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Computer science and the Internet have formed a binomial whose result does nothing more than bring help to users. Nowadays, connect to networks It is something as common as waking up in the morning, in the same way that it is absolutely common to turn to computer software to perform certain tasks that, in the past, had to be done by hand. Thanks to this, office automation was born, and thanks to this Office was born.

The microsoft bet By launching itself into the office and business sector, it has served so that, from its beginnings in the late 1990s to the present, it has gradually built a suite of programs that cannot be missing anywhere that requires treatment with any document , image or data. After several numbered interactions, the company finally decided to unify everything into one proposal called Office 365.

With a changed licensing system, which is committed to centralizing the internet, advocates accumulating more facilities still adding to the formula internet access to download the programs that make up its package and allow license sharing. Given these benefits, and the more than proven convenience of its use, more and more users want to find out how to create an account in Microsoft Office 365 free, and this guide is here to solve and make that point very clear.

Is it possible to open an Office 365 account completely free?

If you are one of those who wants to find out, we will solve this frequently asked question and, in addition, we will offer you other alternatives to the free branch of Office 365 which are also useful, in addition to reviewing the main programs and applications of an office suite that has become a benchmark within the sector in recent times. All the details and all the information you need to finish launching and take the plunge, or else, look for other ways to help you.

Opening an Office 365 account for free is possible, but this statement must include important nuances. What you get with this free account is full access for a limited time, at the moment the end of the “test” period, you will have to pay to be able to renew the license and continue enjoying the services of this useful and well-known office automation package.

To get a free account, the procedure is as simple as create a Microsoft Account. If you have an email from any platform, you just have to enter the Microsoft Live website: through the browser and, once inside, click on “Create one” to proceed to creation.

Sign in to Microsoft account for Office 365 for free

The process is simple, since it only requires entering your existing e-mail address, a key to this new identity at Microsoft and make a small validation process to confirm that it is you who is carrying out the procedure. On the other hand, If you already have a Microsoft account, you already have an Office 365 account.

To login, all you have to do is enter the Microsoft Office 365 login service: and enter the necessary data to login. By doing this, you will already be within the service and you will be able to install the software on your PC to use Word, Access and many other applications that are part of this popular office suite. Free for a while, but enough to know first-hand why it is the most widespread throughout the planet.

Office Online, the 100% free alternative

Even so, although this service ends up being paid when renewing an extension of licenses, there are alternatives that serve to enjoy Office for free. The first is Office Online, an online proposal initiated by Microsoft with which you can access the main programs of this package from any terminal and without any limitation.

Free mobile apps Office Online

It is a service that works thanks to the cloud and that allows, even if you don’t have any software installed on your PCJust having an internet connection, a web browser is used to start writing texts, preparing slides or using spreadsheets, among many other possibilities that, although limited compared to the full version, can be quite useful.

Office for mobile devices

Other options, for example, look at the field of mobile telephony. The main programs belonging to the Office suite are divided into different apps you can download both on Android (through Google Play Store) and iOS (through App Store). It should be noted that, in the latter case, you have to do a good search, since the versions are divided between those compatible with iPhone and those compatible with iPad.

Download APP Microsoft Office 365 for Android

Download APP Microsoft Office 365 for iPhone

Download APP Microsoft Office 365 for Windows Phone

Academic license

Get Office 365 for free Office Education

The last way of enjoy Office for free is, if you are a student or teacher, applying for an academic license. To do this you must access the specialized portal for this purpose. and enter the email account that you have with the domain of the academic center where you are. Thus, you can enjoy equally valid versions and without having to pay a penny for them.

New Office 365 accounts are always free. This system allows access to anyone who needs it or is simply interested; but nevertheless, soon it requires making a payment. In any case, thanks to the alternatives that we have explained, you have the possibility of taking advantage of its tools without having to pay for it. A way as valid as it is effective.

What exactly programs and applications does the Office 365 suite include?

All programs and applications include the Office 365 suite

First of all, it should be noted that there are several main Office 365 packages: For the home, For companies and For the educational field. The main difference between them lies in what each of the three licenses grants, something that usually varies between the number of computers on which the programs can be installed and the duration of the service.

However, the core basically the software to install on each computer or mobile terminal, it is something that hardly varies from one plan to another. If you want to know exactly what programs and applications the Office 365 package includes, then we are going to list them and detail them one by one so that you know everything it can offer you.

  • Microsoft Word: the word processor par excellence. It is the perfect tool to write any type of document, edit it and give it the format you want. One of the most widely used globally due to its ease of use and the amount of tools it provides to the user. And it is even possible to create or modify tables, introduce images, layout and a long list of possibilities.
  • Microsoft Excel: This program is oriented to the realization of spreadsheets. Whether it is to make invoices, keep a product record or simply prepare a table, it provides a wide range of facilities and shows great versatility when it comes to introducing mathematical formulas of all kinds, in addition to using small programming fundamentals. It is also the perfect ally for the realization of statistics and the design of graphs.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: This tool is the one that is usually used when preparing public presentations. PowerPoint has a wide range of transitions, the ability to insert multimedia content and many amenities that make layout easier. Although there are also quite good alternatives, this proposal is one of the best on the market.
  • Microsoft Outlook: one of the most used programs to manage email accounts. Outlook is the ideal companion to gather all the emails you have in one place. It allows the administration of each account, the use of templates, automatic response settings, filters to block spam, and a host of additional functions that make it the benchmark it is today.
  • Microsoft OneNote: OneNote is an annotation system that has a great particularity, in addition to allowing you to write down any data of interest for later use, it facilitates access to other users so that each one contributes their bit. In case of having to carry out any collaborative project, it is a very useful tool to bring together all the parties involved.
  • Microsoft Publisher: It is an application that is also oriented towards the preparation of texts, but that places greater emphasis on the layout and design of the pages. Its use extends above all within the advertising field, since it is used to prepare brochures of all kinds; although its possibilities make it a more suitable tool for beginners who want to begin to have notions to learn to layout.
  • Microsoft Access: data management for the creation, editing and use of databases is the main premise of Microsoft Access. It is used for situations as different as managing clients in a company and reviewing a personal film collection. It connects with other programs of the same package to complete its functions.

These are the main Office 365 applications, although it also has others such as SharePoint, as well as other additional services such as work in the cloud, use of Skype to make video calls and online chat etc.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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