Facebook is the second internet platform with the most user traffic. In the global computation, only Google is above it, being below other giants of the caliber of Youtube, which seemed totally unquestionable and insurmountable. The Mark Zuckerberg’s social network It started as a university project; but its development and growth over the years has made it a nerve center for internet users.

Anyone who has a minimum knowledge of networks and digital environments knows what it is Facebook and have a registered account to talk with friends, family, acquaintances or strangers and share all kinds of content. However, the famous network is not only for this.

Companies can also make a good niche in this gigantic section of the internet to make themselves known and to inform the world of their services and products. Its potential is such that finding out how to create an account on Facebook company it becomes mandatory for businesses that want to get a slice of the benefits of digital environments.

How to register a new Facebook account for companies?

Step 1 to create our company page on Facebook

It should be clarified that you cannot create accounts for businesses, especially if we take into account the terms of use and policies of this social network. But that doesn’t stop companies from having their place to take advantage of this powerful speaker, and In this guide we will explain what it is and how to create it from scratch. Let’s go there!

To be able to take advantage of everything you have Facebook for business, you must create a page on the social network dedicated to your business. The first and foremost is have a normal or personal profile account from which the page for the company in question will be made. This social network does not offer specific profiles for companies without having a personal profile that functions as administrator of the company or business page, although they do give us dozens of options for them to enjoy a presence in this gigantic social network.

Then, we explain how you should proceed so that your company or business begins to make an appearance on Facebook and thus be able to reach many more users and potential customers who may be interested in what you can offer.

1 – Enter the Facebook home page

First and foremost, you are going to have to create a new user account, so first go to the Facebook home page. To do this, open your internet browser and, in the address bar, enter the following URL: Once this is done, you will enter the portal of this social network directly.

2 – Start creating a user account

For create your new Facebook account , go to the home page of this, in the right area of ​​the central part, you will have an extensive form to fill in with data to create a new profile. You start by entering a first and last name for the person who will be in charge of managing the company page; then an email or phone number and a personal and non-transferable password.

In addition to this, you will have to choose a true date of birth (for Facebook to verify that you are of the minimum age to use this social network) and your gender, to choose between a woman and a man. Filling in all this, and knowing that the indicated email must be real, as well as the phone number in case you have chosen this option, click on the button where it says “Create Account”.

3 – Verify your identity

Completed all the above procedure, now is the time to Facebook, before finishing the account registration, request that verify your identity by confirming the e-mail or phone, depending on what you have chosen. The sole purpose of this measure is to prevent cases of identity theft to guarantee the safety of users who use this social network.

In case you want to change the number or email to link, now you can do it with the option “Update contact information”That appears in the new window. If not, if you want to go ahead click on “Connect with…”For the team to proceed to verify the identity.

If you chose e-mail for the registration process, in this same account you will receive an email from Facebook in which you will only have to press a button to finish creating your user. On the other hand, if you chose the mobile phone, you will receive a message with a password that you must enter in the box that appears on the screen. Do so and proceed to finish this step.

4 – Start page creation

Create a company page on Facebook step 1

Once inside Facebook, click on the arrow-shaped symbol in the upper right corner, inside the blue bar. Within the drop-down menu that will appear, you must click on the option “Create page”.

5 – Choose a page for companies

In the window that now appears you have at your disposal a total of 6 different options. Since we are looking to create a page for companies, the most suitable is the second, “Companies, organization or institution”. Click on it to move on in the process.

When you do this, a button will appear with the text “Choose a category”In which you must click to choose the sector of your business. Just below, there is a blank box enabled to enter the company name to create this page for. All this done, click on “Start”.

6 – First configuration steps

The first two points to fulfill are now simple. Facebook will ask you to choose a profile photo that you will have to take on your own to appear and, in addition, a cover photo that will be seen in large at the top of the page. Upload both or skip the steps if you wish to move on.

Facebook page configuration companies

It is advisable to choose not only the two photos, but to establish ones that are of quality. In this way it is guaranteed better interaction with users and a greater number of positive reactions. Relatively recently, Facebook also allowed upload short videos as presentation of your business in the cover area.

7 – Final configuration tweaks

Now, you can finish polishing your company’s Facebook page. adding a short description and creating a username for the page. With this last option, the followers of the page will have easier access to it by searching for it through the search engine of the social network.

Also, you can invite friends registered in the user account linked to the page to join and start following your publications. On the other hand, you already have the option of creating posts in the menu available at the bottom, right in the box with the text “Write something…”.

With this you have already created the page. Facebook does not have a special type of account for companies, although those that have these pages created can proceed to create a business Instagram account, which belongs to Facebook.

*Note: In addition, you can control your new Facebook page of your brand or business directly from your smartphone, for this you only have to download the official applications for both Android terminals and iPhones from here:

What types of accounts or pages are there on Facebook for companies and professionals?

All types of Facebook pages for businesses

As we have previously qualified, Facebook does not offer accounts for companies and professionals. In return, what it does offer are different types of pages with which they can communicate with those users they prefer. There are a total of six, which we proceed to explain below:

1 – Local place or business

Designed for small businesses that work in a specific location or area. If you have several stores and you want each one to have its own presence on social networks, it is advisable to create a page for each one. Data such as physical address, postal code and telephone must be entered.

2 – Company, organization or institution

Explained previously, it is the one that best fits to act as an identity for a company at a general level. It only requires indicating the sector to which it belongs and a name with which to baptize the page.

3 – Brand or product

If the goal is talk about a specific brand or a product that you want to promote in networks, then this is the most suitable option. Little data is required, having to choose only a category and a name to link to said firm or product.

4 – Artist, musical group or public figure

Perfect for celebrities, singers, actors, or even musical groups. Its purpose is to keep all its followers informed of all the news that surrounds them, in addition to interacting with them and acting as a meeting point for fans.

5 – Entertainment

More aimed at groups of users who share a certain hobby. In the entertainment category, it is requested to indicate what type it is and, of course, the name to give to the page.

6 – Cause or community

The simplest section of all. Your goal is act as a speaker to fight for a common cause or build a community of users with something together. You only need to enter a name for the page to start building and using it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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