CREATE ACCOUNT on MSN Messenger  ▷ Is it possible in 2020?

One of the pioneering applications on the internet and, above all, in the field of instant messaging. MSN Messenger arrived more than two decades ago to revolutionize the way people communicated through networks. A free solution, which allowed you to speak with any acquaintance, friend, family member or even stranger instantly through your PC and which became the icon of a generation.

During the entire period in which it was active, since it ceased its activity a few years ago, it became the main tool used by users to communicate with each other. The society discovered in this software developed by Microsoft a perfect solution to do without things like SMS or calls to have something direct and without any cost or effort, even if it requires the use of an email account.

The magnitude that it reached is something that has left consequences even today. Many people still wonder how to create a free MSN account And the answer is certainly something you probably don’t expect. Currently, you cannot use this tool or create accounts for it. Microsoft dispensed with this service a long time ago And, since then, it has brought other possibilities to the table that have proven to be far more effective and capable.

Register a new account in MSN (Messenger) Is it possible today?

MSN Messenger accounts to chat

Here we are going to explain everything exactly. The reasons why MSN Messenger closed, when it did, the accounts that cannot be created today and those that can and, of course, the other options that have emerged to exercise that same communicative function instantly. That this symbol of a generation has disappeared does not imply that there are no other ways to talk to other people through the networks.

One of the oldest and most pioneering free instant messaging programs. MSN Messenger was launched on July 22, 1999 by the giant Microsoft. The Redmond company wanted to put its foot in the field of communications over the Internet and, to do so, created a service that took a very short time to become highly popular. Any user could register, with the only requirement to use a hotmail account or MSN, and add friends to chat at any time and at no additional cost.

But nevertheless, Today it is impossible to register a new account in MSN Messenger. The reason for this is very simple, and is that, although Microsoft has left open the possibility of registering Outlook email accounts o Hotmail (formerly used to connect with the messaging service), in October 2014 closed its doors permanently to make way for other more robust and versatile alternatives. Although the truth is that the classic Messenger had already closed before.

Various updates over the years made this messaging classic become made the leap to Windows Live Messenger in 2005, following the creation of the Windows Live services branch. Its expansion to so many users, on the other hand, was due to the versatility it offered. It started out as a service limited to written chat, but little by little it was expanded with large layers of customization for its members, the possibility of making calls both by video and by audio, being able to share files of all kinds and even the substitution of words for animated gifs.

However, some of these developments were hindering rather than improving and, although in a way they were ahead of social networks with the famous “Spaces”, over the years, MSN lost strength With regard to these, especially when they also began to include written chats in addition to all the functions that compose them as we know them today.

Typical buzzing Windows MSN conversations

This was the main reason, the massive loss of users, which made Microsoft rethink all this and look for another way forward. As time went by, the company carried out a new restructuring of services and accounts to unify them all under the same umbrella.

In the same way that it proceeded with the implementation of Live, it gave rise to the Microsoft Accounts and, incidentally, completely buried MSN to make room for other proposals.

So, the instant messaging application ended up being absorbed by Skype. This software, much younger than MSN Messenger, was born with calls and video calls in mind, but it took little time to evolve to include written conversations and, thus, finish putting the last nail in the coffin of the veteran MSN.

On October 31, 2014, this tool that had been active since 1999 ended up closing. There were many reconstructions, many updates and new features implemented for something that had become the main means of communication in the digital environment. It was free, it even allowed access through the web instead of via software, and it had so many other unofficial applications that also accessed its account system to chat.

From that date, can’t log in with MSN Messenger in any way. In fact, it is already impossible to create an account with that extension, only those of, and This instant messaging proposal is over, although that does not imply that there are no alternatives that serve as a solution and that they even work much better.

What alternatives are there if I can’t open an account on MSN?

Switching from MSN accounts to Skype for chatting

Since you can no longer open an account on MSN because the service has been inactive for several years, it is important to open your mind to other solutions that have the same or greater effectiveness. If you are one of those who do not stop wondering what alternatives exist if you cannot open an account on MSN, breathe easy, because there are, and they are much more complete and useful.

First is skype accounts. This software is already something that is incorporated with each installation of Windows 10 that is made, and its potential is much greater than that of the classic MSN Messenger. It allows you to have conversations with several people at the same time, both separately and in a group, but it also opens this possibility to voice and video calls. You can talk to a person anywhere on the globe and see their face through the screen without any problem thanks to a video quality that deserves special mention, as well as a fairly robust operation.

The service of this tool is something that Microsoft has implemented natively on all of its current operating systems to save the user having to download any additional software when communicating. With the old tool, for example, you always had to look for the new version on the internet, download it and install it.

In addition, another facility is that thanks to the Microsoft account system no need to register an Outlook or Hotmail email to use Skype. If you have an account on other platforms as a gmail mailYou just have to link it to Microsoft’s so that it allows you to access all its tools without having to register again.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s email platform, also has a chat system integrated into the website itself. Just by logging into it through the mail connected to your Microsoft account, you can access the contacts section and talk to anyone who is connected at that time quickly and easily. No need to install anything or use any additional software, all through the web browser from which you have accessed.

These alternatives provided by Microsoft itself, as well as all those that offer social networks like Facebook, Instagram or even Google with their Hangouts, are the main reasons why MSN Messenger would be unnecessary today and the clearest proof that there are other options that are even better.

The most nostalgic may miss those conversations full of emoticons that turned the phrases into hieroglyphs, that had those buzzes designed to attract attention or that even left room for spaces in which to leave comments, photos or even videos. However, the internet has evolved a lot compared to that time, and the most logical step was to let MSN stay in the drawer of oblivion.

There are many options available today. More powerful, lighter, simpler, more intuitive and much more versatile. The network is full of solutions when it comes to looking for instant communication. In fact, by looking at your mobile phone and seeing apps like WhatsApp or Telegram it is more than clear that there are other routes much more comfortable.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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