Today almost everyone knows the American company Amazon, since most of the purchases made on the internet are made using this e-commerce portal. Amazon was founded in 1994, and since then it has not stopped growing to become what it is today, a giant e-commerce store worldwide.

We can say that on this website you can find all kinds of products, is the store in which you can buy everything that exists, the imaginable and even the unimaginable. Amazon has been the pioneer of electronic commerce, and therefore has made known the advantages offered by this type of sale on a digital level. The success of Amazon is behind some concrete keys.

The speed with which orders arrive at the homes of their customers, the comfort that has the whole process (the customer does not even have to get up from the sofa to buy the products) and the price of the products that are bought (many times they offer us incredible offers that physical stores cannot offer). Thus, There are many reasons to buy the products we want through this platform. To start using this platform, we need to meet some conditions.

How to register a new account to buy on Amazon?

The most essential is have an account registered with Amazon to make the purchase, it is necessary to comply with this, since without an account you cannot carry out sales operations within the portal, and neither can many other things. In addition, customers who have an account can benefit from many other benefits. In this post we will show you what types of accounts can be created on Amazon and the guidelines to follow to create them. Let’s go there!

Registering a new account with Amazon is a simple and easy task to perform, the web page usually indicates how to enter a new user account. Still, we we will teach you the steps one by one so that the process becomes much easier.

1 – Access the official website for registration

Step 1 to create an Amazon account

To register as a user on Amazon, Firstly access here and you will directly enter the registration form for the Spain versionIf you are in another country, access the specific platform for your area or directly at in a generic way. Once there, in the upper right we find “Accounts and Litas“and below, we click on”Start here“.

2 – Enter the user data

New Amazon account registration form

We fill in the form with personal information, the data that we must provide are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password (minimum 6 characters)
  • We repeat the password to confirm

And then we click on the button “Create your Amazon account“With this we accept the conditions of use and the privacy policy.

3 – Configure our shipping address

We already have our account created, now we will have to enter different data to configure our profile, for this we go back to the upper right in “Accounts and Lists“and if we put the mouse over it, a drop-down menu is displayed, we click on”My account“and then in”Addresses“and then in”Add address“.

My Amazon account control panel

Here you will be able set up your shipping address For use while we make our purchases on Amazon, the data to be entered are the following:

  • Country of residence
  • Name and surname
  • Postal address (Street, number, floor, etc.)
  • City
  • Province or region
  • Postal Code
  • Phone or cell number

And we give in “Add address“, this process has many advantages, since in subsequent orders we will not have to enter any data, since Amazon will remember the shipping address and the purchase process will be faster. It is possible to include more shipping addresses, although we will have to mark one of them as the first option.

*Note: Amazon gives us the possibility to choose our delivery preferences, which by default is from Monday to Saturday, if, on the contrary, we do not want deliveries to be made on the weekend, we leave the option marked “I don’t want deliveries on Saturdays“.

4 – Set up payment methods

Now it is the turn to enter our credit card details with which we are going to make our payments on this platform, for this, as in the previous step, we access “Accounts and Lists”> “My account”> “Payment methods”.

Add Amazon credit card details

We’re going to “Add a card“and we are filling in the data that are requested below:

  • Name on the card (The full name that appears on our credit or debit card)
  • Card number (It will be a series of 16 digits in 4 series of 4 numbers)
  • Expiration date (Month and year)

With this step we provide the payment information that we will use in our purchases, it is totally safe since Amazon uses the highest security measures as far as ecommerce is concerned.

You already have it! If you have completed the whole process, you already have your own Amazon account. Take advantage and start using this impressive online shopping tool.

*Note: Another advantage when we have a user account is that we can create wish lists with form we browse the different Amazon categoriesThis is very interesting, since we can save our favorite products to buy them later, even share these lists with our friends.

How to open an account to sell on Amazon? Professional FBA Seller

How to open a seller account on Amazon FBA

A very succulent way of generating income is through the platform for sellers on Amazon, and if for something this website is so large in content and products, it is because thousands of sellers display their own and third-party products on it. If you want to start selling on Amazon, we give you the steps to follow to get you off to a good start.

1 – Enter the official website of sellers

In order to start with the Amazon FBA registration go to the following URL:

  • (this is the website for users)
  • (For sellers on

Once there, click on the orange button that says “Register now“or failing that”Start your 30-day free trial *“.

2 – Fill in the registration form

If we already had a private user account, it will ask us to enter our email and password information, in the case of not wanting to use this account, we will choose “Create your Amazon account“We will follow the same steps as in the previous case, it is recommended to use a company email in order to separate our seller and buyer account.

Once done in the previous process, and access the aforementioned urls, we proceed to start the registration for professional sellers properly, in this first step we will be asked the following:

  • The country where our company headquarters are located
  • The type of company (Private, listed, public, charitable or private)

We select the options that suit our circumstances and then another option will appear, that of our personal data if we choose private, or the company name if we select one of the other options, in this case we fill in the fields with reliable data and click on “Accept and continue“With this we accept the policies of Amazon.

3 – We begin to fill in the company or personal data

This step may change depending on whether we have chosen a company or private seller, in this case we will explain what data we will have to fill in for private sellers.

Step 1 seller contact form on Amazon FBA

  • Country of nationality
  • Country of birth
  • Birthdate
  • Identification document
  • Document expiration date
  • Registered office (Address, postal code, city, country, etc.)
  • Contact telephone number (* this must be verified by entering a pin code, we can choose to send the PIN via SMS or phone call)

Verify phone contact Amazon seller account

It is very important to fill in the fields with truthful data since in the future we will have to corroborate this information with the delivery of official documents. We give to “save“and we move on to the next step.

4 – Payment information

In order to receive payments for our future sales on Amazon we will have to provide our card details, for this we enter the card number, expiration date, cardholder, and we assign a postal address. It is recommended to use a card in which the holder matches the account holder of Amazon FBA. And we give in “save“to go to the next step.

*Note: A point to keep in mind that this program in most cases they offer us a free month, although subsequent months will charge us the standard rate of about € 40 per month.

5 – Additional information

Amazon FBA payment method registration form

In this case we will only have to select card where both expenses and income will be charged. If we choose in the registration process that we are a company, we will have to facilitate billing information, taxes and other information until all fields are completed. It is always recommended to use real data, since as we have commented, in the future we will be asked to verify all this data to confirm the veracity of it through official documents.

6 – Store name

We are almost finished, in this last step, Amazon will ask us to give it a name to our storeThe most common is to choose a name that can relate to the type of products we are offering. We give the button “Start posting products“and the registration process for Amazon Professional Sellers is complete, and you are ready to start listing your new products to sell. Good luck on your new journey!

Is it possible to create an Amazon account without having a credit card?

In principle, it is not possible to create an Amazon account without having a credit cardHowever, as we have commented previously, in the creation process they do not ask us for any card information, since we must include it later or in our first purchase.

But if what we want is to download free applications, books or music (mostly multimedia content) from the kindle store, it will not be necessary to include any data from our credit or debit card. For this we go back to “Accounts and Lists” in the drop-down we select “Manage content and devices”.

We seek the option of “Settings”, once this tab is open we go directly to “Kindle Payment Settings“and we select”Edit payment method“and we introduce the required fields one by one. We will also have to change the option of”Country setting“and we select our country of residence.

Now you can enter the Amazon Kindle Store and download all the free content that she finds without the need to enter any data from our credit card.

*Note: If at any point in the process we get an error, we will simply have to select the “button” in the popup that appears.To update“.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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