Create Anonymous Blog on the Internet  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Create an anonymous blog will help you keep your privacy protected and to obtain other benefits that you could not achieve if you do not choose this type of web page.

If you want to know what are these advantages of having an anonymous blog on the Internet, you will have to continue reading this article. We will also explain which is the best option to create your website, if it is preferable CMS or Web HTML.

But this is not all you will find in this articleWe will also teach you the step by step to create a blog and write from anonymity. Check out.

What are the benefits of having an anonymous blog on the Internet?

What are the benefits of having an anonymous blog on the Internet?

Have a Anonymous website can mean several benefits if you want to share what you do on a daily basis.

Some advantages that you will get are:

  • Increase your social circleThis will give you unexpected and very useful contacts in the present and also in the future.
  • Have a community who already knows you if at any time you need to create a company or launch an online course.
  • Charge for premium benefits of your blog, since for this it is not necessary to provide your identity but to show quality and valuable content for the readers.
  • Avoid criticism from people who know you. It is a good option to have an anonymous blog in these cases because it will allow you to hide your identity from your family and friends, so the only thing you have to worry about is the quality of your content.
  • Improve your knowledge of yourself. This will help you train for the future, since with a blog you will have to go around different problems and make the right decisions to correct mistakes. You will do all this at a low cost, since if you get wrong your name and your reputation will not be affected.
  • You learn to make a better analysis of the situation around you, so your capacity is progressively increasing.

CMS or Web HTML What is the best option to create an anonymous blog?

Having your website in CMS or programmed by a developer has its great advantagesYou can now use all the tools, previously tested and corrected by others, directly. This will save you time, steps and you will know the results you will get. Further, the support you receive a Content Management System is much more efficient and it will get you out of trouble just by calling the people who are dedicated to this and are specialists.

A CMS can have other advantages to create an anonymous website, since there are many extensions and programs that favor your security and you will always be protected. Instead, if you want to develop a blog in HTML it’s a wise move, if you don’t mind waiting a little longer for the launch. This is because with this language it is necessary to make a design that is much slower.

This hypertext language will allow you to create labels to limit the programming language to certain areas. But you should know that you are tags They are limited, so you will not always find the desired result. Further, the interpretation of the anonymous blog will depend on the browserTherefore, it is not always convenient to use HTML to design a website with these characteristics and to protect yourself from any type of contingency that could harm your anonymity online.

Learn step by step how to create a blog and write from anonymity

To create a blog and write from anonymity you need to do this step by step:

Choose a platform for development

Choose a platform for development

This is one of the first things to consider when creating an anonymous blog. You will have to take into account the different capacities and the tools configuration that offer the different CMS. WordPress is one of the most used in the entire Internet with more than 30% development of the web pages that exist today.

With this platform you will not have to know about special codes or other types of web developer knowledge. All you will need is to manage its settings to get the most out of it. But you must keep in mind that to use WordPress you will have to hire a hosting and domain.

In WordPress you will have access to a large number of plugins that will allow you to hide information more easily. One of the most popular plugins to hide your information is called Email Address Encoder which you can get it in the platform repository for free. If you don’t want to choose WordPress you can choose, Blogger, Wix, or SquarespaceThese are also very popular platforms for creating an anonymous blog.

Choose the domain and the CMS

If you chose WordPress To create your blog to register you must provide your real data in case you want to avoid problems in the future, but this does not mean that you cannot hide them if you prefer. The only thing you have to provide exactly is your e-mail.

To increase your anonymity online, it is recommended that you choose an email address that you do not use frequently.. You will have to register the domain you have chosen for your blog and then choose a legal hosting that is safe and reliable. For example, Namecheap it is a good option to continue your blog project.

The approximate costs you will have are:

  • Domain € 12 (this amount varies according to the extension you choose).
  • Hosting € 15 / year.
  • Domain privacy € 1 / month (allows you to hide your Whois identity).

If you choose Blogger, you will have to use a Gmail account to sign up. The steps of this process are very simple and intuitive so you will not have problems when completing that information.

If you want to hide your data you must go to the option Edit your profile and change the settings so that personal information is not shared. Another platform that allows you to write blogs without registering is To work you will not need to include your email and password to access, you will only have to start it from your browser, since it works with cookies.

The plans that you can choose on this platform are:

  • € 1 / month.
  • € 6 every month.
  • € 25 per month.

Study the alternative names you can use

Being an anonymous blog, you will have to use alternative names to protect your identity. Try to choose a name that represents you and reflects the spirit of the blog and as long as it is not contrary to the law so that you do not have any problems in the future.

Consider monetization

You can create a profile that is false for your social networks and your website, but if you want to monetize with Google AdSense or Amazon Affiliates You must provide them with your real data, otherwise they will not pay you.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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