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Probably the name of “Inbox by Gmail” be something that is strange to you. The usual for Google account users is that the email management is carried out in the well-known Gmail platform, the most standardized and present even on Android mobile devices. However, there is a alternative much more oriented to the casual audience, to those people who are not so connected to the mail and who check it from time to time to take a simple look or to see if the data of that reservation they made a long time ago has already arrived.

This proposal, Inbox, came to light in 2014 as an alternative for those looking for a more relaxed experience. The truth is that, at first, it was a system that could only be accessed by invitation; but this mechanism was eliminated shortly after and, currently, anyone can enter to start using this system. Available in virtually any language, accessing it is almost as simple as register an account on your platform.

In fact, this last step does not even have to be done. If you want to know how to create an account in Inbox for free and in Spanish, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. In this guide we will explain all the steps you must follow to open an account in Inbox, or Google; the main differences that exist between this platform and the one it comes from, Gmail, and of course how to log into Inbox.

Open a new account in Inbox Is it necessary?

Are three key questions that will help you to know everything you need to decide when to try this much lighter and more friendly mail system than the traditional one from the technology giant. In fact, one can speak of him more even as a email social network.

At the time of start using Inbox, the most remarkable thing is that no need to open any account. East service is fully connected to Google’s Gmail. Therefore, if you have a Google account created, you can access it without any problem.

If you don’t have it, you must cover all the necessary steps to open a new Google account:

The first thing you have to do is enter the web enabled to register a Google account. A very simple step, you just have to open your favorite browser, go to the address bar at the top of the window and enter the following URL:

How to create a Google account for Inbox

Once inside, on the right side you will find a small form with a series of data that you must enter. Fill in the name and surname fields and your username. Note that this will be the one that connects to Gmail.

The next is to enter your password, confirm it (must personal and non-transferable and, if possible, alphanumeric, with upper and lower case), also write your date of birth, your gender, your phone number and your current email. These last two are important as they are used to validate the account and, in addition, link your mobile to make a more secure login in future accesses.

Accept privacy terms Google accounts

After performing the previous step, a pop-up window will appear with the information about privacy and Google conditions. Click the button “I agree” to proceed, or you won’t be able to create your Google account.

You’re done the Google account creation process. Once you accept the conditions of use proposed by the company, you just have to move forward to start enjoying all the benefits that the company offers you. Although, this time, what interests us most is the use of Inbox. Having passed this procedure, you can now use Inbox as much as you want, since you will log in without any problem from here.

How do I log into my Inbox account?

Inbox new inbox email Gmail

The Inbox login process it can even be automatic if you have a Google account already started on your device. Even so, if not, it is convenient to know the necessary steps to be able to do it both from a computer and from Android and iOS. How to access your Inbox account? Here is the more detailed answer:

From the computer

To log into your Inbox account from your PC or computer, the first thing you have to do is open your web browser trust and enter the following URL in the address bar:

Automatically, you will be redirected to Google system login menu. Now what you should do is enter email or phone number that you have linked to your profile in this system. Do it and click on “Next”.

After this, all you have to do is enter the password assigned to your profile. Remember that upper and lower case are taken into account. When you complete this field, click “Next”.

Done this, you will already be inside Inbox. You have already logged into your PC and you can begin to discover everything that this system offers and to what extent it is different from traditional Gmail, we anticipate that, at least visually, it is a world apart.

From the Android and iOS mobile

Install Inbox account on Android

From the Android and iOS mobile you can log in through the web browser, following the same steps that we have explained before, or you can also choose to use the native app for both devices. In case of using an Android terminal, you must go to Google Play Store; If what you use is an iOS, then you have to go to the App Store.

Download APP Inbox for Android

Download APP Inbox for iOS

In both cases, once you enter the corresponding store, you must go to the search section and write “Inbox“, You will see that it appears as the first suggested result”Inbox by Gmail”. That is the option on which you must click, since it is the official application of the company.

When you do and enter its description tab, just press the download or install button so that the system takes care of bringing all the files to your phone and installing the app automatically. In a matter of seconds, or minutes if you don’t have a good connection, you will have the program already on your phone.

Now, you must look for the section where you have your smartphone apps and look for this one, you will recognize it because it has a blue envelope as an icon with a blank “tick”. Click on it to start the application.

In doing so, in case you have a Google account already linked to the device, the session will start automatically, without having to perform any intermediate steps. If not, you will only have to enter the details of that account, as we have explained in the previous section. Thus, you can enjoy the very different air that defines Inbox also on your smartphone. A more relaxed email.

Differences between a Gmail and Inbox account

Advantages benefits email with Inbox

There are no differences between a Gmail and Inbox account. The reason is that Inbox is just another email manager different from the traditional Google one. It is much more accessible, easy to use, and moves with far fewer settings and parameters. In addition, to be able to enter it, as we have already explained before, what you need have is a Google account, or Gmail.

What you can talk about is the differences between the Gmail client and the Inbox client. In this sense, there are elements that differ considerably, and then let’s talk about the main ones:

  • Greater interactivity: Unlike Gmail, Inbox studies what you like the most. In a way, it acts similar to a social network. While the traditional Google client sorts everything and separates it by categories so that you know well what to look for and where to do it, Inbox has a much more relaxed style, designed for those people who do not make a living from email. If you want to browse a reservation that you have made or look at an email that has been sent to you, it is a good choice. In fact, as you use it, it detects your preferences and tries to always show them first so that you go straight.
  • See before reading: In case of receiving an email with attached documentation, this manager shows you a preview without having to enter. In Gmail you would have to open the mail and see the preview from there. In Inbox, however, it appears without even opening it. It is much more comfortable.
  • Special functions: Inbox has a series of specific and special functions that are far removed from any other mail system. First of all, it has a reminder system that can be great for the user to remember appointments or events; but it also includes, for example, the possibility of calling the sender of the mail directly by phone, without having to go to an agenda or anything like that.

*Upgrade: We communicate that the Google team has decided to close this mail application and therefore it will no longer be available, we can always use other email services such as Gmail or Outlook.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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