CREATE Bootable USB for Windows 7  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

A booted USB is a pendrive where you can enter programs like Windows to install them on different computers without the need for the installation disc. Of course it works as a bootable drive to save the essential files of the ISO operating system.

You can also save all the information of a Windows to install it on your PC in the bootable USB, from the main file to the most relevant installers of the program. Which of course is great because you no longer need a disk to install a Windows 7, only a pendrive with spacious memory and free of viruses is enough.

In this article we will show you how to create a bootable or bootable USB to install Windows 7 from an external pendrive step by step. In this way you will no longer have to resort to a technician to format your computer.

Steps to create a bootable USB to install Windows 7 from an external pendrive

Although it hurts many of us to admit it, Windows 7 is already an almost obsolete operating systemIn fact, Microsoft stopped providing support for it a couple of years ago. That is why to create a USB with an ISO image of it, it is necessary that you use external software.

There are currently many of these, but we will limit ourselves to teaching you how to do it with Windows USB / DVD Download Tool. At the end of this article we will show you a small list of more programs with which you can also do this task. Knowing this, what you should do is follow the steps that we expose you below.

Download Windows USB / DVD Download Tool

The first thing you should do is go to the Microsoft page, download the program with your administrator permission (if you don’t have it, you will not be able to conceive the download). Once the download is ready, you accept all the terms and conditions in each of the screens (these are shown as dialog icons).

Download Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool English

The 2.0 adaptation of the Microsoft .NET Framework it is necessary for the execution of the program without it it will not work. You will need that or a more advanced version.

Download the ISO image

Download the Windows 7 ISO image from here and have it ready to run. At this point you must be patient, since the download of this file can take a long time since it is usually very heavy, but with a good internet connection you can speed up the process.

Once downloaded, open the program on your computer and continue until you find “the source fileWhich is what we need to move forward. When you have done it, load the path or the path image to show, this procedure can be done by selecting the option “Examine”, do not forget that when you are ready you must upload it to the system to finish this process.


Insert the USB stick

When your computer reads the USB drive, click “Start copy”. The software will automatically start recording the ISO image on the pendrive, do not despair for a quick copy, it only takes about 15 minutes, if you try to speed up the process it may not be done right.

Finally, open the USB device, take a good look at the files and check that everything has been copied correctly. Double click on the source folder “exe”To install the program on the USB device. That way you will have the pendrive booted and ready to install Windows 7 on any other computer.

Where can I download the official Windows 7 disk image (ISO file) from?

The options are limited so there are only two ways to download an ISO image; via Microsoft or a third party server. Both are valid to show it on a USB drive after doing the boot process.

From Microsoft

Microsoft’s intention today is to take Windows 7 out of the market, since for them this program is devalued, so downloading it legally from its page is impossible. All this in order for its users to update using Windows 10.

But there is a golden rule of Microsoft that allows you to download it. It is a small trap that he put on the market, if at any time you bought the Microsoft software separately without pre-installing it, it makes you a creditor, so You are allowed to download using the product key following the system instructions.

From an external website

If you are not one of the lucky ones to have access to the previous one, you still have this option, You can access the download through a third party server. This modality is used by thousands and is the simplest. You should only make sure that the program you are going to download does not have viruses. For this, look at the download comments, they are always useful.

The only thing you have to do to get to the download site is using our maximum search engine, just by placing the keyword in the Google search engine It will take you to dozens of download pages. Download, enjoy and share because you are ready to boot your USB and install Windows 7 on your PC. Become the bearer of a pendrive with the ability to handle Windows 7 installers for any PC.

List of best programs to boot a USB with W7

Well, as promised is a debt, here is a list of the best programs to boot a USB with Windows 7, so that with it you can install it on any computer.

All these programs are completely free and very easy to use:

Ultra ISO

Ultraiso Premium

As creativity has no limits, Ultra ISO is a program that you can run easily and with which you can create, edit and transform ISO images. It is designed for you to record with software what you need on a USB, the auto start mode allows you boot the pendrive easily in a very short time.



When we mention this program we take into account that it is the most lucrative because it is the favorite of Windows users. The reason is that this program is one of the most coveted for burning ISO images well in Windows 7. In addition, it allows you to boot the USB in just minutes since from its interface you can download the ISO image of the OS you want.



Known for its ability to create multiple ISO images. Each of the ones I mention have a limited capacity of one ISO copy, this one records more than one in minutes. This is what is known as multiboot, which means that on the same USB you can copy ISO images of several operating systems such as Windows and Linux, a characteristic that greatly differentiates it from others.


DAEMON Tools Lite

This is one of the most complete programs for burn an ISO of any operating system. It has a very well designed interface that makes it easy to use all its tools, and just like the previous one has the ability to create multiboot USB very easily. Further, You can also burn to CD / DVD with amazing ease. Undoubtedly the best alternatives on this list.



We close our list with this software that is also very versatile since it not only allows you to burn ISO images, but also has a series of very useful tools to identify internal errors on your computer, both software and hardware.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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