Convert PDF to Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

It happens frequently that we receive PDF documents so that we cannot modify them, being that we need to work with them, so we have to edit them.

To convert a PDF you will have to use a tool that we will indicate in this article. We will also tell you all the steps you must do so that your document .docx have a guaranteed success.

Further, We will talk about online converters in which you can support yourself to carry out your work safely. Some of these are free and others have a paid version. If you want to know what this topic is about, keep reading.

Steps to convert a document from PDF to .Docx to open in Microsoft Word

Steps to convert a document from PDF to .Docx to open in Microsoft Word

In order to convert a PDF document to a word processor format you will have to use an online tool. In this case we will choose “Ilovepdf” as an example. This website will allow you, with very simple steps, to convert the document to .docx It is free and you can use it in any browser safely.

The guide that you must follow is the following:

  • Enter the website with your browser. For that you must write in the bar url address “Https://”.
  • You can drag the PDF file that you have to the area indicated by the screen. If you don’t want to do this you will have to click on “Select PDF file”.
  • This will open the file browser and you can choose the location where you have the document saved.

In case you have the document in the Drive or Dropbox You can also use this online tool without any problem. You just have to select one of the two icons and choose the file you want to convert.

List of the best PDF to .Docx converters you should know

If you want to know other converters PDF to .Docx, we will present you below the best pages with which you can work safely. These are:

This tool has different functions, the most common being to choose the files by means of the location you have, either from your computer, from the cloud or directly by dropping the document in the indicated area.

But you can also include this converter as a Chrome extension, making your job much easier. Since you only need to open the PDF file and select the icon of this program. It has a 7-day free trial. Then you will have to pay for the license, with which you will have unlimited use, much faster uploads and batch processing.

With this online tool you can convert files from PDF to Word and many other formats. You will have the possibility to choose the location by means of a button assigned for this purpose or if you prefer you can drag the file to a certain area of ​​the page.

Another way you can convert your document is by entering the URL or choosing the cloud storage destination. In case you need to download predesigned forms, and they are public, you can click on the Search for documents option and write the name of the document you need.

Its use is free.


You will have two versions of this online tool. One free and the other for which you will have to pay only once. The procedure is the same as the 2 converters that we have named before. Only in this version you will have different functions that will allow you to recognize a text in an image and also create a PDF file from a photo.

As with all the online converters that we have been analyzing so far, with this tool you can upload a file by entering the URL, selecting it from your computer or from the cloud.

You will have the possibility to convert as images or through OCR, this way you can edit it without any problem. It is compatible with Word 2003 or earlier.

It is a completely free tool in which you can work on a format of PDF to Word, Excel or Powerpoint. It has a trial period of 14 days then you can access functions that will help you work much faster.

You will have to do 3 steps in total to convert a PDF to .Docx.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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