Pinterest is a social network that focuses its activity mainly on images. It is known for serving as a source of inspiration to many people and its main feature is a board that each user creates with photos and themed images. On Pinterest communication is not the main objective, although users can also interact with each other, although in a very simple way.

Pinterest has become a well-known social network widely used by millions of users. It’s a great way to create vision-boards and manage a catalog of thousands of photos and ideas that inspire many users.

The mood-boards they serve to connect ideas and visions on a single board in order to create links between different images and what you want to convey with them. In it you can open your profile and start sharing photos and images while browsing the internet, this action is known as “pin“Which is neither more nor less than, choose an image that you like and share it on one of your boards created a priori on your Pinterest account.

How to open a new account on Pinterest step by step?

If you don’t want to be left behind in this new communication tool, in this post we teach you how to create an account in less than 10 minutes so you can start using it immediately. Continue reading!

In this case we are going to focus on the desktop or computer version, since Pinterest has its own application suitable for Android and iOS devices. If you follow these steps below, you will have your Pinterest account in a matter of minutes, ready for you to use and be inspired by this visual social network. Let’s start with the registration!

1 – Enter the official website

The first step to open a new profile on Pinterest is to access your official website for registering new accounts from this URL: and fill in the information requested, these are:

  • Valid email
  • Password

And we give the red button “Sign up

Step 1 to open a free Pinterest account

*Note: Pinterest also allows us to create an account using our Facebook profile, for this we will have to be logged in on Facebook previously, and on the same page that we mentioned before we click where it says “Continue with Facebook“and we can access through this social network to configure our new Pinterest profile.

2 – Fill in some data

A form will appear with several fields that you will have to fill in with your data to create the user in this social network. For this we enter the following data:

Step 2 fill in your access data to Pinterest

  • Username
  • Age
  • Sex (male or female)

And we give the red button “Get in“.

3 – Choose language and country

In this step, and for further customization of our profile, Pinterest asks us to facilitate our language and country of residence, these data can come correctly by default when geolocating our mobile or computer IP, however if we see that they are wrong, it is best to change them and click “Next“·

4 – Select your interests and tastes

Now we can select which are the image boards that interest us the most, at least we will have to choose 5 among those that provide us, among them stand out “Tattoos for men “,” Memes “,” Design “,” Nature “,” Travel “,” Fashion “ Among others, this step is very important since depending on which we select, our main Pinterest page will be customized according to our tastes and therefore we can see the pins or photos most relevant to these chosen boards. Once 5 themes have been selected, we click on the button “Ready“.

5 – Install the official Pinterest button

Step 3 install official Pinterest extension in your browser

In this step we will be offered the possibility of install the official Pinterest extension in our browser to be able to pin and share photos while we navigate through the different web pages we visit. You can install it by clicking on “Get it now“or if you prefer, skip this step and do it later.

6 – Registration completed successfully!

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your registration to open your new profile In this fantastic social network based on boards and pins, yes, in order to confirm and verify our account, access your email that you provided in the creation process and click on “Confirm your email address“To complete and verify the authorship of this account, if you do not see this email, you can visit the Spam folder, as it often arrives there.

Confirm email Pinterest registration process

Once the account is verified, we can create some “boards” from the section of our profile, which are like folders where you will save the pins you want to collect. You will have to name each folder according to the type of pins that you want to save in them, and it is advisable to choose to give it a meaningful name.

You can change any data on your account from the settings menu whenever you want. What are you waiting for to start pinning and share your likes with other Internet users?

*Note: If you want to open your account from your Android cell phone or iPhone cell phone access the official stores of Play Store or APP Store and download the official Pinterest app, you can follow these direct links:

Download and install the Pinteres app on mobile devices

Is it possible to create or change a Pinterest account to business?

The Pinterest business accounts They offer the user great advantages in terms of analytics and statistics of their activity, for example. You can also create ads to promote certain pins that we want to have greater exposure and greater interaction with other users, etc.

If you already have a Pinterest account and what you want to know is how you can adapt it to pass it to a business account or you simply want to create a new one, this is what you should do. It is very simple and easy:

How to change your already registered account to a business account on Pinterest?

Pinterest registration form for companies

Step 1

To have your company account on Pinterest first enter this URL: and then click on the button at the top right where it says “Create an account“.

Step 2

It will take us to a new page, and how you already have a profile, we will have before us a popup that allows us to click on the red button that says “Switch to a business account“to continue with the process.

Step 3

Now we stand before the form to fill in the most relevant data of our business, they will ask us about:

  • Company name
  • Type of company (Professional, public figure, brand, online store, etc.)
  • Website (The url of the domain of our website)

We fill in with our data and click on the red button “Ready“.

Congratulations! we already have our free business account on Pinterest, now just go to “Settings“which is in the upper right part and to go configuring and filling in the most important data to further personalize our profile. If you need to verify your domain, keep reading below 😉

Create a new account from 0 on Pinterest Business or company

Open new Pinterest Business account form

It won’t take us more than 10 minutes to do it And it offers great benefits if you have an online business and this social network is part of your social media plan.

We go directly to this URL: and fill in the form with the following information:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Company name
  • Type of business (Media, retail, local business, others etc)
  • Website (Optional)

The following steps are identical to creating a profile for a normal user, that is, we will have to choose our country and language, follow the different boards that interest us the most (minimum 5), install or not the Pinterest button in our browser, and finally, configure our settings and give a more personal touch to our company profile.

Check our website

Once our profile is created, we can access the control panel to see the statistics in Pinterest Analytics logging in from this URL: we give to “Start“and we enter our access data.

*Note: To have more information about the data, we will have to verify our domain, for this they will provide us with a small code similar to this: that we will have to paste before the closing tag of the HTML code of our website template. Normally for WordPress blogs, this is in the file header.php accessed from Appearance> Editor> Theme header (header.php).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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