Communication is something in continuous evolution thanks to technology. Each technological advance that we are witnessing affects in a certain way the way we communicate with others, especially with the changes that come to the field of computing or telephony. Currently, we have at our disposal countless applications that allow us to talk, or rather connect, with others.

Software creations like WhatsApp or Telegram have been born with this fidelity, as have social networks and other more recreational apps designed for fast communication thugs based on multimedia content. The clearest example and exponent of this sector is Snapchat. Its operation is supported by very short photo or video messages and whose expiration makes them expire after a few seconds.

It is a network designed to release quick details and with the intention of allowing them to disappear over time, without them being stored forever unless they decide to save. Although he was born with a more playful use how informative, its possibilities have grown over time and each time there are more people and even brands that join their services.

Snaptchat icon How to register an account on Snapchat online step by step?

You may not have done it yet, but to remedy it we bring you a guide so you know how to create an account on Snapchat for free. It doesn’t matter if you have a Android smartphone or an iPhone, even that you want to register through your computer. We explain everything to you so you can start and even be forewarned by error messages common that may appear during the user account creation process.

The Snapchat account registration process is simple and, of course, completely free. The application does not require any payment to download or install and, in the same way, the user creation either. Before beginning to explain how to proceed in each type of system, we want to emphasize the free nature of all this. In case they ask you make some kind of payment at any step, give up and look for another alternative, since you are not doing it through official channels.

Snapchat for Android phones

First, enter the Android application store, Google Play Store, through your mobile phone and, in the search bar, type the name of “Snapchat“Choose the first result, with a yellow icon and a white ghost inside.

Step 1 install Snapchat app

Now, in the app description window, press the button “Install” and then in “To accept”. Thus, the automatic download and installation process of the software on your phone. It is a procedure that only requires a couple of minutes and does not require you to do anything. It is recommended to do this step via WiFi connection.

Once the installation is complete, open the app. It will be available in the place where the applications are grouped in your terminal. You will recognize it by having the same yellow icon that appeared in the store.

Step 2 register Snaptchat account

Once inside, click on the blue button that says “Check in” for start registering your new user account.

Now, start by entering both your first and last name. Done this, click on the button “Register and accept”, with which you will also accept the terms of service and the privacy policy of Snapchat.

Step 3 accounts for over 13 years on Snapchat

After, set your date of birth through the menu that appears and click on “ContinueOnce it is set. Remember that it is only possible to continue if you are over 13 years old.

Touch choose a username, which must be unique. Snapchat will take care of informing you if it is not and will urge you to try another. When you have it, click on “Continue”.

Now is the time to set a password that is at least 8 characters long. Remember that the more complex, the more difficult it will be for someone to impersonate you and that, of course, you should not reveal it to anyone. Once this is done, click on “Continue”.

You will be asked for an email and, behind him, a mobile number to enter to link to the account. Choose the one that corresponds to the terminal you use and accept to continue. You will receive an SMS with a password to enter in Snapchat to validate your identity.

In case it is the same smartphone you are using, it will automatically detect the message and move on without you having to type anything. If you chose the email method, you will have to confirm your registration by visiting the email that has been sent to you.

Step 4 find friends on snapchat account

Next you will have to prove you’re not a bot and you will have to solve a small test that they put us, the so-called captchas. Once this step is done we can search for friends within the app, although we can skip this point and do it later.

Ready! You have just entered the social network SnapchatNow you just have to start editing and configuring your new profile, customize it to your liking and give it the look that best suits your personality, enjoy!

Snapchat for iPhone phones

3 steps to create an account on snaptchat for iphone

The process to open a Snapchat account on an iPhone phone is very similar to what we have previously explained. First, You must open the App Store from your mobile and, once inside it, look for the Snapchat application by entering their name in the search bar.

When you have it in front of you, click on it and follow the steps to your download and installation as you would with any other app.

After completing the latter, open the app, which will now be available in the applications menu of your iPhone, to start creating your new Snapchat account.

Once inside the application, click on the blue button with the text “Check in”. From this point on, everything happens the same as in the previous section both when entering your data and when choosing a username and confirming your identity through password via SMS.

It only takes a few simple steps to start using Snapchat on your iPhone phone identical to the Android version, follow them and you can have your account created and ready to use!

Snapchat for PCs and computers

Registration form for Snaptchat Web for PC

Contrary to what many believe, Yes it is possible to register an account on Snapchat using a PC or computer. To do this, the starting point is to open your internet browser and enter the following URL in the address bar:

You will appear on the Snapchat login page. Although what interests you is to click on the option available at the bottom, below the button to log in, in “Create Account”. Click this option to begin the registration process.

In the form that is displayed before you, fill in the requested information. Your name, first surname, username, password, email, and date of birth. When you have done everything, click on “Register and accept”. Remember that by doing so, you are accepting the company’s terms of service and privacy policy.

Once this is done, you will receive a message from the Snapchat team in the indicated email account to confirm your identity and your e-mail. Open it and click on the button “Confirm email”To continue.

From now on, your account creation process will be over. Now is the time to download the app on your mobile phone (iOS or Android) and log in with the data you have used in this procedure. In addition, you will also have in your email another message from the Snapchat team with your Snapcode, or Snapcode, indispensable so that others can add you to their publications, or rather to their Snaps.

Snaptchat icon How to register a Beta account or be a BetaTester on Snapchat?

Become a beta tester on Snatchat

As in many other applications, these allow us to be beta testers or testators of new updates that appear for some time before they become available to all other users. This function allows developers to test new features and see how users react before finally releasing them in their stable version available for download both in Google play like in the APP Store.

If you are one of those who cannot wait to have the latest version of this app, you can register a Beta account and enjoy the first of the new surprises that will hit the market long before most. To do this, follow the following steps:

Be a Snapchat beta tester

  1. You must previously have Snapchat app installed on your cell phone with your session started.
  2. Next you must go to this web and click on the blue button where it says “Become a Tester“.
  3. Done this, you have to uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  4. Log in to your account and in the “Settings” search “Snapchat beta“and click on it.
  5. Ready! you are already a beta tester. Remember that this version may have some bugs although if you like to try the new features this is your version!

Snaptchat icon Why can’t I register an account on Snapchat? Main reasons

There are several reasons why they may appear problems registering an account on Snapchat. Next we will see the most frequent problems and their explanation:

  • “Sorry, you don’t seem to be eligible to use Snapchat … thanks for thinking of us anyway!”– If this message appears, you are probably setting a date of birth that indicates that you are under 13 years old. If you are not over that age, you cannot use the app.
  • “(Username) is already in use”: your username must be unique, if this message appears when entering the one that occurred to you, you will have to look for another since it is already assigned to another Snapchat member.
  • “That email is already associated with a username”: as explained to you, the chosen email is already linked to an account. In this way, you either delete the one to which it is assigned or choose another email to use for your account.
  • Generic errors: There are another series of generic error messages that can be due to various reasons. It is possible that your mobile has root access, something that you must remove to be able to use the app, or other plug-ins that are not recommended. If not, it is possible that your internet connection uses a VPN service. Change network and try again.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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