Social networks have become the main communication vehicle of the 21st century. Users enter a wide variety of applications available on the internet to connect with friends, family, acquaintances or even strangers and share all kinds of content in order to have conversations or simply tell the world how they are or what they are doing .

Thus, proposals like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter they have become a daily companion for anyone with a mobile phone. Now that smartphones allow a permanent connection, it is impossible not to enter any of these networks to see what is happening in the world. Where is that friend who was going on a trip? What happened at that event that was held this morning? Questions of this type can be easily answered just by opening an app.

However, although there are many and many types, most social networks are governed by harsh algorithms and some are even having problems due to personal data leaks, data that should be protected with extreme suspicion. In this way, a proposal has been born that seeks to break with all these impositions, Vero, the social network that claims to be the most natural and truthful of all. Relatively young, suffered an interesting boom back in February 2018 And, since then, more and more people use it for a series of benefits and facilities impossible to find in other social apps on the market.

Register an account in the new Vero social network

Steps to open account in Vero True Social

Given the growing interest in it, and the advantages it has shown, we will explain how to create an account in Vero step by step, in addition to listing all its functions and the main advantages that place it ahead of all the competition. You will see that, in effect, It is a proposal to take into account and as a possible candidate to establish itself as the main social network in the next few years.

Vero has an online portal in which there is a myriad of information about what it is, what advantages it offers, what new features surround its platform and much more that is of special interest to the curious user (and with notions of English). However, if you want register an account in the new social network Vero, it is mandatory to use a smartphone.

The nature of this social network is fully mobile, so it is necessary to resort to a system already as traditional and common as is the download an app. We are going to explain all the necessary steps to do it and to open a new profile, so that it is totally simple, fast and easy.

1 – Download the Vero app

In both iOS and Android, enter the corresponding application store (App Store or Google Play, respectively) and enter the name of “Vero – True Social”In the search bar. Tap on the first result and click on the button to download and install it on your phone.

2 – Open the Vero app

Once you have it installed in the internal memory of your cell phone or on the card that you have inserted, just look for the app icon (a kind of inverse triangle) and click on it to open it. Now the registration of a new user begins.

3 – Start the registration process

When you have opened the app, you will see that the screen that appears gives you two options: log in or register. Since we want to create a new account, we must click on the button that is written “Check in”.

4 – Enter your data

Done this, you must fill in the form with your personal data to be able to open the account properly. First, you start by putting your full name, the email to which you want to link the account, the confirmation of the email and, finally, a password of at least 6 characters. We remember that this key should not be shared with anyone to avoid cases of identity theft and that, in addition, it must be easy to memorize to avoid possible problems in the future. When you have completed this, click on “Next”, text available at the top right.

The next step only involves enter mobile phone number that you want to link to your account. It is advisable to use the same terminal that you are using to create your username, since when you click on “Next“You will receive a text message in said terminal with a password to enter on the screen that appears in Vero.

5 – Final touches

After this, you will be prompted upload a picture to use it as identification of your profile, in addition to enter a short 150 character text for your bio. This is all a step that you can skip by clicking on “Skip”.

After filling in these fields, or leaving them aside to fill in later, Vero will ask you if you want to allow access to your agenda to connect with friends who already have a profile on the social network. If you want to do it, click on “Allow access”. Otherwise, “Do not allow”.

Also, the possibility of search or invite friends Through three different routes, choose if you want to do it or not, you simply prefer to pass by.

6 – You are already in Vero!

After the previous step, you will be shown a window with featured content where it is explained how these work and the most interesting of today in this social network. Go ahead and You can start using Vero by sharing your first publication!

Why choose Vero as your social network? Uses and advantages

I see the new social network because I have to choose it

Although it is a social network, and it may seem that it moves on the same terrain as others such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, The truth is that Vero seeks to be very different from the rest. It is true that its purpose is the same, share content and communicate with those with whom we are interested in connecting; but its main difference lies in the ability to classify the friendships that are in that network.

We do not talk about the same with our relatives as with our friends of a lifetime, in the same way that we do not speak the same with a trusted friend as with someone who has just crossed our networks. This fact is something that builds a large part of the core of this social proposal and is the reason for choosing Vero as the main social network: it allows differentiating groups with which to share certain content.

By being able to classify them, problems are avoided and, above all, it is avoided that excessive trusts are generated between strangers. And that’s just the beginning, since, among other novelties, a usage control has also been implemented that allows you to see a complete statistic of how the user interacts with this social network and at what times, for fight against the smartphone addiction that is causing so much talk in the 21st century.

Otherwise, is a social network that allows you to share text, photos that can be treated with filters, videos, movies, songs … All kinds of multimedia content, something absolutely mandatory in these times. The difference?, that you choose what to share and with which group to share it, to show what you want to those you want.

Further, It has a very interesting content arrangement. If you want to see, for example, the videos shared by your contacts, go to the Collections menu and take a look at the section dedicated to it. If you prefer to listen to music, ditto, and if you want to see what they share with respect to film and television, the procedure is practically identical. It’s a much simpler way to get you right where you want, without having to dive into a tangle of messages with all kinds of content.

Its main premise is that, as we have previously explained, there are no algorithms that establish what you are supposed to be interested in by the posts you make or the people you follow, nor are there any controlled and monitored flows of personal information (something especially important given the scandal that Facebook has been involved); in fact you can request that your name and user account not appear in the search engine, thus preventing any stranger from having access to you unless you allow it and facilitating the right to digital oblivion.

Vero is a natural social network, which is built from its own users and which is the most truthful that we can find on the internet right now. Seeing all the facilities it offers to section groups, manage content and, above all, avoid the control of personal data, it would not be surprising if little by little it is penetrating more and more in an audience that, today, is more connected than ever. Have in these times a social network that is committed to naturalness and facilities It is having a real partner who helps to connect with all those people that we always want to be surrounded by.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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