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Long before the famous youtubers and blogs, they were the forums those that dominated the network with respect to the content that was handled. Despite the fact that many of these have not managed to survive over the years, some are still in operation and among them, we find the largest forum on the Internet that it’s reddit.

In this sense, surely you have ever heard about this popular social network. Since it is even known as “The front page of the Internet”, thanks to the fact that almost all the content and news hosted on this platform are usually collected by information sites and have been transformed into viral posts.

Hence, the great importance of knowing what is Reddit and how does it work. Like the steps you must take to create an account on this forum easily, in case you are not yet a member and want to see a lot of content. Taking into account, in addition, the main rules to follow so your account is never banned.

What is Reddit and how does this huge virtual forum work?

What are the most important rules to follow on Reddit so that your account doesn't get banned?

In short, Reddit can be defined as a content aggregator determined by the community and at the same time, as a massive collection of forums where users can share news or comment on other people’s posts, as they please.

In this way, it is a social network that was created around the month of June. In 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, with the help of an investment of Y Combinator. Later, in 2008, its growth was increasing notably and therefore, it became Open Source and as of today, it has become independent from its buyer and thanks to this, It’s free.

Now, with respect to its operation, we limit that in Reddit users they can vote for others, both for and against, depending on your preferences. Thus, if any publication receives many votes in favor, it will go to climb in the forum rating and for that reason, more people who access the platform will be able to see it.

On the other hand, if the post receives votes against, your visibility will decrease rapidly and thus, it will disappear from most people’s sight. In addition to this, users can also vote on other users’ comments on posts and each account has a linked “karma” number.

Basically, this number can help improve your position in the Reddit community, being this an indicator that shows your ability to please the community, in general.

For their part, anyone who has a Reddit account can create a subreddit of the topic they like, as long as they stay within the guidelines of the social platform. This means that, the forum is divided into subcommunities or subreddits that are managed by “Moderators” who are in charge of editing the appearance of a particular subreddit and thus curating all the uploaded content.

It should be noted that all users can create subreddits about any topic, which could be both a general matter (technology, for example) as well as some specific (as a simple joke). Taking into account that, a publication in any subreddit could reach the main page of the website, as long as it is not private.

Steps to create a user account on the Reddit forum fast and easy

Now, if you still do not belong to the community of this forum and want to enter it, surely you are wondering how you can create a user account on Reddit. Therefore, below, we will indicate you step by step what you must do to do it directly from any smartphone and later, the procedure to follow for those who prefer to manage it from your PC or computer:

From the Android mobile phone or iPhone

Although it can be carried out from any web browser and access the Reddit site from there, on mobile it is more recommended make use of the official application of this platform. Since, it is an app with a very clean interface that will allow you to see the content in a very clear way.

In this sense, it is considered an ideal method for those users who prefer to avoid complicated things and full of settings, so that facilitates access to this social network and of course, creating an account there. However, you should keep in mind that you will not be able to change the font size in the Reddit application, until now.

Now, let’s start the steps to specify to create an account on the largest Internet forum directly from your Android mobile phone or iPhone:

  • Once you download the application from this forum, free of charge, from the Google Play Store or the App Store, access it from its icon.
  • After this, they will show you a screen where you can log in, if you are already registered; or proceed to create a new account. As the second option is the one we need to specify, click on the bottom button that says “Sign up”.

From the Android mobile phone or iPhone

  • At this point, you will be prompted to enter an email address or “e-mail”, your username or “Username” and also your account password or “Password”.
  • When you have filled in these three fields, press the bottom button that prints “Create account” which means, in Spanish, “create Account”. (It should be noted that, due to Reddit’s privacy policies, we were not able to take a screenshot directly in this section).

From the Android mobile phone or iPhone

  • In conclusion, you can join five communities that interest you among all the recommendations provided by the same app, depending on your tastes, in order to obtain a better experience on this social platform. Which, you must do it by clicking on the button “Join” or “Join” and once completed, click on “Continue”.

From the Android mobile phone or iPhone

Then, You will be part of the extensive Reddit community, from the comfort of your Android or iPhone device:

From Windows or Mac computer

To do it from your computer, it will be necessary to enter the official Reddit website from any web browser. Be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. So, just by typing the word “Reddit” surely, it will appear in the first option of the search results, to click there and go to the home page.

Then, perform the following steps:

  • Once on the Reddit home page, go to the top right corner and click on the button that indicates “Sign up” which, in Spanish, means “Check in”.

From Windows or Mac computer

  • Next, they will show you a new window where you should enter your email address with which you prefer to create this account. When you have written it correctly, press the bottom button that prints “Next”.

From Windows or Mac computer

  • Now, you have to choose username that you want the other members of the Reddit community to see and enter it in the first bar. Then at the next bar enter the password of your account and done this, click on the box “I am not a robot”To now proceed to press on “Sign up”.

From Windows or Mac computer

  • Finally, the platform offers you several community options based on certain interests and from which the forum can work much better. Thus, it is recommended select about 5 of these communities just by pressing its button “Join” or “Join” and finally, click on “Finish”.

From Windows or Mac computer

After completing these simple steps, you will already be part of the great Reddit community, where you can find infinite content.

What are the most important rules to follow on Reddit so that your account doesn’t get banned?

Finally, it is worth knowing which are the rules of greatest interest when using Reddit, because for not complying with some of them, your account will be banned immediately. So, in order for you to use this huge forum correctly, we indicate the main rules of it.


  • It is of great relevance that, before commenting, you think very well what you are going to post and also carry out a search on the subject in question, using the search bar on the right. So, make sure that no other user has posted something similar recently. So, if it hasn’t been posted, proceed to post it without restriction.
  • Although it is not necessary that you express yourself formally on Reddit, it is essential that use correct language at the time of publishing or commenting on any of them. It is recommended to write in a consistent and respectful way with respect to the opinions of other members.
  • Is valuable place the FLAIR corresponding to the post. Be it clip, meme, video or any other.
  • You cannot filter information around addresses, credit cards or any private data about you, as well as anyone registered on Reddit. This could lead to a direct ban.
  • It is strictly prohibited spam or double-post clips or videos.
  • It is recommended that you answer the reasons why you do not agree with a post or comment, instead of using the Downvote or vote against. Although this is not a reason to ban your account, is a good way to use this forum.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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