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There are many ways to communicate on the internet. From instant messaging services to social media, the range of possibilities is so wide that it is overwhelming. One of the proposals that has gained the most weight, especially for those people who consider themselves passionate about a specific topic or who simply want to tell the world their vision on certain aspects, is the blog format.

Something old, with many years behind it, but which is still an interesting way to communicate, as well as to find out about any matter. Its usefulness has led to its extension, and its extension has led to the one who has the most and the least ever been interested in knowing how to create an account in WordPress to open your first blog. It is not necessary to be a professional to do it, or have great notions about writing, positioning or all those mechanisms that move the publications that cross the network of networks.

You just need to have something that becomes a passion, a little patience and a lot of desire to write. Although, before all that, there is the opening of the web itself, and that is what we are going to explain in this simple guide with hair and details. We are going to explain all the steps you must follow to open an account at and start experimenting with this platform while shaping your new blog. Even so, you should know that there are also other blog creation platforms such as Blogger.

How to create a new account from my computer?

We are going to help you so you know what needs to be done so much from a computer as from a mobile phone, and is that, with the arrival and evolution of the terminals, WordPress has also offered support to these with a dedicated app. Creators and editors no longer have excuses, no limitations, no borders, they can write how, where and when they want.

The purpose of going to WordPress is create a web page, more specifically a blog, but before that you have to perform a series of steps to register in and, at the same time, begin to build this portal in which you want to start putting your head to enter the world of the cyber world and blogs.

Is a easy process, but that requires carrying out a procedure divided into several parts that involve everything from entering a name for your domain to contracting payment plans or entering your email account. Next, we explain everything you must do step by step through two different systems: PC and smartphones.

1 – Enter the website

First and most necessary step. Open the web browser on your PC, use the one with which you are more familiar, and write the following URL in the address bar: In this way, you will enter the main page of and you will be able to access the section dedicated to the registration of new users.

2 – Account creation begins

Step 1 join the community

Once you are on the front page of this page, go to the top right and click on “Start”To go to the account creation. You can also click on the button that also says “Start“from the center of the screen, and we will go directly to the first step to register as users on the platform.

3 – First, your website

The first form that is displayed is fully oriented to the web page you want to make. Therefore, you will have to start with enter name of this, explain what it is about, check the boxes indicating its main objective and choose the level that corresponds to your knowledge in website creation. You will have to answer different questions such as:

WordPress account registration form

  • What do you want your site to be called? The name that the blog will have
  • What is your site about? The topic you will mainly talk about, health, beauty, business, etc.
  • What is the main objective of your site? If it is writing for entertainment, earning money etc.
  • What is your level when creating websites? If you have previous experience with website creation

Fill in all the fields and check the necessary options to leave all these aspects correctly and truthfully indicated and, at the end, click on “Continue”.

4 – Choose your domain name

Specifying a little more, in the first field you can enter a name for your page address. You can use a keyword (main word of what will be the theme of the blog) or, otherwise, opt for something that marks the identity of your site. It is important, if you want people to visit it, that you choose something easy to memorize and with a certain sound, as well as not being excessively long.

Choose the domain name of the wordpress blog

In writing, different domain options will automatically appear. You can choose the first one, completely free and recommended, or by the other alternatives among which WordPress own recommendations appear. In our case, we are going to take the free option, although you can continue as you prefer. Click on “To choose” where appropriate. IF you already have your own domain, click on “Do you already have your own domain?“to be able to manage it through the platform.

5 – Select a payment plan

WordPress account payment plan

In this step, you must choose which plan you want to improve your user experience, each of the options allows us more or fewer advantages, and depending on our objectives it will be more suitable to choose one or the other, although if not what we are looking for is to try how This platform works the best option is the free plan.

You have three payment options:

  • Personal (4 euros)
  • Premium (8 euros)
  • Business (25 euros)

As also a fourth that is somewhat lower and not so at a glance. As we are looking for a way to do it for free, we go to it and click on the button “Get Started With Free”.

6 – Now, your user profile

You’re about to finish create your account and your website in WordPress, but first you must take another step. Enter your email, choose a username with which to identify yourself and, finally, enter an alphanumeric password. In case this is too simple, the page will warn you and invite you to combine uppercase and lowercase letters, so it is convenient that you do it first to avoid having to repeat. When you have filled in these three fields, click on “Continue” To advance.

Last step creation user accounts WP

At this point, too, there is an alternative option which can be useful to speed up the process. Lower, if we have logged into Google account, a button will appear where you can click on “Continue with Google”So that WordPress synchronizes the information in this profile automatically and you don’t have to fill in any more fields, and everything is much more direct, you choose.

7 – Page created!

Congratulations, your WordPress website has already been created and it’s up and running. After completing the previous section, the portal will send you to another section where you can view the initial and full URL of your page and, in addition, it will allow you to improve the service plan, in addition to obtaining a domain name, with the button “Upgrade your plan and get a domain name”.

Since what we want is to start editing our account profile, we just have to click on “See my site” for it. Thus, you will automatically go to your “little bit of internet“newly created and you will have access to a complete toolbar where you can start exploring the options, functions and everything that this platform makes available to any user who wants to have their own online portal, this is just the beginning!.

Register WP from the smartphone app

Download and install app from android ios

The other option, that of cell phones or mobile phones, shares certain similarities with the procedure that we have just explained. However, it handles the possibility of carry out all the procedure through an app.

1 – Download the app

If you use Android, go to Google Play Store; in case of being iPhone, to the App Store. Search “WordPress”In the search-enabled bar and go to the first option that appears. Once you are in your file, click on the button to download and it will automatically install on your phone.

2 – Open the official WP application

Go to the section where you have all the apps on your terminal grouped together and look for WordPress (blue circle with a double vee inside). Click on its icon to run it and start.

3 – Start registration

When you open it, a welcome screen will appear where you will be given the option to log in or create a new account. Click on “Register at”To start creating from your terminal.

Then two options will appear: “Registration with email“Or”Register with Google”. This time, we will choose the first clicking on it.

In case of being on a phone with Android operating system, it is a lot better use registration with google account since, as it is already linked to the phone, it will speed up the process suddenly.

4 – Start entering data

In the first place, and unlike the procedure on computers, the app will ask you to enter an e-mail to link to your user account. Choose one that has not been previously registered and write it down.

To confirm your identity, WordPress will send an email to this email address. Go to the inbox of this and look for the message sent by them, open it and click on the button “Register at”.

Although you will be redirected to a website, you must reopen the app. Now, a screen will appear in which your display name, user name and a field to enter the password will appear. Write it down and, when you have done it, click on “Follow”.

From this point on, You can go back to section 3 and follow all the steps indicated. In this way, you can create your website in WordPress from your smartphone without complications and, best of all, wherever you are.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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