Social networks are already one of the most frequented places by all netizens. These corners of the three double Vs are places where everyone meets, publishes what they want, share information or even tell how they went on vacation or on that trip they have made. They are a place where everyone participates and connects with each other and even reunions between people who could not see each other for years are encouraged.

They are also places where companies appear to make yourself known and gain presence in the digital field. Internet is already a place that everyone who wants to grow a business must go through, since a large part of the audience is preferring the digital format to any other existing one. Networks are the new place to move both commercially and personally, and social networks are the clearest exponent of this change in the behavior of society.

There are many proposals within this new field halfway between the digital and the social. We have Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. But today we focus on Twitter, that network known for short messages and how well it works when it comes to spreading something. With an average of 320 million active users per monthIt is one of the largest on the planet and has enough benefits and facilities to communicate so that anyone wants know how to create a free Twitter account step by step.

How to register a Twitter account in Spanish quickly and easily?

In this guide we will explain the procedure that you have to follow to open a new profile on Twitter both through the web and the app launched on smart devices and terminals. In addition, so that there are no doubts of any kind, we also solve some of the most frequent questions.

Doing so is a simple process, which it won’t take long and that will open the doors to a new way of communicating and keeping up to date with updated information on what is happening in the world. Here we show you how:

From the web browser

Twitter can be accessed both through a web browser and a native application for mobile terminals. In this section, we are going to explain the steps to follow to create a user profile from the web browser. Pay attention and follow each of the indications that we give you below:

  • Open your usual browser. When you’re in it, go to the address bar to enter the following URL: With it you will go directly to the Twitter home page.
  • Now, instead of looking for the login option, in the right half you will have a button to create profiles called “Check in”. Click on it to advance.

Step 1 to register a new Twitter account from your computer

  • In the first point of registration, you have to establish a username for your account (maximum 50 characters) and, below, enter a phone number (you also have the option of using an email instead by clicking on “Use mail”). Fill in both fields as you consider appropriate and click on “Next”.

Enter name and email create Twitter profile

  • Now, you can customize various aspects related to the information both yours and other users. Check the boxes you prefer, or leave them all unchecked if you wish, and again click on “Next”.
  • After this, you will see both your user nickname and the email or phone number you entered to connect. Check that they are correct and click on “Check in”.

Twitter account register button

  • You will advance to a new field in which you are asked for a password. Must have a minimum length of 6 characters In addition, it is recommended that you mix numbers and letters to enhance security. Once you have it, click on the button “Next”.
  • You are already on your main page on Twitter; however, one more step is required. You will receive a message on your phone or in your email depending on what you choose. If you chose email, you will have to take a look at your inbox and search for a Twitter email with the button to confirm your identity. When you finish this section, you can start using the blue bird’s social network without any problems.

From mobile devices (Android and iOS)

On mobile devices, although you have the possibility of resorting to the browser that they incorporate, the best option to open an account on Twitter is to use the application that is available. Follow the steps that we are going to give you below to have a new user:

  • Download the Twitter app. Go into Google Play Store if you are an Android user or in the App Store if you are from iOS and search “Twitter”Through the search engine there. Choose the first result and download it. The installation process, from here on, is automatic.
  • Now, you have to open the Twitter application by clicking on its icon.
  • On the screen that appears as soon as you start up, press the large button with the text “Start”.

Step 1 create Twitter account on Android and iOS

  • As we explained in the previous section, it is time to write your username for the account and then choose an email or phone number to link. When you have both fields filled in, press the button “Next”.

Twitter account registration form Android iOS

  • Choose if you want to receive emails about activity, view personalized ads or connect with users you may know by checking or unchecking the boxes and, when finished, click “Next” again.
  • You will see now both your username and the email / phone number you chose. After checking that they are correct, click on “Check in”.
  • You have to set a password now that limits access so that no one impersonates your identity. Fill in the blank space with it, remembering that it must have a minimum length of 6 characters. After writing it, press “Next”.
  • You will now be asked if you want sync your phonebook contacts to connect with them. You have to press the button there to do it.
  • Your profile is already created, but you can set certain interests so that the app Recommend people to follow whose content may be interesting for you. Mark what you like and then click on “Next”.

Twitter profile created

  • The rest is a customization process that you can skip. Your Twitter account is ready!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about creating new accounts on Twitter

We talk about a social network that is quite easy and intuitive at the time of being used; but in which it is inevitable that certain unknowns or doubts arise. In this section we will solve the frequently asked questions about creating new Twitter accounts:

How can we edit and configure our profile on Twitter?

Edit Twitter Android profile

To edit and configure the profile on Twitter, there is an option completely dedicated to it. You just have to go to the start menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines within the app or click on your photo on the web and then click on the section “Profile”.

When you do this, you must then click on the button “Edit profile ”/” Configure profile”And, within the new menu, establish everything that interests you to modify. Here you can set a profile picture, a header, change your username, the short description that usually accompanies your profile, establish a location, a website (if any), date of birth and much more information that can be quite interesting for other users.

You have complete freedom to adjust a large number of parameters with which to completely customize your user profile and tailor it to your needs.

  • To change the profile photo, or to add one if you have not already done so: click on the box for your photo, where an icon with a camera and the words “add photo”. At a minimum, its size should be 200 x 200 (pixels).
  • To change the cover photo (or header) of your account: click on “add” and choose an image that is at least 1500 x 15000 in size.
  • If you want to add a short description about yourself: write the highlights of yourself and what you want others to know.
  • If you want people to know where you are tweeting from, select it in the “Location
  • If you want people to have a link to your blog or page on the internet, you can add it in the last blue box.
  • Finally, if you want your profile to be in another color, select which one in the intense blue box.

Is it possible to open a new Twitter account without a phone number?

Yes, it is possible to open a new account on Twitter without a phone number. As we have explained in the two sections focused on the registration of new users for the social network. At the beginning of the procedure, you have the option to choose between phone and email to link to your identity as a user.

In case of choosing the e-mail, the only alternative there is to the smartphone, the final part dedicated to the confirmation of identity and account activation goes through check your inbox for an email from the Twitter team. For the rest, the account opening process is exactly the same as using a telephone number.

How to open a Twitter account for companies? It’s possible?

Types of Twitter Ads for business ad campaigns

Twitter is a perfect speaker for any business looking for another way to get closer to an audience more connected than ever thanks to the networks. Anyone can open a Twitter account for their business, since the user creation process is exactly the same as for a normal one, with the only difference that the purpose pursued here is very different.

To do this, you must create a Twitter account that provides all the necessary information so that other users know about your company:

  • The username: the most effective thing is that you use the one of the own company. That way, there will be no room for error when identifying it. If you use another name, make sure it is related and there is no room for doubt.
  • Profile picture: Choose one that is easily identifiable to your organization. You can use one that shows their name or logo. Of course, the size is small, so if there is something written, make sure it is read clearly.
  • The biography: There you can briefly summarize what your company does, or its main characteristics.
  • The cover imageWhatever image you choose, make sure it’s related to your company and what you’re trying to convey. One tip is to change it periodically. This will make the other users enter your profile and be informed of their activity.

It is important to note that the social network has a section dedicated to business. Entering the address with a profile created and clicking on “Start”, You can follow a series of simple steps to log in with your company’s social profile and run campaigns to improve the reach of your tweets, schedule promotions and a long etcetera quite useful when it comes to gaining visibility.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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