CRACKS  What is it and how does it work? + Risks ▷ 2020

Develop software it is an expensive operation. To make one from scratch, designers, programmers and a lot of time must be involved. That is why not all applications are free.

The prices to the public are varied. They vary according to your utility, power and the laws of the market. For example, there are mobile applications that cost $ 400 and do not offer more than one wallpaper. In the same way, there are very useful free ones that we use daily.

However, utility and gratuity do not always go hand in hand. In this sense, some sites offer cracks that allow access to paid programs for free. In this post we will develop more in depth.

What is a crack and what are these “illegal” programs for?

These are software that are used to break (hence its name) the security of another program. The purpose of most of them is to evade the restrictions of payment or subscription of copyrighted software, in order to use them for free. In most countries, this activity is considered computer hacking. The legal sentence varies according to each place.

Due to the increase in crackers (that’s the name of the people who develop cracks) Around the world, software developers are adding more and more security to their applications.

What is a crack and what are these

Characteristics of Cracks How can we identify them?

At first glance, cracks are documents or files like any other. They can be a set of elements that work together. One executable file plus one with extension .dll, etc.

Take note of the following characteristics:

  • The main form of detection when inside the system it is through an antivirus. The second is to do it before it enters the computer. For this we must have certain guidelines.
  • Keep the real time protection antivirus. This bike may warn you that the content you just downloaded contains a prohibited program.
  • Always use the official sites from developers. To ensure that we are downloading legal software.
  • Suspicion of the word “free”. If a program really is, it will identify itself as free software, freeware, open source, among others.
  • The only way to use proprietary software for free is by accessing the trial version, which can last between days and months depending on the developer.

How does a Crack work to allow me to use a commercial program for free and how to protect ourselves?

Downloading a crack from the Internet can mean leaving the door open for malware. When presenting the file in format .zip or .rar we cannot be sure of all its content. Assuming the case does not contain a malicious program, this software works as follows:

  • The moment we start to execute the crack, the program accesses the application code that we want to use for free. You can achieve this through a tool that crackers call debugger.
  • This performs a search for a sequence of bytes equal or representative of the one indicated by the developer of the crack.
  • Once the login is obtained, locate the runtime that prevents the use of the application when the trial period has passed or the non-possession of an access code depending on the case.
  • Changes are made to the corresponding sequence (often found in executable file or .dll files). So when the application uses it, do not do the verification checks that correspond to the serial number or trial period.

In the event that this package does contain malicious software, the best way to protect ourselves is through antivirus:

  • It is advisable activate updates automatic system.
  • Allow Internet access to legal programs.
  • Avoid executing .exe files that do not come from reliable sources.

What are the risks of installing cracked programs on my computer?

Well there are. Depending on the situation, they can be higher or lower, but it will never be zero risk. Among the main disadvantages that we find when activating a software through a crack, or use a portable program already pirated we can tell you the following:

What are the risks of installing cracked programs on my computer

Legal issues

Taking into account that the use of illegal programs is punishable in many countries, especially if you do it with your company’s computers. Someone or the developer company can report you. For example, in Spain sanctions can reach 280,000 euros And till prison sentences. In other countries, there are even government areas that are dedicated to controlling and preventing the use of pirated programs in companies.


As we mentioned earlier, using them can leave our team vulnerable. In the same way you can do it with other computers that are connected in the same network. Computer viruses and other malware often take advantage of compressed packages like trojan horses.


The applications that have been cracked, as we saw before, have undergone modifications in their code. This makes them unstable and they run with the probability of presenting a malfunction. This leads to loss of information that may be important to you.

Loss of technical service

Taking into account the possible losses mentioned, where can you make a claim or request a solution? Technical support or service is present in all copyrighted softwares. And it is precisely him to whom you can make claims or request a settlement regarding the application. In most cases, it will request a verification that you have the legal product.


In many cases, cracking a program means cutting off communication between it and its developer. This brings with it a problem: the small and large updates that companies make on the applications will not reach your program. In addition to the insecurity that this implies, you could be using outdated software.

In another vein, it is important to say that the development and maintenance of all payment applications required hours of work. And when cracking said programs jobs are put at risk. Imagine that someone offers your same product for free.

On the other hand, there is a philosophical current that maintains that “Software is knowledge and must be able to spread without hindrance. Its concealment is an antisocial attitude and the possibility of modifying a program is a form of freedom of expression. ” With these two arguments a dilemma arises.

Cracking tools What kind of software are used in the process?

Depending on the type of registration or authentication system of the product, different varieties of crack are usually used and in some cases they work together.

Among the main ones we can find:


It is a program that generates access codes. It shows different serials that can be used to activate a program. In many cases these codes are insufficient and the crack must contain another tool that allows change the operation of the application itself to hack into accepting said key.


This software modifies the start of the program, adding its own functions. They are often used to enter cheats and tricks for video games.


Faced with the inability of programs to connect with updates provided by their developer, crackers use patches. This tool can also be used to prevent the program from detecting incorrect serials.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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