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Having an email is, on the digital level, as important as carrying a DNI in real life. The mail not only came to be a substitute for faxes or the more traditional mail, over time it has established itself as a method with which to be able to identify ourselves in numerous portals to access countless services. When registering in an online store or on any platform that offers the possibility of logging in to users, one of the necessary data is an email account to link.

Due to this need, there are many companies that have been in charge of providing those interested with an email. In this case, and despite the large amount of supply that exists in the current market, we are going to focus on the 1 & 1 proposal. The famous hosting and domain provider has a variant that focuses solely and exclusively on emails, GMX Mail.

One that you can use in a way completely free and that, also, gives you access to such interesting services as hosting data in the cloud. It has many more benefits, some really interesting, and it is all that makes you know how to open a GMX Mail email account free is an increasingly demanded question.

Open a new email account in GMX Mail

In this small, but interesting guide that we bring you, we are going to explain step by step everything you must do to be able to have your own GMX e-mail and, in addition, we will expand by also teaching you how you should configure it if you have an Android or iPhone mobile phone. In these terminals you can also use your email and, in this particular case, in a way that is much easier than in the rest of the existing proposals.

GMX Mail is a system that goes beyond sending and receiving emails. Since its creation, it has opted to evolve and grow incorporating functions of all kinds that improve the user experience for anyone who decides to use its system: store files in the cloud, organize calendars with events, appointments and other aspects of interest, access the 1 & 1 domain registry and many other advantages.

These benefits, in addition to its main function, that of sending and receiving emails, are what encourage many to register a new email account in GMX Mail, and that is precisely what we are going to explain next. We are going to detail all the steps you must follow to register from your PC and start taking advantage of everything it can offer you. This is what you have to do:

1 – Access the main GMX Mail website

To be able to start create your new e-mail account with GMX Mail, the first step to take is to enter your website. In order to do so, open your usual web browser and, in the address bar, type the following URL: By doing so, you will enter that page.

2 – Account creation begins

First step to create a GMX Mail account

We want to have a new email account, so what to look for is the button “Create Account”. Through it you access the registration process, so click on it to start filling out the entry form.

3 – Complete the data form

The time comes to write all the data requested by the GMX team. First of all, start by filling in the name and surname fields truthfully, in the same way that you have to do by choosing your gender, date of birth and country of residence.

GMX Mail registration form

Having established these parameters, the following is choose the desired email address. Remember that it must be unique or you will not be able to advance with the procedure, in addition, it is recommended that it be easy to memorize. Write it down and choose the type of domain you want (““Or””). Then, click on the button on the right to check the availability of the mail. If available, you can continue.

Now, you must enter a password with a minimum of 8 characters and with the recommendation to combine letters and numbers, as well as upper and lower case. You will have to write it twice, once for introduction and once for confirmation.

I agree to create GMX Mail email

Then you have the possibility to set up an email Alternate contact number is optional, but recommended in case there are problems with logging in on subsequent uses. Enter one that you already have, choose the security question you want to confirm your identity, as well as the answer (which you should not reveal to anyone). Tap on “I am not a robot” and finally, on the blue button with the text “I agree. Create my account”.

4 – GMX mail created!

Confirm GMX Mail account registration data

You have already completed the process of opening your new e-mail account with GMX. Now, you will be in a window in which all the information previously entered appears. Check it if you wish and click on “Continue to mailbox” to finally access your new and recently released email.

Email control panel GMX Mail

In doing so, you will enter the GMX web mail manager. From there you can view received emails, send to any recipient or even search Google directly, in addition to managing contacts, organizing your agenda and even storing files in the cloud. The possibilities, as you can see, are many and very interesting.

How to configure my GMX Mail on my cell phone or smartphone?

We cannot always be in front of the PC to take a look at our email inbox. For this reason, it is common for there to be alternative solutions to be able to view the mailbox, send a message or read one just received through our mobile phone.

Although there are e-mail providers that, to achieve this, need you to do a manual configuration, the case at hand it’s much simpler. If you are interested in knowing how to configure GMX Mail on your cell phone, you have it very easy. Just have to download an application and proceed as explained below on both Android and iOS.

Download GMX app for Android

Install and configure GMX Mail for Android and iOS

If you want to use GMX on Android, the best option is to use the app that is available for it. You just have to enter Google Play Store and type GMX in the search bar, then GMX Mail will appear as the first result. Click on it.

Once in the application file, proceed to the download that, in addition, will install the app automatically in your terminal. This process can last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, it is recommended to always be connected to the Wi-Fi network to perform this process.

When finished, go to the section where you have the applications on your Android phone and look for the one from this mail server. Once you find it, click on its icon to enter it and start with the configuration.

Now, on its main screen, you must click on the button “Free Signup” to create the GMX Mail account on the cell phone. By doing so, you will be redirected to a registration form practically identical to the one mentioned in the previous section on account creation, although it will be completely in English.

If, on the contrary, all you want to do is log in, you have to enter the email in question and your password on the main screen and then click on the green button with the text “Login”. This option is only valid if you have previously registered a GMX Mail account.

Therefore, what you should do now is:

  • Enter your name (First Name)
  • Your last name (Last Name)
  • Your genderGender)
  • Your date of birth (Date of Birth)
  • Your country of residence (Country) truthfully

Once this is done, touch write the email address you want, remembering that it must be easily memorizable and, of course, unique. Also choose the domain you want and check the availability of the email indicated with the button in the form of “tick”.

Before concluding, you must enter a password with a minimum of 8 characters, which you must also confirm by entering it again. Afterwards, an optional contact email in case a problem arises with the login and a security question with a secret answer.

Accept and create GMX Mail account on Android

Now, click on the field “I’m not a robot” and in “I Accept. Create My Account.”, The blue button at the end of the form. With this, you will have created and configured your GMX Mail account on your Android phone.

Download GMX app for iOS

As for the GMX app for iOS, the process is exactly the sameOnly the application must be downloaded through the Apple digital store. On your phone open the App Store and type GMX in the search engine. Download the first result that appears.

The rest is as simple as repeat all the steps explained in the previous section. From software startup to registration or login. Take a look at the previous section and follow the steps in it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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