Use an emailIn these times, it has become as common as using a television, a mobile phone, a computer or anything that is part of our day to day in the cyber world. Born in order send and receive messages in a much faster and more direct way than traditional mail, emails are already part of our identity both inside and outside the digital world. They are one of the main communication tools within the internet, but also the key to access to countless services and / or products.

Many platforms require the user to enter an email address when registering, which usually results in a subsequent bombardment of unwanted messages, promotions, offers, newsletters or even emails from other entities that have nothing to do with it. To avoid all this, the temporary email accounts.

Disposable, they disappear within minutes or hours of being created, avoiding compromising any user data and, of course, sending all that invasive advertising to the garbage can. Yopmail is one of them, and its simplicity places it as a favorite. It is very easy to use, and the doubts when it comes to knowing how to create a Yopmail account they are minimal.

Open a new temporary email account using Yopmail

This temporary email advocates for ease, requiring a minimal and almost instant sign-up process to take advantage of what means having a profile available for a limited time. With this system, you can forget about those messages that crowd your inbox with information that doesn’t interest you, and even move more safely through the networks. Here, we are going to explain what you must do to start using it, following a few easy steps.

This is a very interesting proposal for have an anonymous and temporary email accountHowever, it has a basic problem that prevents its use like any other normal email. It does not allow the sending of emails to other email addresses that do not belong to the same domain (“@”), So its use is relegated to other tasks that we will talk about later.

Other domains belonging to Yopmail are:

  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @

As for how to proceed to open a new disposable email account using Yopmail, the procedure is so simple that it is even surprising. You do not need to perform any registration task, or fill out a form, or give names, or anything. You just have to fill in a field to start using this temporary account. Then, We explain the very simple steps you must follow:

1 – Enter the Yopmail website

Advantages of using disposable Yopmail mail

On your PC, open your web browser and enter the main page of Yopmail to use their service. To do this, you just have to enter its URL in the address bar, available at the top of the browser. Here is the exact address: Once written, you just have to press the Enter key and your browser will direct you to the Yopmail main website.

2 – Enter a name for your email

generate temporary mail with Yopmail

As we said before, the process to open a new email account with Yopmail is absurdly simple. Once you are on the main page, go to the left and look for the box available to fill in. There, all you have to do is enter any name to baptize your new account. To check its availability, click on “Check the mail”. We remember that, if two names are repeated, it is impossible that the new e-mail can be created due to the existence of a previous one. It must be unique and different from the rest.

3 – Your account has already been created

If you have already guessed right with a unique name, pressing the indicated button will send you directly to the mail panel. As you can see, it is identical to that of any traditional manager, allowing you to receive and send messages for a limited time (although the sending option is restricted to other accounts of the same domain).

You already have your new temporary email. Now you can take advantage and consult that information without fear of being bombarded with spam, advertisements and that long etcetera that usually travels through the networks.

In case you want to create another, you just have to repeat the procedure and make sure get another unique name for the new email. If you click on the icon just to the left of the field to enter the address, on the main yopmail website, you can see all those created so far to avoid repetition.

*Note: Yes, for whatever reason, you want to also create one of these quick addresses through your mobile device, you have it very easy. You just have to enter your smartphone’s web browser and repeat this same procedure. Without the need for different applications or procedures, the steps to follow are identical.

Where can we use this temporary email created with Yopmail?

Yopmail disposable temporary email uses

The main meaning of temporary emails is usually anonymity when sending to other people, or an urgent use in case of not having an account available. However, since Yopmail does not allow sending to e-mails that do not belong to the same domain, its range of possibilities is more limited.

The usual thing is to use it on websites of dubious origin, to avoid that, when wanting to find out the shipping costs in a digital store or when trying download any kind of software on a strange page, don’t compromise your regular account. In this sense, the anonymous mail created with Yopmail it can act as protection against possible threats on the networks.

If you go to connect to a public network, if you suspect that you are on a portal that could sell your user information, when registering in an application with which you want to experiment or if, simply, you are going to make a purchase in a store and you do not want them to fill out your tray with promotions, offers and other information that simply does not interest you. There are many possibilities for these e-mails “to use and throw away”.

Due to the utility that is usually given to this type of emails, there are portals that do not allow its use when formalizing a registration. The main social networks are not compatible with Yopmail. However, other widely used and quite popular platforms, such as Amazon, they do allow you to create an account using this temporary email. As usual, electronic stores are compatible with this peculiar service.

Definitely, this disposable email in time is the perfect way to avoid unnecessary spam, to know and discover the operation of online platforms that you are not used to and to reinforce the security of all your personal information on the internet. With the problems that are appearing, some with companies of great importance worldwide, in relation to the sale of information and other aspects that involve the privacy of its usersProposals such as Yopmail’s are of a usefulness and effectiveness impossible to discuss.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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