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Badoo is a social network created in 2006 by the Russian Andrey Andreev. The company is headquartered in Soho, London, although it is owned by a Cyprus company. It is a dating social network whose main objective is to make known new people among its users. For its operation, it uses a rating system among the users themselves, very similar to the one used Tinder.

For it, use your location, age, tastes and gender, among other different filters that we will fill in as we complete our profile. 8 years after its launch, in May 2012 the company announced that it had already reached the 150 million users. In addition, it is one of the most sought after social networks on the internet. This platform has a “freemium“, So we can use it without any expense with certain limitations.

But once inside it, you have the option of being able to make a small income that will improve our user experience. It is a monthly subscription of around ten euros per month that will offer us advantages that the basic account does not offer us.

How to register a new account on Badoo step by step?

Badoo is a service that requires being connected to the internet for its operation, so whenever we want to use it we will need an internet connection. We will access it through our smartphone from the official and free app available on both Android and IOS, in addition, its web version is also available to access from the computer ( Now we tell you how to open a new account on Badoo easily and quickly.

Whether we want to belong to this social network via computer or using our cell phone, you have to know that it is a completely free process and therefore, if at any time you are asked to make a payment, you should know that you are being deceived, since the Badoo account creation process is 100% free. We are going to see the steps to follow according to the access platform.

Register account from the web

1) Access the web: To register our new account on from our web browser, we just have to access the following URL: Once there, we will start the registration process by filling in all the fields of the form.

2) Fill in the form: To open an account on this social network, before we must complete the complete form with our personal data below with:

Badoo account creation form

  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth (Minimum age 18 years)
  • City of residence
  • Gender (Male or female)
  • Email or mobile phone
  • Password (At least 5 characters)

And by clicking the button “Join now“, we agree to all Badoo privacy policies.

*Note: An advantage that the platform gives us is the possibility of accessing with our accounts of other social networks using the information of the profile that we have registered in them, the options that it offers us are to enter from our Facebook, Google, Microsoft MSN, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Yandex or account.

3) Find known contacts: Next, a new window will open giving us the option to find other contacts that we have in our different E-mail accounts, either Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail or others, in order to contact them through this social network.

Find contacts Badoo account registration

Click on the email icon If you want to search for friends registered in Badoo, log in and it will automatically show you those contacts who are already using it, so that you can send them a friendship invitation and get off to a good start when you start with Badoo. If you wish, you can skip this step by clicking on “Skip“.

4) Add your profile picture: In this step it is time to get your best smile, now we will have to select one or more photos to complete our user profile, you can upload them directly from your computer by clicking on “Add photos from your computer“or you can use those photos that you have already uploaded in your accounts both Facebook, Google+ or Instagram, click on their icons, select the photos you want to synchronize and that’s it. If you want to fill in this step later, click on “I’ll upload the photos later“to continue with the account creation process, although it is recommended to upload your best photos later.

Add profile picture to new Badoo account

*Note: You should know that the images you upload from the computer have to be in JPG or PNG format and not be more than 128Mb in weight.

5) Confirm your account from your email: Congratulations, you are almost finished, now you will only have to go to your email account (in the case that you registered by email) to be able to verify the authenticity of your account, for this open the email that Badoo has sent us and we button “Complete your registration” Y… Ready! our account is verified and created correctly, you can now use your Badoo account without complications.

Complete the Badoo registration process

Open account from the app on Android, App Store or Windows Phone

Before being able to enter with the typical registration form, we will have to download the official app that they provide us to be able to use this service on any of our mobile devices, here are the direct download links.



Developer: Badoo Ltd

Price: Free

Once you download and install the app on our cell phone, tablet or smartphone, we follow the steps that are detailed below:

Badoo account registration form mobile phone

  • Click on the official Badoo icon that was created when installing the application to open it.
  • Once open, we will have 2 options to choose from, “I am a boy“or”I am a girl“, we select the one that corresponds to us.
  • Now he will ask us what is the true intention that we have to open an account in Badoo, choose between “Making new friends“,”Chat“or”Have a date“.
  • In this step we will have to fill in with our email or phone number (It is recommended to use the latter and the same as the device on which we are creating the account), we will also indicate our name and date of birth (only valid for people over 18 years old). Once the data is filled in, we click on “Create an account“.
  • Ready! we can now access to configure our profile adding our best photos from the Badoo app or on the contrary connect the account with our Facebook profile to synchronize photos and other information saving time editing the profile.

*Note: By using Badoo from our cell phone, we can turn on the smartphone’s GPS to be connected with the people and users who are closest to our place, it is a great advantage since we can meet people from our same area.

How to enter Badoo without being registered or having an account?

Probably, you’re thinking of signing up for Badoo, but that of giving your personal data to a social network does not make you very funny or you are simply curious about what may be in it. And the most likely thing is that you have asked yourself if it can be accessed without having to fill in any data. Fortunately, the answer to your question is yes.

To be able to enter Badoo without having to open a new account and “Cheat” all the profiles that are found in the social network, we have two options that we will tell next:

The first option

This trick will be through a search engine (usually from Google) and type some keywords in the search box, such as:

  • To search by Name: “Name X” Badoo
  • To search by Age: “Age X” Badoo
  • To search by City: “City X” Badoo

Being the “X” the keyword that we want to find. Once the search is done, profiles of this social network will appear that largely coincide with what was searched. Also, by accessing the “Google images“, we will see all the photos of the profiles, and from there we can access the profile directly.

The second option

This trick is much more fun and attractive than the previous one, for this we do the following, we copy this link:


And we paste it in the top bar of your search engine and it will take you to the Badoo profile search page. Next, next to where it says “Everybody“We click on the icon, a panel will be displayed where we can filter and refine our search to find users.

First we will have to put what we are looking for, have friends, a date … deciding the sex we want to find, the age range and finally the city in which we want to search. Once all this is done, we will only have to click where it says “To update”To be able to do our personalized search.

How can I make my profile private to users not registered on Badoo?

Anyone who signs up for Badoo, you are automatically assigned a profile in public mode. What does this mean? That your profile can be seen by both people who are already registered with an account and also those who are not registered in the app and who have arrived by chance at your profile.

This can be solved by configuring your user profile, for this we enter Profile> Tools> Privacy> Who can see my profile? > Only registered users and we give in “save“With this we achieve that only registered people can see your profile as well as your photos and information on Badoo.

But luckily or unfortunately most people do not. In conclusion, we will be able to enter Badoo and see all the public profiles, but we will not be able to chat or interact with them, since for that, it will be necessary to obtain a free Badoo account.

Can I open a Badoo account without having a Facebook profile?

Luckily the answer is yes. But we will be obliged to have an email account and to fill out a larger form than necessary if we did it through our Facebook profile or other social networks.

If we enter Badoo using our Facebook profile, our name and our personal information, as well as the date of birth and other information, are automatically synced with the new profile on

Instead, if we want keep both profiles totally separate and independent, the best way is use a valid email address and follow the steps in the registration form, these steps are explained above, whether the access is via web browser or by downloading the mobile application on your cell phone.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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