshots, which will force you to restart your computer no possibility of saving jobs or advances.

Problem solving

There are three ways to access a wizard that will help you solve your problem. Online:

  • You can access the site and enter the bar “To look for help” the mistake you ran into.
  • As a result, you will go to a page where you will find information divided into three groups.
  • “Symptoms” where it should match your situation.
  • Cause” which explains the possible reasons for such an error and the most important “Solution”.
  • In the latter you will be guided Step by Step towards solving your problem.

The second option is to use the “Quick assistance”. What is used to share the equipment with a person outside our network (in the best style “Teamviewer”). Thanks to this remote assistance we can connect our team with a systems expert, private technician or a knowledgeable friend. In this way you can help us to correct the problem that has arisen. To access this application type in the main search bar “Remote assistance” and press the corresponding icon.

The last alternative is the assistant what comes included in Windows 10. To access follow these steps:

What kinds of problems can I fix with Microsoft technical support

  • Press the Windows key and type “Get help.”
  • A new window will open where a “Virtual agent” will help us find the solution.
  • To do this, describe in a few words the software problem you have suffered. For example “How do I pin something to the taskbar?”, the application will return a list of options.
  • Choose among them the one that corresponds to your problem. Do the same if they keep showing up, until you get to the specific topic.
  • The virtual assistant will offer you a solution that includes all steps and illustrative images.

Compatibility issues

It is usual that, with the release of new operating systems, some devices become obsolete or not communicate properly with your computer. If you have purchased an artifact and you have not fixed the compatibility that usually appears in the description, you can contact technical support. In some cases you can use them by configuring compatibility or modifying a file.

Windows activation

In case you have purchased genuine Windows software and you cannot activate or install it, you must contact the Microsoft team. They will be able to check if you have done the correct steps or provide you with an online solution. It is important that in all cases you have your Product ID ready, which will confirm that you are the owner of an original product. To view it you must go to Home and enter “Setting”. At the end of the list, click on “About”.

Quick and easy steps to contact Microsoft support

Quick and easy steps to contact Microsoft support

Of course, in order for Microsoft technical support to help you resolve a problem, you must first contact them. There are three methods that are the fastest to do it. Depending on your possibilities you can use any of them:

Per call

It is the most direct way, although the least used. You may need to wait online for a few moments before you can reach a representative. Call costs vary depending on the region or country you are in. In the case of Spain the number is 902 197 198. You can see all the contact numbers on this site “ “.

By mail

The Microsoft support email address is Using this method be sure to retail your problem with all the data that you consider relevant. Include among the information sent the product number, and a contact sheet, so they can communicate with you.

Using the virtual agent

As we described before, to enter it, you must type in the search bar of the Windows menu “Get help.” Once inside the chat, write “I want to speak to a real representative”. Select the product with which you have the problem and start chatting with a real person, who can guide you in a personalized way.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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