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With the advancement and expansion of new technologies, the possibilities that current devices allow have skyrocketed to infinity. We not only use computers and mobile phones to talk, search for information, view and share content or even make a purchase, we can also use them to learn anything we want thanks to the amount of documentation and bibliography that lives in the networks.

Also, learning is something that can be done through programs oriented to it, as is the case with Duolingo. This online platform is designed so that anyone can learn languages ​​the easy and fun way. In mobile phones it also has an app designed to take advantage of all the capabilities of the terminals and improve the user experience thanks to its system of points, challenges and even competitions with friends to see who progresses the most by learning a new language.

A series of possibilities that are only fully usable if you have a registered profile. So it is quite interesting to know how to create a free Duolingo account. This app, also free, eliminates any possible limitation when a person registers in it, allowing them to take advantage of everything they have so that the process of assimilating concepts, vocabulary and lexicon is much more fruitful and even fun and challenging.

Register a new Duolingo account to learn languages

In this guide we bring you here, we are going to explain everything you have to do on any of the compatible platforms from which you can access Duolingo in case you want to register. Do you use a PC, a Mac, an iPhone or an Android phone? Does not matter. All the necessary procedures to create your new profile are here fully explained and detailed so that you can do them in a matter of seconds and without getting confused at any time. We make it very easy for you.

If you want to learn languages ​​by opening a new user profile on Duolingo, you have it pretty easy. Doing so is something that takes a couple of minutes and requires little effort from the user. Follow the instructions that we indicate in the next sections to do so on PC, Mac and Android and iOS phones

Open account from PC for Windows or Mac

Duolingo account registration form

Create an account for Duolingo from PC on Windows or Mac it is a process that takes place in seconds. These are the steps you have to follow:

  • Open your browser regular website and enter the following URL in the top bar: Through it, you will directly access the Duolingo home page.
  • Once inside, go to the central part and click on the button with the text “Starts”. You should proceed as if you were about to start learning languages.
  • Now, you have in front of you a series of flags with languages in which you may be interested to study. Choose the one you want to learn by clicking on it and it will start to load the page.
  • Now instead of choosing daily plans and goals, go to the top right and click the button “Create profile”. A pop-up window will open in which to enter data.
  • Now write your age, your name (it is optional), an email and an access password. When you fill in all the fields, click on “Create Account”. You also have the option of registering with Facebook or Google, much faster and more comfortable.
  • Done this, you already have your Duolingo user profile open from Windows or Mac. Easy!.

Create user with the APP for Android

Create new account profile Duolingo Android

In the APP for Android, the process is similar, but requires a download through the official digital store first. These are the steps to follow:

  • Open Google Play Store by clicking on its icon inside your phone.
  • Once inside, write “Duolingo” in the search bar and choose the first result that appears in the list.
  • Within your profile, press the button “Install” so that it is downloaded to your smartphone and installed automatically.
  • Now, search for the Duolingo app and open it to start user registration.
  • The process, from here on, is almost identical to the one we have explained in the previous section. On the main screen, the first step is to press the button “Start”.
  • Choose your language from all those on the list that appears, and then set one of your goals.
  • Now, go to the top right and click on the three points vertically . In the drop-down, press “Create a profile”.
  • Fill in the information requested in the following screens (age, name, email, password) and you will have your user profile ready. Done!.

Create a profile with the iOS APP Store

Create new account profile Duolingo iPhone

If you want create your new Duolingo user with the iOS App Store applicationThe only thing to do is follow these simple steps that we explain to you, very similar to those in the previous section:

  • Enter the App Store for iOS through its icon on the main screen or the menu of your iPhone.
  • Search “Duolingo” through the search engine it has. Choose the first result displayed on the screen.
  • Once in it, press the button to download and install. It’s a process that only takes a few seconds, so you just have to wait for it to finish.
  • Open the Duolingo app, already installed on your iOS phone.
  • On the main screen, press the button to start learning languages and then choose one from the list that appears.
  • At this point, go to options and look for the section “Create a profile”. Click on it to register your user.
  • Now, what you must do is what we have already indicated in the previous sections. Enter the data that you are asked for on the screen (years, your name, your email and a password).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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