In the 21st century, the use of the internet is spreading to countless areas. People use this technology to inform ourselves, to make a purchase and even to communicate with other users. This last facet, in addition, is the one that is gaining the most strength in the digital environment through what is known as social networks, designed to connect people from all over the globe, so that we find acquaintances, friends, family or even strangers, they allow us to share all kinds of content with them.

Through these social platforms it is possible for us upload videos and photos, show the whole world where we are or even tell what we think with total freedom. Currently there are many proposals within the field of social networks; but, if we have to talk about popularity and number of users, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram take the cake. Each of them has a specific use and focuses on a different audience, however, the first is the most widespread worldwide and the one that more and more people gather in their arms.

This reason is what makes many and many wonder how to create an account on Facebook for the first time to start taking advantage of everything it has to offer. Here, in this guide that we put at your disposal, we are going to explain how to do it in a detailed and leisurely way, with special attention to detail so that you don’t get lost in a procedure that is not complicated at all. By following all the steps that we explain below you will not only know how to open a Facebook account for freeYou will also learn to register several on the same device and alternate the use between them.

How to register a new account on Facebook for the first time?

Steps to follow to register a Facebook account for the first time

Everything you need to know to join a social network that in recent years has registered a whopping 2,000 million active monthly users, something that is multiplied considerably if the spectrum of all those registered is broadened. You can be one of them and connect with everyone around you, you just have to do what we are going to explain to you now.

Fortunately, the procedure to register and open a new Facebook account for the first time is extremely simple. Here we will explain the option for do it from a PC or computer, although the procedure can be replicated in the same way both on smartphones and tablets if it is carried out through the web browsers available on Android and iOS devices.

Next, we leave you all the steps to start taking advantage of the most popular social network of the times:

1 – Enter the Facebook website

If you want to start use Facebook, the first thing you should do is access its home page on the internet to register. Run your most frequent web browser, or the one you prefer, and type the URL in the address bar at the top. This way you will enter directly, although you can also search “Facebook”In Google, Bing or your favorite search engine and choose the first result that appears.

2 – Enter your information on the main page

Upon entering, you will see that in the right area of ​​the center of the screen a whole form appears with data that you must enter if you want to create a Facebook account. You are asked to fill in using your name, your surname, an email that you will have to write twice or phone number and a personal and non-transferable password. In addition to this, it is necessary indicate a date of birth (especially so that your friends on the social network know when it is and to ensure that you exceed the minimum age of use) and the gender to which you belong, and click on “Finished“.

In summary, the data that we have to provide to open a Facebook account are:

  • Name
  • Surnames
  • Email or Mobile number
  • Password
  • Birthdate
  • Sex

3 – Confirm your email or mobile number

After you have done the above steps, Facebook will ask you to confirm your email account to verify that a spoofing case is not being implemented. You can press the button “Update contact information“If you prefer it to be done with another email account or a different mobile number or go directly and press the other button,”Connect with…”So that a message is sent to the indicated account.

After this step, if you have chosen to confirm with an email, you will have to access your email inbox and search for the email received from Facebook. At, click on the button “Confirm your account” to proceed with the registration procedure. A code is also included that may be required in exceptional situations. If you don’t see this email, look for it in the Spam tray, they sometimes get there.

In the event that instead of entering an email you chose a phone number, you will have received an SMS with a four-digit password that you will have to enter in the hole that they leave at your disposal to continue, this way of opening your account is much more comfortable if you carry out the process through your cell phone or mobile phone.

4 – Final touches

You are already on Facebook, now you must finish the process looking for friends, setting your privacy settings, uploading a photo to illustrate your user profile or even manually searching for people you know and know who are part of this social network. Touch interact and fill in your Facebook profile with your tastes and interests, more relevant information, upload a few photos to gradually complete your profile.

5 – Facebook account registered!

Registration is complete. You can now start using Facebook to connect with friends, family and acquaintances who are anywhere in the world, share content, play games and, ultimately, take advantage of everything that this popular social network has to offer. It will certainly surprise you!

Is it possible to open a profile or account on Facebook without a phone number?

Although using a phone number is a recommended option to streamline the registration process, in addition to the fact that more and more users are using their smartphone to access social networks, Yes, it is possible to open a profile or account on Facebook without a phone number.

To do it, what you owe to use instead is, an email account that should be linked to your new Facebook user. The procedure to follow when creating it is very simple. You can follow all the steps explained in the previous section to do so without having to provide your cell phone number at any time.

Can I open another account on Facebook if I already have another profile?

Facebook allows users to open as many accounts as they want. To register them, proceed as we have previously explained, although it is advisable highlight several important aspects. First, you cannot use an email that has already been used to create another user account, nor can you reuse a previously assigned mobile phone number.

Taking these two exceptions into account, with the rest you can proceed with complete peace of mind as you would creating a new record on any device. When using them, on PC the browser offers the option to choose and switch between them without problems. On the web where log in to facebook You have all those that you have registered through the computer or your disposition, you just have to click on the one that interests you and enter the corresponding password to be able to enter and use it normally.

Another way to use them is, once inside any of them, click on the icon in the upper blue bar, between your username and the Start button. Clicking on it displays a menu with all the accounts that you can access, without any complications. This icon will only be visible if you have multiple accounts registered in the same session of your web browser.

Switch accounts button on Facebook

As for changing user or managing several on Facebook through the mobile app, the process becomes somewhat more complicated. It is possible to store several accounts in the same terminal through the app; but to be able to switch between one and the other it is necessary to log out, exit the application and run it again.

By doing this, the main menu will show all those with which you have previously connected using your smartphone or even those that you register from it. You just have to click on the one that interests you to enter the social network with it and use it, although the convenience and immediacy of the PC is lost.

Download Facebook Lite to open an account faster

Another option available is also download the Facebook Lite app. Available in Google Play and in the App Store, consumes fewer resources and takes up less memory space; but it also allows you to connect using another account. In this way, with the two applications installed you can have two active users simultaneously, something very suitable for users. Community Managers, without having to resort to third-party solutions.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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