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The tools to copy and paste or cut and paste, are the most applied currently, both on computers and mobile devices. Whenever you want to take the content because you are conducting research or looking at a website and you come across some information, Image or file that is to your liking, you can do it without problems with its selection.

These actions are the most basic that can be performed on a device, but they are still extremely useful, especially if you work creating content. That is why anyone who works in this field must know how to use them as quickly as possible, so that they can optimize each task to the maximum.

To make processes faster, operating systems created shortcuts to execute different functions by the keyboard by pressing a special key combination. If you want to know how to copy and paste from this hardware component, continue reading this text, as we will teach you how to do it in the main operating systems available.

Quick commands and shortcuts to copy, cut, and paste text and images in Windows

You may find yourself doing a search and you see something that can help you in what you are doing, or you see a message that caught your attention and you want to take it, but you don’t know what are the ways and commands to do it. That is why this part will find the different ways to do it from computers with Windows operating systems.

With the mouse

The mouse represents an integral part of all the commands that make up the computer system of a computer, that is why perhaps this is the most traditional way to perform these actions. To know how to do it, you must do the following:

  • The first thing you should do is choose what you want to cut or copy for you to select with the mouse.
  • To do this, you will have to do “Right click” with the mouse, held down while you move the arrow through the information you want.

Right mouse click

  • At the moment you have selected all the topic you want, you are going to press the “Left Click” mouse to open the context menu. There you will see a series of options, among them “Cut or Copy”, depending on what you want to do, you will choose.

Left click mouse context menu

  • Subsequently, you must go to the destination to copy the content you just extracted. Then you must give “Left click” mouse again to bring up the popup window you saw recently and choose “Paste”.

In Windows using the keyboard

The keyboard is one of the fundamental parts of the computer, it has two outstanding functions, text input and command mode, that allow from an “external” party to give orders to it to perform tasks. Perhaps this is one of the most widely used ways when copying, cutting and pasting, whether it is practical or simple. To find out what those compound shortcuts are just follow these steps that we will give you below:

  • Find the text you want to copy or cut and select it with the mouse.
  • To “Copy” the file or text that you have already selected previously, you are going to use the command “CTRL + C” so that your text or image can be attached to the destination.

command ctrl + c

  • If what you want is “Cut” what you have to do is press “CTRL + X” and your text or photo will have been cut.

command ctrl + x

  • Now so you can “Paste” the file or text you just selected, you just have to go to the location where you want it to be saved and press “CTRL + V”.

command ctrl + v

  • Remember that you must hold down both keys simultaneously so that any of these functions described above can work for you.

Steps to copy, cut or paste on Mac computers and iPhone smartphone

To execute these actions on the Mac system, you should know that you can do it the same as with the Windows system, because they do not save any difference. Except in the case, if you use an apple mouse, that if it varies a bit due to its functions.

To copy with the mouse

  • Go to text or file you want to copy or cut.
  • The following will depend on whether the mouse has two buttons or just one.
  • If you have two, you just have to click on the secondary button on the file or text you want to copy or cut. There a pop-up window will be displayed in which you can see and choose the options.
  • If it is the apple mouse it varies a bit the act of doing this.
  • To do this you must click on the file or text that you want to copy or cut and press the “Command” that would be doing the function of Ctrl in Windows. Pressing it will open a menu and you can see the alternatives.
  • To paste, if you did it with the secondary mouse click, you go to where you want the information to be captured and you will press the second button.
  • If you did it with the conventional mouse that the Mac brings, you are located where you are going to leave the content captured and you are going to press the key “Command” and you will choose to paste.

copy, cut and paste with Mac mouse

To copy with the Trackpad or keyboard

With the Mac keyboard, is the same procedure and command that was applied with the Windows system, let’s see how to do it:

  • You just have to go to the text you want to copy, You select it with the mouse and when you have done so, you will press “Ctrl + C”.

copy on mac

  • To cut you just have to change the commands that you applied in the previous step, for that you are going to press “Ctrl + X”.

hack on mac

  • To paste the information you are going to press “Ctrl + V” and that’s it.

paste on mac

On iPhone phones

If you don’t know how you can select and save content from your iPhone device, In this part we will explain you step by step. Something very simple and practical to execute.

  • Press and hold the word or image you want copy by double clicking and sliding to the right or left, depending on where the piece of text you want is located.
  • At the bottom of where the selected ends, a kind of menu should appear, there you will see three options among them:
  1. TO SELECT: With this option you can select a part of what you want to cut or copy.
  2. SELECT ALL: With this you can completely mark all the content that appears in the file, document or chat.
  3. PASTE: This management will not help you at this time, since you must have marked any of the above to be able to apply this.
  • Once you have chosen any of the functions described, you’ll see three more options:
  1. CUT: This is if you want to extract the information from where it is and change it from the place.
  2. COPY: With this you can copy everything you initially selected to create a duplicate of it.
  3. PASTE: You can add your previously selected and copied content wherever you want.

iphone menu to copy, cut and paste

  • Now you only have go where you want it to be captured what you have selected.
  • You will double-click on the screen and the menu that you saw mainly should appear again. There you will have to choose to paste, in this case, to be able to view the content.
  • Ready, the information should appear in the format where you have placed it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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