Count Characters in Microsoft Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Did you know that in Word you can count the number of words that the document as you write ?. This is one of the many interesting functions that this program includes, with the objective of facilitating the work of its users.

Apart from that, it is also possible count the pages, lines, paragraphs and characters that a document has. In this way, you save a lot of work and you can know the length of your texts in a few simple steps.

To learn how to do it, we explain a step-by-step guide about how to count characters in word documents on Windows computers, macOS and even its web version.

Steps to count the characters in my Word documents

As we explained, with the help of the different counters in Word you can know the number of characters that your text has, as well as the number of words, paragraphs, pages and much more.

Pay attention to the steps to follow in each case:


All detailed information about how many words, characters, paragraphs and much more a document has Word you can see it directly in the status bar located at the bottom of the document.

If you want to get data from a particular section you have to:

  • Select zone you want to know.
  • Press on the status bar.
  • A box will open where you will know the number of text characters, number of paragraphs, lines among others.


The procedure in macOS computers It is the same as in Windows, this means that to know the length of your text, number of characters among other details, you have to click on the status bar located at the end of the document.

In simple steps you have to:

  • Press the status bar where the number of words in your text is indicated.
  • The box will open Count words with all the specifications you require.
  • In case you need to know the information about a particular section, all you have to do is select it and repeat the procedure of opening the Word Count box.

Count Word Characters on MacOS

Added to that, there is another way in macOS to know the number of words you have written. You just have to select the text you want, then go to the menu Tools and press on the function Word count.


Finally, it is possible to know this type of data in the Word web version in the same way as in the previous cases, that is, by going to the status bar.

Also, you can enable or disable that feature and all you have to do is go to Edit document / Edit in Word for the web. Then you have to select on the word count to turn it on or off, depending on what you want.

Notably the count is an approximate than what is displayed in the document, because words are not counted in areas where there are text boxes, the text in the headers, footers, SmartArt graphics, etc. If you need a exact count, you must click Open in Word and observe the word count at the bottom of the Word window.

Is there a limit of maximum characters that I can write in my Word files?

Maximum character limit in a Word file

Inside Word there is no maximum character limit that can be included within a document. However, there is a maximum file size (weight) that the program will open and it is 512 MB. This means that a document with a higher weight cannot be displayed.

For your part, you will find limitations in other areas such as:

  • Maximum number of markers: 16,380
  • Maximum number of styles: 4,079
  • Maximum number of comments: 16,380
  • Number of subdocuments in a master document: 255
  • Maximum number of fields: 2,147,483,647
  • Maximum number of movements: 32,752

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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